The Knight Of Mahora Academy

Period 1: Rendezvous with Ass-holes

Ahhhhh, so many memories of a series that brought us so much happiness and joy. I remember in the good old days when those little whippersnappers were fighting against that Cosmo Entelichiwhatchamacallit. And that little white haired hooligan was aiming for that there world devastation and reconstruction. But that little gentlemen and his harlittons saved the whole world with that there broken fella. Ah, good times.

So yeah, it has been over a year since the ending of Negima and I lost one of my favorite manga series ever. Good news is that I have started to get into another series called Magi which is sort of like Negima and is actually very funny. I wonder what that would mean, huh?

Anyway, on with the show.


In the heavy forest and thick foliage, several figures pushed their way through the fallen trees and multiple vines. A few miles ahead of them was a massive structure with an open round top and several other smaller towers surrounding it. A bright light seemed to be fluctuating from the top of the building as the moon shined down on the green landscape beneath it. To most, it was a sign of transcendent beauty and ethereal wonder.

To most of the group pushing through, it was a pain in the ass.

"God damn it! Why are we moving through the trees like a bunch of monkeys? We could have just cleared this whole place in a sec!" A young looking man mused as he pushed a branch out of his face, just for it to escape his reach and smack him in the mouth. He spit out several leaves before gathering a fair amount of electrical magic into his fist. Before he could even throw it, he was sent flying by a fist making harsh contact with his cheek.

"You idiot, I told you not to use magic while we approach the tower. While she's being used, all of your power could be depleted and you will become useless before we even reach our destination. So stop your whining and man up." The feminine figure said as she stood over the twitching, unconscious body with her arm under her ample bosom.

"E-Ehehehe. I-I think Nagi-San can't hear you right now, Arika-sama."

A young gentleman with light colored hair, wearing a suit similar to the older gentleman behind him mused as he tried to mediate the conflict between the loving couple.

"What? He won't fall to something like this. Right Nagi?" Arika nudged the red-headed idiot as swirls appeared in his eyes. She growled as she got on her knees and grabbed her savior by his cloak. "Don't pass out you idiot!" She raised her right hand and gathered some of her infamous Royal Magic into it.

"Pull! Yourself! Together!" Each member of the small group winced as the former queen brutally slapped the Thousand Master across the face.

"Wasn't she the one who just said that we shouldn't be using our magic in the vicinity of the tower?" Takamichi felt a cold sweat run down the back of his neck as he watched the not-so-subtle domestic abuse happen in front of him. He then felt a rough and calloused hand grab his shoulder and some smoke rise from the cigarette in the other hand.

"It's alright Takamichi. Just stand back and let nature take its course. We may be watching the last few moments of the great Thousand Master take place right now."

"Th-that's a very bleak way of looking at the situation Gateau-Sensei!"

"But it may be accurate." A tall man wearing a robe with a hood said as he walked pass them and headed straightforward. "Perhaps Arika-sama wishes to see if her methods could cure Nagi of his idiocracy." The man said with a calm voice and a smile that just telegraphed that he was teasing.

"I think that would be about as easy as curing cancer Al." A tall man wearing a black sweater and jeans said as he walked forward towards the trees. In a flash of light, he unsheathed the sword at his side, slashed, and re-sheathed his long katana. The trees all fell apart in pieces as a clear sight of the tower they were walking toward came into sight. "Come. If we wish to rescue her, we shouldn't waste time."

"You're right Eishun. No more wasting time! Is that clear everyone!" All of Ala Rubra looked at the woman with judging eyes. She looked down to her side where she was holding a beaten and bruised Nagi, even worse off than he was before the beating. Arika coughed into her fist with a embarrassed blush spread across her face. "I-I mean, from here on out."

The heroes of the Magical World set off towards their destination once again. Heading towards the tower where the remnant members of the former Megalomesembrian Senate Controlled Factions were using their secret weapon to break the boundaries of Magic. Risking the very stability of Mundus Magicus to further their military power against some to the other State ruled factions in the world.

The small but immensely powerful team continued not solely for the reason of Mundus Magicus, but for the suffering of a little girl. So they hoped to end this all tonight. Tonight, would be the last night of pain for-

"Wait." Everyone stopped as Eishun froze in place and looked around them. "We're missing an idiot."

The whole team then noticed that a certain dark-skinned giant moron was absent from their sight. Most of the team looked around in panic and worry.

Cause if anyone could fuck this up for was the #1 Impossible Idiot.

Takamichi tapped Gateau on his shoulder. "What is it Takamichi?" The younger man pointed his finger for the whole group to see.

Their attention was brought to a suspiciously massive bush that looked like a certain titanic man. It was moving very slowly through the grass and toward the tower. And if you listened carefully, you could hear the odd sounds of "sneaky, sneaky" emanating from the leaves.

The entire group, even Al with his eyes covered by his hood, were looking at the bush pathetically with flat black eyes. Arika said out loud, "What are you doing Jack?" The bush froze in shock.

A head of spiky white hair popped out of the bush as the man with the headband looked at her in surprise. "How'd you know?"

"...Lucky guess."

"Well I was hiding in the bush and planning to sneak into the tower. Then I would make my way all the way to the top, wait for the perfect opportunity, knock the guys out, take back the Lil'Princess, and come back to be the hero." Rakan finished with a smug smirk on his face.

"All while dressed like a plant?"


"Course. Cause no one ever questions the inconspicuously placed bush with legs."

"Exactly! See, Eishun gets it. Now, if you'll excuse me..." He ducked his head back into the bush and made his way back to sneaking in. "Sneaky, sneaky, sneak-"

A red idiot was tossed at full strength at the white idiot as a pile of morons was left on the ground in the trees. The rest of Ala Rubra walking away shamefully.


It was always eyes of hate.

No matter where he was. No matter who saw him. No matter what he did, it was always the same.

Seniors. Adults. Teenagers. Kids.

All looking at him with eyes drenched in contempt.

The five-year old kid stood out in front of the ramen place as he watched adults passing by go home for the night, looking at him like he was a disease to humanity.

He expected it now. Whenever he would meet somebody new, he expected people to just look at him like he was a monster.

"Naruto-kun?" The blond youngster perked up and looked behind him. He saw the face of his Pseudo-caretaker smile down at him as he walked out of the ramen place. "Are you ready to go home?"

Naruto gave the old man a weak smile as he walked besides him towards his apartment. He turned around and waved to the kind old Ramen owner and his teenage daughter as they waved back to him.

Those two and Jii-chan were some of the only people that looked at him like he was a person. Not with eyes full of pity or hate, but just like he was the little boy he was. No more. No less.

As Naruto and Hiruzen continued walking to the little boy's apartment, Naruto looked up at the sky. "Jii-chan?"

"Yes Naruto-kun?"

"I know I keep asking this, but..." He looked at the old man sadly, "why do they hate me?"

The wise old ninja looked down at the sorrowful boy with a regretful gaze, his face twisted in discomfort. This was a question that the young lad had asked him many times over. And each time, he found it harder and harder to find an answer he thought was suitable for him.

"Naruto-kun, all these people. All the adults and grown-ups you see everyday, they all experienced a horrible pain that they can never forget. And people will always find it hard to forgive experiences like that in their lifetime." Naruto's eyes slightly narrowed, so little that even an experienced ninja like Hiruzen would find it hard to tell he did.

Naruto knew exactly about what this horrible pain was. The Kyūbi attack he had heard about that occurred on the day he was born. And for some reason, all of these people found it necessary to blame him for the disaster just because he was born on that day.

"But why Jii-chan? Why do I have to be hated because of something like that?" The little boy yelled as loud as he could as he threw his arms down to his side. Hiruzen looked down at the young boy as his shoulders were shivering and he was gritting his teeth. "I hate them. I hate how they look at me. I hate how they treat me. I hate-"

Naruto's eyes widened when Hiruzen fell to his knees and tightly grasped the saddened boy in a hug. Naruto looked to his side to where the man in the large red hat has attempted to console the boy from his pain.

"Naruto-kun...I understand...I know how much it hurts for you. How lonely you must feel. And I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry." Naruto's eyes slowly closed as tears welled up and formed in the corners.

He wrapped his arms around the old man in return. "Wh-what do I have to do Jii-chan? Why can't people see me as Naruto? Why am I a freak? Why am I a monster?" He sobbed softly as the old man rubbed his back, trying to help him calm down as the street lights turned on and the sun completely fell from view.

Hiruzen pulled himself back and placed his hand on top of Naruto's head. "Naruto-kun. I look at you as you. You are nothing more to me then one of my most precious people. Just a little boy who has been horribly wronged." He smiled sadly as Naruto looked slightly up at him as his sniffles died down. "And if I see you as Naruto Uzumaki, then I know that there will be many others who can understand you as well. Who will be able to see that lovable, snot-nosed little boy that loves ramen more than life itself."

"How can you know that Jii-chan? Everyone loves you. You're the Hokage. Everyone will always love you because-" Hiruzen just tussled Naruto's hair as he just smiled at the little boy.

"Naruto-kun, there will be a time when you will find people that can accept you for everything you are. And you will know that those are the people you can cherish forever. And just like me, you will have to protect them with everything you can. So when you find them, never give them up, okay?" Naruto sniffed one last time before giving the old man a reluctant smile.

"Does that mean I should be wearing your hat?"

"Ahahahaha! Maybe when you grow up!" Hiruzen and Naruto chuckled as they came close to Naruto's apartment level. Naruto opened his door and walked in, seeing the same old empty room he had grown accustomed to. Naruto slowly walked over to his bed and pulled himself up to sit on the edge. He sat there a while as he swung his legs back and forth aimlessly.

"Fight for something?" Naruto's head perked up and he ran over to his cupboard and opened it up. He reached in and pulled out an extra white sheet for his bed. He grabbed the end of one side with his teeth and pulled, ripping a long strand of the white fabric. He reached up to his table and grabbed a pen that was laid on the side. He then laid it down on the floor and started to draw on the ripped sheet.

He smiled and lifted up the sheet and tied it around his head like the ninjas tied their headbands. On his, instead of the symbol of the leaf, there was a crudely drawn and uneven swirl like the one printed on the boy's shirt. Naruto jumped up on his bed and pointed up to his ceiling, "How do you like me know everybody? This will be one ninja you can't help but love! Naruto Uzumaki is coming for you!"

The boy then started to run around his apartment and throw punches and kicks in the air. And as the night went on, Naruto fell asleep in the dark, his new headband still tied around his head.


The hooded men all walked in synch as they headed towards the center of the tower, where the ritual for their weapon retrieval would take place. The men all carried a chain which was attached to the collar of a little girl in the center of them. They arrived and walked the girl forward until she was in the center of the magical array, where they pushed her down on her knees.

One of the men walked up to the head priest. "Sir, are you sure that this will work again? All of the previous attempts we have made on this transport prove to be unsuccessful. And to use this girl so leisurely is a grave danger that we are unleashing into this world-"

"It does not matter what happens to this world. Not to the useless existences that plague this world. All that matters is that we find a new power to make our own. And if it can withstand the travel..." He turned around to the lower subordinate, giving him a horrifying smirk that would send shivers down the back of the sane. He turned back towards the magical circle sketched into the ground and raised his hands, light filling into the circle at his feet.

All of the fellow cult members followed his example, raising their hands and channelling their magic towards controlling the little girl's power. The little twin-tailed girl at the center threw her head back, screaming in agonizing pain as they forced her Magic Cancel to break down the separated dimensional barriers.

The air around them crackled and a magic circle appeared above them. A bright light enveloped her and the priests as they tried to locate a new source of power.

The tower shined in a blinding light and an ear-piercing ring as Nagi and his team looked up at it in shock. The red-haired man gritted his teeth in anger, "Shit! Hurry!"


Naruto snored lightly as the moon rose above the Hidden Leaf Village.

The cold midnight winds bustled as his apartment window started to shutter slightly.

Deep within a sewer system, behind a set of massive metal bars, a titanic demon rested tiredly. Another day had passed. Another meaningless day where he was stuck in the body of this useless human child. Watching the masses of flesh-bags shun him for the work the great demon inside of him did of destroying their homes and slaughtering their families.

Well, at least the humans knew his quality work when they saw it.

Suddenly, the Kyūbi felt a stirring and a cold shiver run through his back. He lifted his head and looked around, trying to find the source of the strange uneasiness.

Suddenly, a strange array of circles appeared underneath the beast, lighting up the entire dark prison so brightly it appeared like daytime to him. The circles started to revolve, the strange runes inside of them spinning around and shining so brightly that Kyūbi had to cover his eyes before he was blinded.

The fox felt like something was pulling him in, like every cell and atom in his body was being violently yanked. His body crashed against the cell bars, trying to forcefully push him through them even if his body couldn't stand the stress. He gritted his teeth as he looked down and saw that his arms and legs had started to fade. He thrashed around, trying to escape from the hold this strange ritual had on him but found it futile.

Naruto woke up startled, feeling a strange, inhuman burning sensation in his stomach. He grabbed it, moaning in pain as he laid down in the bed. His legs were kicking uncontrollably as his muscles spasm and his back arched.

Both the boy and fox screamed in pain, a magical circle appearing over Naruto's body as he screamed in agony, spit coming down his chin from the uncontrollable yelling. Kyūbi bashed his skull against the bars trying to escape from the pain that spiked through his entire being. Naruto grabbed his head in pain, an unnatural light illuminating the apartment as underneath his shirt, a black sun-like pattern grew over his belly.

Naruto threw his head back, his eyes white from the sheer pain as his body glowed. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

And in a flash, he vanished.


Naruto walked through the empty white space which he suddenly found himself in. The horrifying pain he had experienced a moment ago had vanished. He was no longer in his own room. And he felt almost no heat, wind, cold or anything. It was just him in this wide empty place.

And he was alone.

Naruto walked for what could have been hours or even a few seconds, in every direction he could go. It felt lonely. Like he was by himself all over again. Well, that was to be expected in a place like this.

After wandering around for god knows how long, he saw something. A little bit of darkness in the endless light. A shadow that was smaller then the point of a needle over the horizon. Naruto looked at it in shock before his body started to make its way toward it. And then, he started to run, as fast and as long as he could until he reached that little dot in the distance. His breathing became ragged. Drops of sweat came down his brow and into his headband. Until finally...

He reached it.

It was a girl.

He looked down at the figure that was on her knees, looking up into the vast blank sky with shut eyes. She was wearing some kind of strange robes with long white sleeves and brown shoulders and collar. Her orange hair was done up into twin tails with a bandage to tie them down. She made almost no outward change in noting that he was standing beside her.

Naruto walked in front of her. "Hello?"

She didn't react to him.



Naruto grabbed her shoulders and shook her around, "Hey!"

The girl slowly opened her eyes, looking up at the boy with the crudely drawn headband as he blinked in surprise. Her left eye was cerulean blue and her right was emerald green. But the thing that had caught his attention was that her eyes were empty. There was no fear. No worry. No excitement or shock.

Her eyes were blank.

Naruto shook his head, trying to get back on track. "What are you doing here? Where are we?"

The girl continued to just look up at him. Naruto felt his eye twitch.

"Do you understand me?"

The girl nodded her head very slowly.

"Okay. I guess that's a start." He let go of her shoulders and turned around, looking for anyone he could find. Because if this girl was here, there must have been someone else here too. "Hello! Is anyone out there! We're lost and we need help!" He kept screaming as loud as he could until he heard a quiet and weak voice underneath his own.

"There' one."

Naruto blinked surprisingly and looked behind him to the girl who was looking down at the floor.

"There...isn't anyone here. There' one here. I keep coming in and out of this place, but in the end I always come back. And there's no one here..."

Naruto stared at her worryingly before looking around to see if anybody was around and saw that there was still no change. He lowered his head with a haunted look in his eyes. He walked over and sat down in front of her. "Don't you have friends or family?"

"My can't remember. I...I had a sister...but I don't think I've seen her for so long. And her stupid friend...I can't remember what he was like. But every time I wake up...I get hurt and then...I come back here. It's always the same. I'm always here. No one else." She said it with no change in emotion. She wasn't sad or upset. She was just stating a fact.

Naruto looked at her and felt his eyes fall in understanding and despair. This was like how it felt for him. Like everywhere he looked, he was alone. Nobody gave him a second look. All he had was Jii-chan and the ramen stand, but that might be gone now too. So here he was, alone with a someone else who had nothng.

So he reached out and grabbed her hand, causing her to look up at the boy who had a sad smile on his face. "I'm here."

She tilted her head to the side, keeping her oddly empty gaze.

"I don't really get where this is? Or how we got here? But we aren't going to be here forever, I promise. I'll find some way we get out of here and we can find your sister and I can go back home. Okay?" He said with a hopeful smile and reached his hand out to let her shake it, like he saw the adults in his village do.

The girl just looked at it oddly before she started to poke his hand. Naruto watched her look at his outstretched hand with some wonder before he chuckled lightly. "You're not too smart, are you?"

The girl just tilted her head and didn't answer.

"Whatever. Oh hey, I don't know your name yet. Mine is Naruto Uzumaki." He said with much pride as he stood up and wiped his chest. He reached down to offer his hand to the little girl, "What's yours?"

The girl looked at her hand and followed his example, reaching up and coming close to taking his hand. "I'm..."

Naruto didn't know what happened as the girl's voice suddenly went silent as the white surroundings were changing into pitch black. Naruto tried to swipe the darkness away and desperately tried to escape. He reached out, trying to grab the girl's hand as she was also being swallowed up by the black.

Naruto tried to yell out to her but couldn't find his voice as everything turned dark.


A magical array opened in the thick of the forest, causing the trees and bushes to be pushed back by the wind. Then, a small body fell out of the magical circle as he hit the ground and grunted in pain.

The blond boy with whiskers lifted his head, his eyes bleary and filled with pain as he held his chest in suffering. He slowly lifted his head, looking up towards the massive tower that stood a few meters away from him, breathing out smoke as explosions riddled the body of the structure. Giant white monsters growled as they swatted at flying lights that slashed them apart like butter.

Naruto buckled in fear, trying to crawl his way to his feet and run before he was caught in anymore trouble.

A spike of pain shot through his whole body, causing him to scream and fall on his knees. He clawed at his chest as a red, bubble-like substance started to appear out of his clothes. His eyes widened in fear, the colors changing from blue to slitted red and the whole eye even becoming solid yellow for an instant.

The bubbles appeared over certain parts of his body, appearing splotchy and uneven as his right eye became red and the bubbles over his left side turned black and made his eye yellow.

The boy monster stumbled forwards, chest heaving as the constant pain struck through his entire body. He lifted his head and threw it back-



Nagi chased the hooded men throughout the entire tower, the men screaming in fear as the red-head smiled like a demon. "Don't try to run ya bastards! Just stay there and accept yer ass kicking like men!" He charged up his hand and swiped it along their feet, blowing up the ground and sending the men flying in the walls.

Behind him; Gateau, Arika and Al were all keeping the masses of cult members busy by blowing them up. Outside, Eishun and Jack were holding a competition to see who could cut the biggest monster into the smallest pieces faster. Despite his valiant efforts and amazing swordplay, Jack couldn't keep up with Eishun's precise and smoother slashes.

So he decided to fuck it and nuke the damn thing. Simple, yet effective.

Takamichi ran through the halls of the tower kicking every door open, trying to find the stairwell to the top of the tower but coming up short each time. After many tires, he found the stairway to the ritual room, "Nagi-San! This Way!" He yelled with a cupped mouth.

Nagi nodded and kicked the cultist away from him, jumping on his wand and speeding forward, grabbing a protesting Takahata by his collar. As The Thousand Master flew up the stairs, he saw another door bolted shut in front of him. He smirked as he came up with an idea.

And they called him an idiot.

"Na-Nagi-San? W-what are you-AHHHHHHH!" Takamichi flew through the door and slid on the floor with his ass in the air. Nagi jumped off the large pole, twirled it in his hand and pointed to the men surrounding the girl in the middle of the room.

"All right assholes! Back away from the emotionally stunted midget and I can promise to leave you with only boot marks so deep in your ass they fade after your great-grand children's generation!" He said with a proud puff of his chest.

"N-Nagi-San...that isn't much of a negotiation tactic..." The well-dressed young man groaned on the floor.

The head cultist chuckled and walked in front of his men as they lifted the blank-eyed girl into a crystal coffin. "Thousand Master, it is such an honor to meet you again. But must you always ruin our rituals like this? These take a lot of time to set up and if we don't get everything just right it may lead to a catastro-"

"Yeah, yeah, enough with the lip service dick cheese! Give me the Lil'Princess right now or I promise you I'll hang you by your short an' curlies!"

He chuckled lightly with his hand to his mouth, "Perhaps another time then..." He snapped his fingers and another magical formation appeared underneath his feet, causing Nagi to tense up.

"Shit!" He dove forward at high speeds to reach the man and the girl in the crystal but just as he was about to reach them, they disappeared into thin air. Nagi stumbled on the floor and righted himself up, looking in every direction for some indication of where they went.

"Damn it... Dammit! DAMMIT!" He punched the ground and cracked the floor, falling to his knees and writhing in anger as he failed to save the little girl once again.

He gritted his teeth together in rage as he felt a palm touch his shoulder and grip it. He looked over his shoulder to see Takamichi looking at him sadly. The younger man did his best to give his friend a smile and encouraging help. "Come on Nagi-San. Let's get back."

Nagi hid his face but nodded in agreement.


The team sat outside patiently as they waited for their other two members to join the group. They heard the faint sounds of footsteps as they all looked over to see Takamichi and Nagi descend down the stairs. Takamichi looking disappointedly down at his feet as Nagi had his eyes shadowed over by his unkept hair.

Gateau pulled out a cigarette and covered his match to light it. He threw the match on the ground and took a long drag. He blew it out, "How did it go?"

Nagi lifted up his head, scratching his neck and destroying the image of his depression. "I fucked it up again. Bastard ran like a bitch with his tail between his taint."

"Haha, way to screw it all up man!" Rakan said as he slapped his knee and laughed like a hyena. Nagi felt a vein pop in his skull as he mashed his teeth.

"Fuck off Jack! If you didn't always blow everything up, maybe you could try and see why you suck so much you god damn bastard!" Nagi tackled Rakan to the ground and started to beat him mercilessly. After several moments, Arika pulled Nagi off of his victim and grabbed his cheeks.

She made him look directly at her as she glared at him. "Are you alright now moron?" Nagi grumbled and nodded his head, getting Arika to nod and smile beatifically. "We will get her next time, okay?"

Nagi sighed at her attempt to cheer him up and just gave her his big old grin. The entire group smiled as they readied themselves to go. "All set guys?"

"Wait, not just yet!" Rakan said with a raised hand as he walked over to a deeper section of the forest. "I gotta drain the old lizard before we get going. I've been holding it in since we crossed the scorching desert and making attempts to save the world really goes right through ya, you know?"

"Jack, shut up and go man." Nagi said as he palmed his face and shook his head in disappointment, everyone other than Arika laughing at the antics.

Rakan walked deep into the trees and opened his trousers, taking a much deserved whizz. The God of the Gladiator World sighed and made himself comfy as he let his head fall back.

Jack looked around the clearing as he heard the sounds of the bushes rustling as something ran through it. He sighed and pulled his pants back up, "Yo, Arika, that you? Want to see what you were missing out when you went with that idiot instead of me, huh?" He strode over to the rustling bushes and pulled them open, expecting to see one of his team trying to pull a useless prank.

His eyes widened in slight wonder at the brand new sight in front of him.

A massive explosion occurred inside the woods as a huge cloud of dust blew up into the sky. Ala Rubra looked on in shock as Nagi just laughed to himself, "Guess Jack was pushing a serious number two out, huh guys?" The saviors of the world relaxed for a moment at the prospect that Rakan probably did something like this as a joke.

Suddenly, Rakan was thrown through the trees and passed his team like a speeding bullet. The group felt the wind pass by them as they looked behind them to where Rakan was pulling himself out of the debris, the only damage they could see was the top right of his shirt was burnt black.

"Yo Jack. You alright?"

"Keep it shut for a minute would ya kid," the massive man said with a smirk as he popped the crick in his neck. "I think I just found the first interesting thing to do all day."

Ala Rubra were about to question him on what he meant when they heard a low growl from the direction Rakan had been thrown flew. From out of the shadows, a strange boy with parts of his body surrounded by red bubbles and other parts charred jet black emerged to meet the group in front of him. His blond hair was spiked up and held up by a headband around his forehead. Strange, rough scars marked his cheek as his eyes were wild and untamed. Four red tails and five black tails flailed around behind him as the boy bent down on all fours, glaring at the people in front of him.

He arched his back and let out a mighty howl, scaring the birds and other wildlife as the sonic boom from his voice rustled the trees. "GWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Even the group of normally unflappable mages and warriors stared at the monster child in surprise. Eishun broke the silence, "Okay? What the hell is that supposed to be?"

"Oh! Oh! I think I've heard about something like this back on Earth! It's called the Chupacabra!" Nagi said excitedly as he bounced around like a child.

"Okay. Perhaps there should be no more suggestions from the moron brigade today?" Albireo said with a smile that was too sweet for the moment.

The hybrid child lowered himself closer to the ground and tensed his legs, cracking the ground beneath him. Naruto dashing towards the closest target, Takamichi. The young apprentice couldn't even react as the boy's clawed hands was close to tearing him in two.

The demon was punched through the thicket of trees, the force from the Gatling-gun like hit came from Gateau as he protected his pupil from the crazed child. He flashed over to in front of the younger man, "Takamichi, are you okay?"

"Y-yeah...I just wasn't expecting that..."

"Yes well perhaps you need to stand back" Gateau placed his hands into his pocket and readied for any more attacks, his Kankahō flaring up. "This could be getting much worse."

Any tree that was still standing was cleared apart by massive red and black claws that made way for the child that was partially frothing. The giant paws were lifted up into the air and smashed into the ground, making the Kankahō Duo, Arika, Al and Eishun jump back to avoid being crushed.

The claws pulled the boy forward and he was sent straight towards Nagi, who stopped looking shocked and then smiled while he got into a fighting stance. The animalistic slashes and moves the boy made in the air were parried by the Thousand Master as he whistled in pleasant amazement. "Hey~, this kid ain't too bad..."

Naruto spun in the air to throw off the rhythm he had set to enlarge his claws and try to crush the red-head powerhouse. Nagi easily Shundō away from the claws as they indented into the ground. He landed on top of the trees and looked down towards Rakan. "Yo Jack! What did you do to piss him off this time?"

"I don't know. Must be something I did. You lose track of how many guys you piss off when you get to my age."

The blond boy's hands dug underneath the earth and he started to let out an animal groan as a massive chunk of ground started to be uprooted, his feet making the ground below him splinter. He lifted up a massive piece of the ground and held it over his head, turning to the group of people behind him as they analyzed his behavior.

He threw the rock with as much force as he could at the still group. Eishun got down in a deep stance with his hand on the blade as in a flash of silver light, he separated the massive rock into eight pieces. Each of the members jumped out of the way as Rakan ran forward and stood in front of the boy.

The child looked up at him with a wild stare as he started to punch at the mass of muscle, finding no leverage of result in his attacks as Rakan stood there taking them with relative ease. He grabbed the black arm of the child as the boy started to desperately try to escape from his grip, even as it started to burn Rakan's hand slightly. "Listen kid, you've got serious guts, sure. But I think its time for you to-"

The black arm he was holding sprouted a second, even bigger hand that was reeling back to rip the man's head off. Rakan looked at it from underneath his bandana with a stone like face, "Huh? Well, don't see that everyday..."

The hand smacked him across the face and sent the Thousand Blades into the trees as the ground started to break underneath Arika's and Eishun's feet. Suddenly, two more claws emerged from the ground and desperately tried to maim the two heroes as Al swooped in and picked up Arika while Eishun jumped away and started to float in the air.

"He is quite the unorthodox lad, isn't he?" Eishun said as he watched Nagi and Rakan start to tease the boy and get his attention while the demonic child swiped at them. He jumped off the ground to reveal that hit feet were feeding two more claws through the dirt and chased whichever of the two men were closer.

"Definitely seems like those two are having a blast playing with him." Al said as he floated in the air, the Queen in his arms looking at the scene with worry.

"It's alright your Majesty, you don't need to worry about those two getting hurt. I'm sure they only need to get their behavior into check and we can set off again." Gateau said as he had Takamichi by the shoulder, the two smartly dressed men appearing at the top of the tree.

"I'm not worried about those fools" Arika said as she put her full concentration on the fight below them. "That you think he knows what he is doing?" The group looked at her and then back down to the boy, when they noticed that the eye that was hollow red was becoming more fierce yet empty.

"Oh no." Albireo said in a hushed tone as he realized that they were fighting a child against his will. They had become so used to assassination attempts from so many people they had not even considered questioning if they even wanted to do it.

"Do you think he may possessed?" Takamichi said as he watched the boy writhe in pain as he screamed in agony and kept trying to kill Nagi and Rakan as they lost their mirth and looked at the child in worry.

"It's not uncommon for some young children like this to be possessed without their knowing. But I've never seen someone so young be controlled by something so strong and fierce." Gateau jumped down from the tree to get a better look at the boy. "Nagi! Jack! You need to get away from him!"

"Huh?" The two men said as they looked back to the sharply dressed man, the boy still bent down like a feral animal.

"I think he's possessed. We need to stop him before things get any worse. Step back and let Eishun handle this."

"We can just knock him out and you guys can look him over if you want. He's actually pretty fun," Nagi said with a childish smile.

"If he is possessed, we need to exorcise him as quickly as possible. His soul could be damage beyond repair if we don't do something- what is he doing?"

Nagi, Rakan, Gateau and the entire team looked back towards the boy who was sitting back like an animal looking up at the sky. His nine tails were pointed towards his mouth, which was wide opened and revealed his sharpened canines. Slowly, a build-up of dark red and light blue particles gathered over his mouth, making a black ball form. After a few moments, the particles made a large ball and than started to condense it. It continued to get smaller and smaller until it was the size of a tennis ball, hovering over the boy's mouth and he reeled his head back as far as he could.

"Oh Shit-Move!" Nagi yelled as he pushed Gateau out of the way and warned Jack and the floaters.

"GOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!" The ball shot out of his mouth, the ground under him breaking apart like the ice. The ball soared forward, impacting against the trees and releasing a massive shockwave of power, vaporizing the forest and destroying a section of the tower they were in a few moments ago.

The adults looked on in shock as the tower caught ablaze and fell apart into debris. Nagi smiled nervously, "Damn...this kid likes to play big."

Gateau threw away his cigarette, "Eishun!"

"Hai!" The skilled Japanese man jumped down and pulled out his Yuunagi. The blond animal saw the entrance of a new fighter as his body shook and he howled with an eerie shriek. He dashed forward at the prone swordsman who kept a steady eye and tightened his grip on the hilt of his katana, waiting for the perfect moment. As the boy lunged forward with his claws apart to attack, he pulled his sword out...

"Zanmaken: Ni-No-Tachi!"

A fast strike of Ki came out of the sword, flying at the boy and cutting though his center vertically. The boy's eyes widened in shock as the strange energy around him started to dissipate and fade, leaving only the boy as he fell though the air and landed on the ground, face in the dirt. Unmoving.

Eishun sheathed his sword, looking at the blond boy at his feet in shock. He dropped to his knees and picked the boy up in his arms, looking over him to make sure he wasn't hurt. Looking at him closely, he was much younger then they had anticipated. Barely a little older than his own daughter. "Oh my poor child..."

The rest of the group floated down besides the Shinmei-Ryū practitioner and looked to the kid unconscious in his arms. Nagi wolf whistled in surprise at the napping kid, "Man, I can't believe this kid did...all of this" he waved his hand to the mass destruction around him.

"Do you think he is going to be alright?" Takamichi said as he kneeled down to look at the young boy lightly snoring in the Konoe's arms.

"Now that Eishun has exorcised the demon, I think he should be." Al said as he placed his hands into his opposite sleeves, hiding them.

Arika moved her dress out of the way and kneeled down, running her hands through his spiky hair and down his cheek. "Poor thing. He looks so tired. And so innocent."

"Teehee, hey, check it out Nagi. I think the princess has got herself some baby envy going on. Or hell, she may just like younger men. I can see the drama now, 'Thousand Master loses out to The Unknown Kid, humiliation ensues. The Great Jack Rakan was found for a comment: 'Ha!'' Oh, I love it."

"Fuck off Jack." The Thousand Master said with no amusement in his voice, actually a little pissed off that the young man was getting so much attention from his team. He looked down to see the little boy start to stir in his sleep, grumbling in his sleep. "Great. Who wants to ask him when he wakes up?"

Suddenly the boy let out a pain gasp, his body arching and falling repeatedly as his eyes bounced around in his head. Eishun almost lost hold of him as the kid started to violently spasm. "W-what's wrong with him?"

"He's having a seizure! Keep him still!" Gateau said as he took off his jacket and covered the boy with it, trying to keep him stationary. "Al! Check him!"

"Right!" Al pulled down his hood and kneeled down besides the boy, holding his hands over his body as his hands stared to glow. He felt some strange resistance as he found no real physical injury, but rather a fluctuation of power that was destroying his body. "W-wai-pull up his shirt Eishun!" The Japanese man struggled for a moment before throwing off the jacket and pulling up his shirt.

"What the hell?"

The boy's chest had some strange kind of seal on it, the evidence of the Ki slash from earlier that stopped him was visible from the vertical line going through it. Al sensed a massive recoil of energy being released from the breach in the seal, a strange mixture of Ki and Magic akin to Kankahō. Except more natural.

"T-this boy has a seal! Whatever that was that was attacking us, it was sealed into this boy! And whatever was sealing it, is breaking apart!"

"I-I did this?" Eishun said with horror evident over his entire face.

"His Ki and Magic are flowing out of control and the demon is coming out! If it comes out of him like this, I don't think he'll make it!" Red bubbles started to appear over the stomach as they changed form a fox-like head, trying to escape.

Nagi shielded Arika from the chomping head, "Al, fix the thing!"

"I-I can't! I've never seen a seal like this before! I don't know what to do!" The usually calm and composed was panicking as the child's life signs were fluctuating wildly and there looked to be no hope for him. Eishun almost felt despair clutch him before he looked at the figures around the boy's seal. And something showed on his face.

A sliver of hope.

"Al! I know some of these symbols! They're similar to the Onmyōdō back home! If I guide you through part of it, could you improvise the rest of it?"

"Y-yes, yes I can try! Nagi, Arika-Sama, I need your magic to stabilize the demon! Takamichi-kun, Gateau-San, I need your help to separate the the Ki and Magic! Jack, if the demon breaks out we'll need you to hold a barrier! Okay?"

"Hai!" All of Ala Rubra played their parts, some holding the beast back as Eishun and Albireo yelled out commands. Rakan stood on the sidelines, throwing back stray attacks and ethereal claws. After hours passed by, the sun finally started to poke over the the tree tops and illuminate what was left of the clearing.

Nagi and Arika fell back, the man on his butt and the woman falling under the weight of her on knees buckling. Takamichi nearly passed out as Gateau kneeled down, seat dripping off his face. Al was sweating too, the boy partially moaning and screaming as Eishun continued to hold him still. Rakan still stood on the outside, looking at the kid with an unflinching gaze.

"I-I'm almost...there..." Al moved his hand speed faster, setting up more and more seals to counterattack the sealing in the boy's chest as he let out one last excruciating yell.

Until Al couldn't do anything else as bubbles started to actually grow out a few feet away from the boy, spreading out on the ground. The mages watched in shock as the bubbles cut off from the boy's stomach, causing the child to finally relax and sleep peacefully in Eishun's arms.

The bubbles started to condense and darken, forming into the shape of a fox. Flesh and bone started to generate inside the bubble space and expand into the outlines of the form.

After a moment, a creature was born. It smiled like a maniac, its gums and vicious sharp teeth visible for the entire group. Its tail was waving around in a tranquil yet fierce pace. A deep chuckle ran through its throat as its claws dug into the earth beneath it. "Hehehehe, finally. Finally! After decades of imprisonment in these filthy meat bags, my time has returned!"

"I am free! THE GREAT KYŪBI-SAMA IS FREE ONCE AGAIN! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The tailed beast ran off in any direction it could, planning to wreck havoc onto this strange and unsuspecting world as vengeance for his mistreatment.

Before running into a massive shin bone and muscle. The tailed fox fell on his butt, his head spinning before shaking it and looking up. Towering over him was a huge, dark-skinned man with a headband as he smiled down on him. "Yo little guy. What's up?"

"Son of a bitch."


His head felt like it was being beaten in by an industrial size hammer. His body felt heavier than lead. He couldn't even let out more than a moan as his throat felt like it had been ripped open and massaged with salt. All he could do was wearingly and slowly open his eyelids, revealing his shining blue eyes.

And looking straight into the scarred face of some huge dude with white hair. "Wake up sleepy head~."

"Ah!" Naruto instinctively slapped the face of the man as hard as he could, actually catching the massive man off-guard as he comically fell to his side. Naruto tried to get up but felt a spike of stress go through his body, causing him to gasp.

The group of adults all looked over to the hissing blond boy leaning against the tree with a blanket over his legs. A woman picked up a canteen that was by her feet and jogged over to the young boy. She put her hand behind his head and lifted the can to his mouth, getting him to look over at her through the corner of his eye. "Stay calm. Just take a drink and save your strength."

Naruto blinked at her before taking a deep chug of the cool aqua. He couldn't believe that this was just water because it was possibly the best drink he had ever had in his short life. But that was probably because his throat was dryer than a desert at the moment.

"Feeling better?"

Naruto swallowed the water and looked to her, nodding.

"Good." She said with a stunningly beautiful smile as she looked at the boy in relief. Naruto felt a slight flush run over his cheeks as he had never seen any adult, especially such a lovely woman, look at him so kindly.

Slowly, all the other adults around them started to walk over to the boy with interest in his state.

A Japanese man kneeled down and patted his shoulder softly, "We were really worried about you for a moment there young man. Do you remember what happened before you came here? Do you remember your name?"

"Y-yeah." The boy said with a weak but stable voice, in a strange dialect that they only understood thanks to Eishun teaching them. "I'm Naruto."

"Hello Naruto-kun. My name is Eishun Konoe." The man said with a pleasant smile.

A man with some stubble and a cigarette bent down next to him to look at the lad. "Hello young man, my name is Gateau Kagura Vandenburg." Naruto looked at him blankly as if everything he said went over his head. "Hehe, you can just call me Gateau to save time. And this fine young gentleman is Takamichi Takahata." The young adult smiled and waved at him from his spot to the side.

"H-hello." The normally outgoing boy felt surprisingly meek in front of these people that were going out of their way to talk to him. This felt so much different from all the hostile glares and hateful sneers he received around the village.

"This man behind us is Albireo Imma" he pointed to the man in the long white robe who smiled at him far too kindly for anyone you would meet for the first time. "And this-"

"S'up Kid!" A man with red and black hair said as he pushed everyone else to the side and kneeled down to look at him with a huge smile. "My name is Nagi Springfield! Best to remember that name now and not have to spend days upon days trying to memorize my awesomeness!"

Naruto felt some cold sweat go down his neck at the sudden awkwardness this guy had introduced. "And this pretty face you met earlier is Arika-hime! Felt your heart stop when ya looked at her, right?" Naruto looked to the side, trying to hide his red face in shame as Nagi laughed uncontrollably.

A fist pounded into his cheek and sent the man flying into the trees as everyone just groaned in tired mirth. Arika coughed into her hand and waved her hand to the body at her side. "And this man is Jack Rakan."

"Yo." The man said from his place on the ground.

"Don't mind him."

Naruto felt a little laugh pop out of his mouth at the antics of these people. These people weren't anything like the adults back ho-. Naruto's eyes widened in shock. "Wait, how did I get here? Where am I? Where's Konoha?"

The adults looked between each other and couldn't come up with an answer for him

"Naruto-kun, was it?" The man he think was called Gateau asked as he nodded his head. "Do you remember what happened to you before you came here?"

Naruto tilted his head for a moment and thought back to the last thing he remembered. "I-I remember Jii-chan brought me home and I went to bed. Then" he thought back to the sheer pain he went through in his bed. "Everything started to hurt. I couldn't move or breathe and I felt like my blood was on fire."

"Is that everything?"

Naruto thought for a minute before realizing something else that happened in the blur of pain. A moment of simple tranquility. "There was some girl. Some weird little girl who was in this weird, white place where there wasn't anything around. And that kid didn't say anything but some stuff about always being alone in there. Wait, where's that girl?" He tried to stand up but found he still didn't have the strength.

"What girl?"

"This-um-this little kid that was already in that place. She had these" he motioned to his head as he looked like he was pulling out something in his head. "Long twin-tails and-" he looked over to the woman who looked like she was realizing something. "And she had eyes like yours."

The entire group looked between each other as they seemed to slowly come to a conclusion. Arika lowered herself to his eye-level. "Naruto, I think you are very, very far away from home."


The blond boy was completely stunned. The story he was given was like something he would have heard out of a fairy tale.

Stuff about magical royalty, different worlds, dimensions, demons and mages. As they tried to tell him about how he got here and what had happened, he was completely dumbfounded. He couldn't remember anything about being possessed or attacking these people.

But he understood what they meant when they said that he was worlds apart from his old home.

That much had penetrated the fear induced barrier.

"Let me go dammit! This is cruel and unusual punishment you damn mortals!" Naruto was brought out of his stupor and heard the unfamiliar voice that screamed out in uncontainable rage. The men and woman moved and looked over to a weird, small, red-tailed fox that was hanging upside down by a rope tied around the end of his tail. "Hey kid! Let me go would you? I'll let you be my slave!"

"W-what is that?"

"That would be the thing that was using you like a personal marionette while he tried to kill us."

"To be fair, I just went through a very traumatic experience of traveling worlds. Where's my comforting talk? I just wanted to vent some a misplaced anger and it turns out you were the closest living thing for a few hundred miles. If there is anyone to blame, it's yourself. Shame on you." The fox said while he shook his head in shame at the group.

"Shut it ya little asshole." Rakan said as he swatted the angry fox around like a tether ball, laughing loudly as the demon's protests filled the silence. "Hey, this is actually kind of fu-"


"AHHHHHH, MY EYES! MY EYES!" The former slave said with an over the top act as he fell to the ground screaming, the fox brandishing its claws out as he slowed down and smiled evily.

"Hey brat, good to finally be out of that damn cesspool of a ninja village, huh? It smelled far too much like humans for my taste." Naruto actually felt quite shocked that this thing knew him and where he came from.

"How-how do you know about my village?"

"Duh dumbass, I've been sealed inside your useless body for five years now. And I've been stuck in that god forsaken dump of a place for almost a century. So yeah, I probably know more about Konoha than your little head could possibly handle."

"What are you anyway? L-like some weird pet or a parasite or-"

"You don't know? Okay, let me give you a crash course brat." The fox stopped swinging and looked at the boy and the other people with a crookedly nasty smile. "I am the Kyūbi. The great immortal beast that devastated the Elemental Nations. I tear the mountains down and crash the very oceans with just a wave of my tails."

Naruto looked at the miniature Kitsune in horror and dread. "K-Kyūbi..."

"Yeah, I was sealed inside you by some of those humans to make sure I didn't wreck havoc on them. Course, that didn't stop them from hating me through you. Spiteful old bastards, weren't they?" An insane giggle came out of the deep voice of the small creature.

Naruto felt like a claw of ice grasped itself around his little heart. And slowly, he felt like the cold was slowly passing through his body, his eyes widened in horror as everything was starting to make sense.

The reason all of the adults were so angry at him for no reason. Why when he felt so mad at others that he would want to punch them until they beg forgiveness. And why Jii-chan was always avoiding the subject of why people didn't like him.

Naruto looked down at his palms as they slowly started to shake.

It was him. He had the Kyūbi.

"I-I did it. I killed all those people. I-I destroyed the village." Naruto raised his hands and grabbed his face, his eyes fluttering in fear as his mind started to rack up more and more on what was happening. Steadily, tears started to come out of his eyes and soft sobs came out as well.

"I'm a demon."

Kyūbi looked at his effort in pride, a small smile on his face to hide his sheer happiness of hurting the mentality of one of the people who trapped him for life.

"You don't look like any demon I've ever seen before."

Naruto and Kyūbi looked to see Rakan looking at the face of the blond boy while shaking his head. "Nope. No way. Kid, I've seen real demons before and they all looked scary. Or, you know, at least freaky enough that a brat like you would piddle your Depends diapers."

Naruto sniffed and rubbed his tears away, looking at the former gladiator with angry, slightly swollen eyes. "Hey! I'm not a little kid anymore! And I don't wear diapers!"

"Uh-huh, sure. And I bet you don't sleep in your bed with a plushie either, right?" The red head said with a condescending smirk.

"You leave Gama-ch- I'm not a baby!"

"Well, if you want, we can check if you really are a demon." Eishun stood in front of him with a smile as he pulled out his sword. "I can try to cut you and if you get hurt than we know you're a demon."

"W-woah, woah! Not that!" The boy yelled out and tried to back away, only then noticing that he was cornered by a tree. He looked up towards the three men who faces were black and eyes were stark white with white slits for a smiling mouth.

Arika stood between the three sadists and the boy. "Don't mind them Naruto, they have very personal issues that can't be solved with any serious professional help."

"It's true."


"We are lucky we ended up on this side of the sociopath spectrum to be honest." In fact, all of the Ala Rubra men started to mumble between each other while nodding their heads. Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Anyway kid, if you want an honest opinion from some guys who actually have faced the worst kinds of demons. You ain't one of them," Nagi threw a thumb over his shoulder. "That little bastard is."

"I'm gonna fuck your face."

"I'm just looking at this little kid. Now are you sure you aren't a baby because you look like you're crying like one?" Nagi chuckled a little at the shot he took at the young child. And he even kept that smile on as the water canteen bounced off his head like a ball.

"You suck a whole lot old man."

"Look, it's great that all of you are happy and cheerful with your little circle jerk going on over there, but can you let me go now. I got things I want to do. Eat. Sleep. Destroy. Unveil chaos like none have experienced in this world before. The usual." Naruto glared at the fox as he droned on about the destruction he wanted to cause across the world.

"Oh, I'm sorry Kyūbi-San, but I'm afraid you may not be able to wreck chaos on the world as soon as you thought" the robed man said with a calm level voice.

"What? What do you mean? What are you talking about Predator-San?"

"When I had to extract your body from Naruto-kun's here, I may have mucked up your seal and destroyed most of the power you had inside of you." He said with his continually sickening smile of innocence, a total contrast to the look of shock and horror plastered on the demon's face. "And I'm guessing that is why you only have the one tail instead of the nine you were using earlier."

The Kyūbi felt its eye twitching as he just hung there, jaw slacked. "What-what did you do to my chakra?"

"We had to separate the contents of both of your 'chakra' because the Ki and Magic components were going wild and could have ripped poor Naruto-kun into pieces. So his chakra can now be separated into magic and Ki."

"What! No! No, you know what! Fine! Screw it! I'll stay like this if I have to! Just let me go and I'll be on my way!"

"Kyūbi-San, I don't think you will be able to access the chakra you had before until Naruto-kun here can level himself up." Albireo walked over and kneeled down, placing a hand on Naruto's shoulder and looking towards the hanging fox, Naruto actually kind of uncomfortable around the man. "If you want to be your old self, you're going to have to put your faith in him."

"... Kill me. Save me the time and end it now..." The deep voiced fox said as he lost all hope and cheer in his voice.

"We can't do that either. You two are still connected on a critical level. You may not be in the same body anymore but you still share the bond. If he grows strong, you will too. And if he dies, you die too."

"This...this is hell, pure hell." He shook his head tiredly, not believing the consequences of what had happened to bring his great status of Demon Beast to Chibi-Fox in a snare. "So now what? Since I'm going to be stuck with the kid for the rest of my damn existence, we're going to have to do something about getting back to our world."

"We can't do anything about getting you back home cause we don't know how to." Takamichi said. "If you were brought here by the Princess, then the Princess may be the only one who can send you back...and even then there is a very rare chance of that happening."

"Princess...? Wait, do you mean the weird girl I saw before?" Naruto asked with a tilt of his head. The group all nodded their heads. "Where is she?"

Nagi started to pick up his bag and put his cloak back on over his shoulder. "She was kidnapped and we've got to go and bring her back. Come on, we'll drop these two off at the Tomboy's castle and then we'll-"

"Take me with you!"

Nagi froze from picking up his stuff with a stunned look as he look over his shoulder at the boy as he tried to lift himself up on his feet. With a slack-jaw expression, he squeaked "Eh?"

"I've got to help that girl! I already made a promise! So please bring me along!" Naruto yelled out as he held himself up on shaky legs by holding the tree for support. Nagi felt his jaw fall in being demanded by a kid.

He closed it and glared at the boy, "No way! You are not coming with us kid! I already made a promise with her that I would show her Japan and Wales and stuff when I saved her! So be a good brat, stuff it and go play with your toes in the corner or something!"

"Take me with you!"

"No chance!"

"Awwww, come on Nagi, don't be like that." Arika kneeled down and hugged Naruto tightly, making it pretty damn hard to argue his point when she was hugging a kid so dearly while sending him one of her extremely rare smiles. "Do you have to be so mean to a little kid? Please~ Nagi~..."

Damn Arika! Why did she have to look at him like that?

Naruto wanted to argue his point about not being little, but he was sort flabbergasted about being cuddled up like a teddy by this lady.

"Yeah and the little foxy wants the same thing." Rakan started to mimic Arika's cutesy method by cuddling up to the hanging fox. "Look at him~. Please~ Na-"


"AHHHH, MY CHEEK MEAT!" Rakan tried to shake the jagged bite off of his face as the fox growled loudly in anger.

Nagi ignored the screams of one of his best friends as he looked around at the rest of his comrades. They were all giving him a cheeky smirk as they waited for the answer he was going to give to his darling wife. The strongest Mage alive palmed his face and made a loud muffled yell.

"Fine. Whatever. But you guys are going to have to feed and walk him. And make sure that you change him." He threw his pack over his shoulder. "Come on Whiskers, we're moving."

"It's not Whiskers, my name is Naruto!"

"Right. Fishcake. Much better." Nagi couldn't believe this was happening.

Arika, Gateau and Al were all approaching the kid with kind smiles and encouraging talks. Rakan, Takamichi and Eishun were finding it sort of a challenge to cut the bellowing, cursing animal that was taking every chance he could to cut the eyes out of the men that were flinching back from his swipes.

Damn. This was going to be one serious pain in the ass.



I have always wanted to do a crossover fic of Naruto/Negima. Anyway I could. Because these were some of the very first fanfictions I ever read on this site. And I've read most of them. I love Negima. And I love almost all of the interpretations I find about it.


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