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Dick lay sprawled on a couch in the Cave, enjoying the day off and the place mostly to himself. Wolf and Sphere were the only things in the Cave at the moment; Conner and M'gann were out at some sort of fair, Artemis had gone to retrieve Roy from a surveillance job with Ollie, and Kaldur, Raquel and the others were down at the beach. The sun was not as enticing to the billionaire's son as it was to them- the calm and quiet of the cave a much nicer environment. He glanced away from the page to his watch, wondering when Wally would actually get to the Cave instead of calling to say he was on his way. For the fastest kid alive, he sure was late a lot.

Dick was just about to check his phone for the umpteenth time when the sound of the door swooshing open and some hurried footsteps met his ears. The acrobat looked over his shoulder, smiling a greeting to his boyfriend when he heard the tell-tale crash of a speedster faceplanting into the floor, undoubtedly having tripped over his own two feet. Again.

"Forget about the linoleum again, Kid Slick?" Dick chuckled, closing his book and easily hopping over the back of the couch. He walked over to help Wally up while a smirking smile danced on his lips.

"Nah, that wasn't it. I just think the floor's out to get me, to tell you the truth," Wally said with a nervous smile, taking Dick's hand to help him stand up and brushing himself off idly.

"The day I believe the floor has a conscience, Wall-man, is the day that you stop tripping over air." Dick chuckled, lifting a hand to brush a few stray clumps of ginger hair out of Wally's eyes. "Otherwise known as, when pigs naturally sprout wings and fly."

"Har-har, very funny. Like you're Mr. Graceful."

"Many a lady and gent would say that I am," Dick wiggled his eyebrows as he dropped his voice an octave. Then he lost it and burst out laughing.

Wally slapped Dick's shoulder and huffed, "Not funny, man." He stepped past him and made his way to the resident kitchen.

Dick followed suit, still laughing lightly, "I don't know what you're talking about. That was totally funny."

A pause stretched between the two, a not-so-welcome silence slipping into the air.

"What's got your tights in a knot?" Dick's jovial demeanor was quickly shifting towards serious and concerned.

Wally's back was to him as he rifled through the kitchen cabinets, searching for something he knew he wouldn't find. The speedster shook his head and said, a little too quickly, "Nothing, man, forget about it."

The acrobat's interest was piqued as he slid over to his partner, resting a hand gently on the redhead's shoulder. His lips were slightly parted, a clear expression of sincere concern spreading on the boy's partially visible face. He hated when Wally hid things, it made the younger feel like the speedster didn't trust him.

"It's not nothing, you're a terrible liar," Dick said, keeping his hand on Wally's shoulder as he turned and leaned back against the counter. "Talk to me, Walls," he insisted, squeezing his hand gently.

Wally glanced at him sideways, his bright green eyes peeking out from under his red hair. "Well… it's just kind of stupid. And you're gonna laugh at me, I know it." He finally sighed, though, and turned towards the acrobat, eyes darting everywhere but Dick's face. "Last night, on our date to the movies, that one girl with the stupid brown hair- you know, big huge fluffy lion's mane hair?- Well, she was making googly eyes at you the entire night. Even when I clearly gave her my patented death stare, she still wouldn't back off."

"I think you mean my patented death stare, thatI taught you." Dick corrected jokingly as he swept his hand up and brushed the hair away from Wally's face before a sigh parted his lips and his eyes focused on Wally's virescent ones. "And it probably wasn't only me she was staring at, Freckles."

Wally smirked a little, waving his arm in the air flippantly. "Ah, tomatoes tomatoes," he said emphatically. Then his smile faded to confusion as what Dick said finally registered. "Wait, what? What d'ya mean by that?"

"I mean, I can see another person she'd be staring at all night." Dick let a quick, quiet chuckle break his words apart before continuing, "They're tall, got a quippy personality and the grace of a football player. Their eyes are gorgeous and have freckles that are more than amusing. Not to mention their hair! It's either a messy red mop or looks like they have a colored porcupine on their head. Overall, he's quite dashing. Know who I'm talking about?" Dick asked, a hand resting on Wally's cheek as the acrobat smiled sweetly, yet sincerely.

Wally was surprised enough that he forgot to answer with his usual quip that yes, yes he was gorgeous, thank you very much. He honestly hadn't even considered the idea that the mousy girl might have been interested in him, not when Richard Grayson-Wayne, son of billionaire, playboy philanthropist Bruce Wayne, was standing next to him. "I think I have an idea," he said instead after a moment, a coy smile on his lips. "It's Scarlett Johansson, isn't it?" He said, his mouth talking before consulting his mind, like usual.

A devious little smirk sparked to life on Dick's lips. "So Black Widow's a guy now? Good to know. I might just go ask him if he wants another date tonight." Dick taunted, beginning to step away from the counter with a slow swing in his hips.

"Wait! Wait just one second, you know that's not what I meant!" Wally whined, walking forward and grabbing Dick's arm before he was out of reach. He spun the acrobat around.

He took a second and simply looked at him. The speedster's hand came up and slipped the black sunglasses off the blue-eyed boy's face. The shorter hero's blue eyes twinkled with mirth as Wally leaned towards him.

"Thanks," he whispered, a smile playing on his lips.

Dick was smiling, crinkles appearing beside his eyes as he did. He lifted his head just a bit, pressing his lips to Wally's for a brief second before pulling away. The smile on the acrobat's lips was warm as he lifted a hand and ran it through his speedster's hair again. "I was only pointing out the obvious, since you clearly can't see it," he chuckled quietly as his blue eyes locked, unhindered by the glasses, onto Wally's.

A deep chuckle welled up from the redhead's chest as he got a sudden spark in his eye. "Hey, I'm starving. Wanna go get some pizza? I know a place where they give out these awesome hats with every purchase! They're all red-and-white checkered and papery and stuff and their toppings are great, oh my gosh Dick you have no idea-!"

"Wally, stop rambling. You kill the mood when you're nervous," the younger teen said as he leaned up and caught his partner's lips again, effectively silencing the speedster for a good long while, till human biology said they needed air. Air and a solid surface. And pizza. And apparently, checkered hats, according to Wally.