Chapter 1 Lost in the Clouds

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It has been a week since Eragon had his little episode with Arya. From that day on, it would now be known to the rest of the Elven race as the day Alagasia's savior stole the great Menoa Tree because of some plan for revenge. Saphira rolled her eyes. It was obvious that her rider was basically telecasting his rejection issues to the whole world.

Eragon had laughed madly, as he triumphantly revealed his evil scheme, with a small kitten on his shoulder, and a fake eye-patch over his left eye it seemed like he was trying to go for a piratey type of feeling... The elves had gathered in shock to see the great Menoa tree untangling its roots from the ground and pulling it into its main body. The tree having changed shape not unlike a ship, for the lack of a better term. What other way can you describe a fortress forming from a gigantic tree and starting to rise into the air?

By now, Arya must have sent brigade after brigade of her elven wariors to arrest the both of them and retrieve the Tree. I should have informed Arya that, Linnea the tree, wanted to go willingly. But Eragon wanted to "surprise" Arya.

If and when Arya gets a hold of them, she wondered how many hours of community service they'd have to spend... Saphira started to shudder at the thought of the elven matriarch's wrath.

But that's not the problem right now.

You see, Eragon was a little generous with Linnea 's freedom. Wander wherever the wind takes us, he said. Taking this to heart, it wasn't long until she woke up and saw that Linnea had taken them to the middle of the ocean. With no land in sight.

So in summary, they were lost.

And all the eldunari were holding him accountable. When they confronted Linnea, she informed them that she was only following the wind, as Eragon instructed.

"You FOOL!" Boomed Glaedr. "You handed the future of the riders TO A TREE?"

Linnea, luminous in her ghost form, sniffled a small cry. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done what he said."

"Do not blame yourself," said Umaroth. "It's all Eragon's fault."

Cuaroc was mentally seething from inside his artificial body. In reality he should have notice as well, but luckily everyone seems to not have noticed.

By this time, Eragon had retreated to the corner in depression. The depression was so heavy, it manifested in the air as dark clouds. Agaravel had already beaten down his mind in a violent mental scolding session. And that was before Glaedr and the rest of the Eldunari was informed of their predicament.

As if he wasn't beaten down enough already. Everyone seems to be blaming him! Even Saphira is against him.

And all because he wanted to take a little revenge on Arya.

All of the sudden, he felt a tender paw on his leg. "It's okay Eragon!" The cat was looking up at him with a concerned look on it's tiny face.

He sniffed. "Really?"

Well, that's one person on his side.

Even if it's not over a year old.



"I am hungry" She looked pleading

He glanced over all the ones who's shooting daggers behind his back. He sighed, before placing the kitten on his shoulder and walking to the kitchen. He felt the her soft fur rub against his head as she struggled a bit until she was stable enough to cling on and not fall.

Saphira and Linnea's ghostly form looked a bit unsure, but continued glaring at Eragon despite the small fur ball taking his side.

Eragon addressed the only the two who was continuing to glare at him. "Alright, alright. I understand, why you guys are mad at me, but to be fair none of you noticed that we were wandering above the ocean until it was too late either. All 323 of you." Eragon responds, putting Nelli's food in a bowl and setting it down on the floor "Right, Nelli?"

"Yeah!" Echoed Nelli. They all figured out by now that Nelli, would ussually take his side, Eragon was the first person she saw when she had awoken from an induced coma, he was the closest to a parent she had after all, while Saphira was more like an aunt, due to the dragoness' close connection to Eragon.

"Over half of us," Glaedr defended. "are on recovery. The ones left are busy TENDING to them. What have you been doing, young one?"

"Ummm... I was taking care of the cat! And reading the documents, regarding her experimentation!"

Saphira snorted, obviously seeing through her rider's weak excuse. For ten minutes altogether. She made sure everyone heard, using her mental link to everyone in the conversation.

Eragon shot her a glare. Traitor!

Before this went any further, Linnea caught their attention. "I see land!"

Eragon immediately ran to the front of the ship, and sure enought he was a huge mass of land. He sent them a smug look. "See? It worked out well."

Saphira cut in dryly. "Great. Now where are we?"

"Um... err. We'll ask for directions!"

It was no later than twenty minutes before they were directly above the landmass. All of them were glad for the change of scenery from the constant blue ocean to the now green vegetation. It was then Saphira shot off into the air unfurling of her wings mid-jump.

I'm going to scout around. She told Eragon as he responded "I don't recognize this place at all."

Saphira stretched out her large wings with a soft sigh. Her keen eyes took in the landscape below them. Green rolled out across the expanse of the ground as far as her eye could see and there was plenty of trees as she was looking around, then she spotted wildlife. Eagerly, she dove towards the forest to get a closer look, causing the herd of deer to scatter. When she got a good enough look, she hurried back to the others to report what she had seen. Before she approached the ship she flew a good distance around the ship to get one more look in their surroundings.

I had seen some deer! Although not a type that I've seen before. Saphira mused, leisurely flying next to the ship.

"Try searching for people. We should find someone - anyone that can tell us where we are." Umaroth suggested.

"I shall try", answered Saphira, beating her wings to ascend higher just below the clouds. She then took off without a second glance back until she became a distant speck in the clear, blue sky.

None of these treest resemble the ones I have seen in the Beor Mountains, the Spine, or the Elven forests. This place must not be Alagaesia, Eragon pondered.

A little later Saphira returned to the ship, bearing news. "I spotted a city South-East of from us."

"Linnea head towards the city," Eragon ordered. Linnea began to set a course for the new city until she was halted by Glaedr's voice.

"Wait, young one. We must proceed cautiously, we do not know what awaits us in this unfamiliar land." Glaedr pointed out, a bit disapproving of Eragon's lack of precaution. Even though he doubted there would be anything formidable enough to take on a shurtugal, a Dragon Rider, and his dragon.

Eragon pondered over it for a second before nodding. "Linnea, take us above the clouds so they may act as coverage." Glaedr growled his assent, pleased.

It didn't take long before Eragon could see a smudge in the distance. With his link with Saphira, Eragon saw through her eyes. He could make out the distinct shape of multiple buildings and houses of average size that crowded together, forming organized rows of what Eragon could only assume a city. Towering above the rest of the buildings was a fairly large castle. However, everyone fell silent as they took in the ruins of the city, confusion and horror sweeping through them as they realized a giant catastrophe must have happened here. The buildings and homes were destroyed with many large, gaping holes. The castle itself wasn't even spared as the roof of the structure was caved in, as if by some large weight. Judging by the holes and the state of disrepair, Eragon and the others assumed the city was attacked by enormous creatures.

Worst of all, they saw bodies. Most of them resembled skeletons though with flesh that remained attached to the visible bones. Everywhere they looked, these skeletons littered the streets and it was obvious that disease was not the cause. The remains showed that most of them had body parts missing.

Eragon left Saphira's mind to see all of it through his own eyes, disbelief clear on his face. He couldn't find the words to speak, but he didn't need to as Saphira lowered her neck, allowing him to climb onto her. They then lifted off from the ship to soar through the city on their own. Eragon's mind raced as he tried to figure out what had happened here. He battled against his growing fear and eased both his discomfort and disgust.

"This place must of had most of its inhabitants try to flee from the city. Judging by the remains its at least a century old," Umaroth observed.

Eragon along with the most of the capable eldunari tries to sense if there's anyone alive. They did not find anything except a creature anyone in the ship had never seen before, its was akin to a human but more animalistic in nature, like a one would expect from a savage only ten times worst. It was a bit more than a hundred meters away.

Glaedr sends Eragon and Saphira to investigate the mysterious creature, knowing that their capable of taking care of themselves.

The giant was easily seven meters tall, with brown hair and grey eyes. Its head large and was slightly deformed, its jaw slight bigger in proportion to its head, and eyes bigger than a normal human's head, while its body was unclothed. The arms it had were small compared to its own body but easily larger than Eragon's entire body.

Eragon was shocked about this creature's appearance and size. It was larger than any human-like creature he's ever seen, larger than a kull.

Saphira saw its eyes looking at her rider with hungry eyes, she let our a growl in response.

Everyone then knew what happened. Judging by the damage around the city, the remains being the size of normal humans, the first giant they see having large and powerful bodies, and that the creature's mind resembled that of an insane murderer or more likely a cannibal. It was obvious these monsters were the cause of the destruction, there were probably a lot more out there. But for now Eragon felt rage.

The eldunari were watching in anticipation, curious about this creature's capabilities. Most of them, especially the dragons formerly bonded to riders, wanted it dead. After all, for most of them many centuries ago they interacted with elves and humans on a regular basis, so naturally they felt a bit disturbed to what happened to the people here.

Wait here Saphira! Eragon jumped off of his dragon 20 meters high and used a little magic to slow his descent when he was closer to the ground. His hand at Brisingr's handle he ran at the large creature who in turn ran haphazardly to him as well.

Once Eragon was within reach the titan tried to grab him. As for Eragon his training with the elven swordsmanship, and his experience in the war, he effortlessly sidestepped its reach, getting closer to the giant. He decided to let go of his sword's handle leaving it inside the scabbard, and ran up the giant's body.

What is that reckless boy doing? thought Gleadr and Saphira, the eldunari silently agreeing.

The giant itself is confuse that his meal was running to him, but as it tries to reach the puny human with its other arm, before he even has a chance, it steps on his anterior, pushing him backwards from the momentum as he continues to run up towards its head. The creature did not know what hit him.

Eragon, after running, pulls his arm back, his hand closed tightly into a fist, and slams it into the unsuspecting monster's head, leaving a small imprint on its head. Its body shook backwards from the momentum and finally falls to the ground, dead.

That's what Eragon thought, forgetting to use his mind to check if he was right. As he was about to walk back to his dragon, he felt a large hand grab his leg and it try to yank him towards its wide open mouth.

Saphira saw this and tried to help her rider.

Unfortunately, the giant lost its chance when Eragon immediately pulled out his blade and cut off the offending hand.

Not a moment after, Saphira, easily dwarfing the seven meter giant, closed her mouth on its neck and ripped its head off its body with her massive strength, killing the beast.

Eragon looked down at the headless monster, still weary, and then casting his senses around him to find more. He found none. What is this-

Out of the corner of his eye, the gigantic arm he hasn't chopped off, lunged for him.

Eragon uttered a fast spell. "Jierda!"

A loud crack was heard, as the arm ceased, and started bending itself in the wrong places. It was a sickening sight, the levitated arm twisted itself as if inflicting it's own torture.

Eragon gagged as he watched it, feeling a huge pull of energy from him. Even now, it continued to inch towards him.

Angered at this creature's persistence Saphira roared, and started stomping on its chest with one of her claws. She continued to crush the base of it's neck until it stopped moving entirely.

Eragon made sure it was dead this time. Before he could further examine it, the body started disintegrating into smoke. Particles flew into the sun until only the bones were left, it's disappearance a slower process.

I've never seen such a thing.

Neither have I, youngling. Glaedr said, having seen the fight through his mind's eye.

Saphira licked her claws primally. I could not even eat it.

A little while after the strange scene they had witnessed, Eragon and Saphira returned back to the chamber where the eldunari were.

Author's notes: Now, for those of you who have not read Eragon, or forgot about the book, I have mentioned at the begining of the chapter that I will be posting, short descriptions about things in from Eragon's world, since I am sure the world of Titans I'm sure you guys are more familiar with.


Eragon Shadeslayer was the main protagonist in the Inheritance Cycle. He was the son of Brom and Selena. After the dragon Saphira hatched for him, Eragon became the first Dragon Rider to be born in a hundred years and was subsequently trained by Brom and later Oromis. After becoming an accomplished swordsman and magician in a relatively short time, the young Rider found himself championing the cause of the Varden, inheriting both the duties of the Dragon Riders and his father's place as Galbatorix's foremost enemy. He was able to outwit the mad king, by getting pass his defences and forcing him to commit suicide, freeing the land.

Saphira was the only female dragon known to exist during the time of Eragon II, aside from Eldunari. She was bonded to Eragon Shadeslayer as her Dragon Rider after her egg was rescued by the Varden's agents from the clutches of Galbatorix, and was transported to the Spine by Arya, where Eragon found the egg. She was trained by Glaedr.

Glaedr: Former golden dragon, Saphira's former teacher, the dragon formerly bonded to Oromis. When his rider died so did Glaedr's body, but thankfully his Eldunari was given Eragon before his fall.

Umaroth: Eragon found his white Eldunarí as well as many others in the Vault of Souls which is found under the Rock of Kuthian on Vroengard. Umaroth acted as spokesman for all of the Eldunarí. He held this position to act as an intermediary between the older, more dreaming dragons, and the younger ones, due to his great experience, but still acting young enough to communicate.

Agaravel was a dragon fighting for the loyal Riders during The Fall. She was the partner of an unnamed rider who was killed by Formora and Kialandí. Her Eldunarí was then taken by the two Forsworn and was broken to their will. Her strength would later be unwillingly arrayed against Oromis and Glaedr, though the pair escaped after severely wounding Kialandí. It is unknown what had specifically happened to Agaravel after this event, though it can be assumed that her Eldunarí was brought to Galbatorix for his own use.

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