This story was born when I realized Luna and Dumbledore actually have a lot in common, and I thought, what if Luna had been made Headmaster as well?

The story is 7-8 chapters long, and they will be posted weekly. Each chapter shows a different thing they had in common.

Hogwarts' Headmasters

When the Sorting Hat was first placed on his head, it went quiet for a little while. When it finally started speaking, what it said was "a most remarkable mind, strong and out of the ordinary. Let's see. You are full of ambition; you'd do well in Slytherin. Yet you are also of high intelligence and cunning, perhaps you'd be better off in Ravenclaw? But no, I don't quite think so, for you also possess a bravery and courage such, that you'll do what you consider right even if it comes in the way of your ambition, and your cunning mind will try to steer you to what it thinks is the greatest good, even if the obstacles are high. Although you are obviously greatly intelligent, you are also quite narrow minded, and will focus on your goals and achieve them no matter what. I think the right house for you will be… GRYFFINDOR!"


When the Sorting Hat was placed on her head, it seemed to be deep in thought. When it finally spoke, it said "a very interesting mind. Open, a little eccentric, and always willing to believe and greet new things. You are very brave, and you never back down from your beliefs, you'd make a fine Gryffindor. Yet you also possess an unflinching loyalty. You are slow to make friends, but once made, your friendships will last forever, and you won't hesitate to put yourself in the line of fire to help a friend. You would fit well in Hufflepuff if you weren't so … different. However, your mind is clearly your greatest treasure and strength. You rarely overlook anything, since you firmly believe anything is possible. And you see things in a different light than everyone else, allowing you to see what no one else sees. The house for you is… RAVENCLAW!"