Chapter 5 The Trial Awaits

Everyone watched Eren's trial as he tried to prove his innocence, and prove how he will benefit humanity. Irvin, commander of the Scouting Legion wanted to use Erens titan power and take back wall Maria, and find out what is inside Doctor Jaeger's basement. On the other hand the commander of the military police wanted Eren excecuted due to his existance, posing risk that may spark a rebellion against the center.

Meanwhile the rider was being treated as a guest for now, before the military trial decides to allow his help, or maybe even choose his arrest and be interogated. Eragon knew that they ware afraid of him, he was an unknown just like this you boy, for all they know he could be a part of the titan's plan to wipe out their race. Eragon didn't look entirely human either, since he was part elf, when the Blood Oath Celebration happened, and the eldunari hidden at time, used their mysterious dragon magic. Something that can only be done unconciously by dragons.

It was clear. If Eragon wanted to offer his help to them, he would have to do it in their terms, and their rules.. He asked Linnea and Saphira to storm the building he was currently in, if they tried to apprehend Eragon, and he would make his escape. While the eldunari would invade the soldiers mind and make them powerless to move.

"Mikasa Ackerman is it true, based on this report, Eren Jaeger attacked you as soon as his transformation into a titan complated?"

Mikasa, sent a glare at Rico for reporting that. Rico just told her "It wouldn't help humanity or Eren if you lie" Rico said in a hushed voice. As the audience and the 'jury' all gasped and started whisphering their ideas to each other.

When Mikasa confimed it, the people in the stands continued to whispher amonges themselves.

The trial was going as Pixis and Irvin thought it would. These people were afraid, and shouting accusations against Eren and even the one identified as Mikasa, who holds some sort of a relationship with the human-titan hybrid. The accustions were all based on a whim, they clearly were'nt thinking rationally. Those religious men in robes, Eragon found out seemed to worship the walls, and he did not know for sure if they knew about the titans within the walls.

While a merchant wanted made a suggestion to just seal the gates, since it was the only thing the colossal titan could destroy. The one leading the clergy men accused him of dishonoring god, and going against his wisdom. What everyone wanted, the merchants, the clergy men along with the military police wanted Eren executed.

Mikasa continued "But on two separate occasions Eren also saved my life, the first time a 15 meter titan was about to kill me, Eren in his titan form stood between us and attacked it to protect me savign my life! The second time-"

"Objection! Ackerman's past with Eren Jaeger makes her statement biased. At age nine when they were children they killed three men. Granted, they were acting on self-defence, but we need to question their fundemental humanity!" The leader of the military police objected.

"So it is true! We should have them both dissected, just in case!"

"She could be a titan as well! They're titans that infiltrated the walls, in the form of children!"

Eren saw that this trial was endangering Mikasa's life as well. He panicked and made accusation towards the people on the stands making baseless statements. How they were cowards whos never even seen a single titan. "What is the point if those who have the power to fight, choose not to!?"

"What!" the people from the military police shouted. They we're being accused of cowardice after all, while Eren wanted to join the Scouting Legion"

Eren just continued as steam was rising off his body. "You cowards!" Those chooses not to fight for everyone survival should just SHUT UP AND BET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ON ME!"

The commander of the Military Police partly terrified and and winded by Eren's passionate speech, calling him and those he led a coward who chooses not to fight titans out of fear, and haven't even see a single one of them. Out of fear he ordered a soldier under his command to shoot Erem.

Corporal Rivaille of the Scouting Legion was about to take action and reprimand Eren, but Eragon had enough being a bystander first. He stopped himself, and watched as the man with armor decorated with jewelry and gold, move.

Eragon was in front of the soldier holding the rifle, took it from his hands and smashed it into the ground, shattering it. Everyone was shocked, partly because he was able to move that quickly, and that he interfered with the trial, while he was instructed to just watch and patiently wait for his own trial.

He addressed the entire court while walking to Erens side and shouted "Enough! If Ackerman's statement was biased what does that make the priests? Like the numerous different religion's I have seen their participitation in this trial supply it with nothing but conjectures all based on opinion!

Furthermore those that want Eren Jaeger to be executed AFTER he has already secured all your lives and others within wall Rose! Answer me this, would a titan bent on killing humanity do that?!"

The people participating in the stand's mouths dropped while people from the military police moved to apprehend him, but he easily made any attemps to subdue futile. Another man moved to point his own rifle, but before he coulf the one overviewing this whole trial said "Enough! everyone sit down, except you Eragon Bromson, stay where you are, and explain yourself!"

Eragon complied, and stood by Eren.

"As someone who was educated with many cultures, three different sentient races, and unlike most the people in this room I have actually seen a titan, and lastly if I will offer my help to your people, the least you can allow me is the right to speak in this trial"

"I understand your reasoning but even if what you say is true, you have not done a thing to help us yet, why should we grant you that?"

Eragon just smiled and threw a bag in front of Dallis Zacklay, on his desk "Look inside the bag, I took time to gather those books and notes about refining metal, creating metal alloys, and powerful weapons that can be used against the titans"

Inside the bag Dallis Zacklay found a blade asked "This is the blade that Pixis let you have?"

"I modified it and should be able to cut down ten times more titans before it starts to dull, you've seen the report about my sword, I will explain how to understand those characters on the books later, besides that, those pages have too many illustrations to be deemed as all being falsified"

"You have may proven you can help Humanity, but regardless of that Eren Jaeger is our problem alone, foreigner!" the Millitary Police' Commander spoke, angered that he went against being just a speculator.

"If you just want to get rid of the hybrid, then why don't you just let me have him he will be out of your hands and will be in my ship, furthermore your main argument was that his existance would spark a civil war thats what I can take care of, if you will allow me" Eragon explained.

"But he can still be used against us if you we let you have him! You're existance can also be danger to humanity here! We do not know enough about you to determine where true motives lie! You may be plotting to end all our lives later when given the chance!"

Eragon scoffed "If I wanted you all to die I would of just let things continue as they are, I know the odds you people are facing and can just let you all die! I saw outside these walls hundreds of thousands of titans wandering around, your people will never be safe! They are attracted to this place! I know about the land being too scarce to feed your people, how a small fraction of the people have all the land and food to engourge themselves with, and from what I know of your military, the most well equiped to fight titans are mostly stationed to stay away from them. You and your people never will unify"

"No matter how many people in this room refuses to believe it, you will all die within the next 20 years, the titans can kill you all anytime, if not eventually! How long do you people believe you can hold out within these walls forever? They will outlast you!" the people inside the room were shocked, as much as they all tried to doubt that what he said but deep down most of them knew it was true.

"Before I could rally enough people from my homeland to drive the titans to extinction! It could be AFTER the titans have invaded further along these walls. I really am trying to help you all! Can't you all accept my help so I can share MY peoples knowledge?"

Things we're looking bad for the Military Commander, this man basically made everyone forget about Eren Jaeger, he slowly pulled out his pistol and immidiately shot the young man handcuffed to his pole.

What shocked everyone was that the bullet stopped in midair as Eragon had his arm stretched towards it.

"How?" a random man asked with shock.

"Blasphemy, you may be a demon in human form!" a man with robes of a priest accused.

"I cannot prove I am not a demon, but I can prove that I can tear down the walls myself and let the titans come in, that will prove that I am capable of it myself if I choose to do so"

Before this can go any further Dallis Zacklay silenced everyone. "Eragon Bromson that will not be necessary. Forgive us if we had offended you, do you still intend to offer us your help?" Eragon just nodded, many some wanted to argue further but. Zackley gave them a look and continued "My decision is final, Eren Jaeger will not be executed, and that we will accept the help this man offers us"

"May I propose something Zacklay" general Irvin asked.

At his nod he continued "Eragon, will you allow us to send soldiers and representatives with you, back to where your ship is, to meet some of your people and you will not allow harm to come to them. We need send people to where you and your dragon dwell if we are going to welcome you within our walls first?"

"Yes, I will allow that, as long as that would mean I am given the same rights as any citizen then?"

Zacklay responded "That will be fine, but for now I will have soldiera watch over your movements for a while"

"As Commander of the Military Police, I volunteer to be one of those people that will be brought to his ship, but I would like to ask if how we will get there, will your dragon bring us there?"the man who had called for Eren's execution exclaimed.

"That will not be necessary you may bring whoever you want, as many as you want as long as they abide by my rules, my ship will be on its way here"

Eragon asked Glaedr who he brought with him, to contact Linnea and the other eldunari know what has been going on.

"It can't possibly be small enough to fit in the river, could it?" Pixis asked, he knew a ship small enough to fit inside the river canno possibly be big enough to be used by Eragon's large companion.

"You will all see later outside, I will not clarify that any further" Eragon answered. "With your permision may I show it to you all outside this building, at the end of this trial?"

Zacklay just agreed after looking at him with questionable eyes, it he was decided that he may have no choice other than to trust him for now, but he still remains wary of him. "If no one has any objections, everyone is dismissed, everyone is dismissed! Eren Jaeger will be under watch of Rivaille from the Scouting Legion. Lastly, before have people see inside of your ship Eragon I need to speak with you in private with a select group of people"

When everyone was dismissed only 13 people remained in the courtroom. The commander of all three branches Dallis Zacklay, the three commanders of the three branches itself, some of their most trusted men including Rivaille, Hanji, Rico, the guy who smells people, Eren and his friends upon Pixis and Eragon's request, three people from the military branch and Eragon himself.

When everyone else left, Dallis Zacklay had everyone go inside a meeting room with a round table, everyone sat by the whichever division comander they fell under, except Dallis himself. The three childhood friends sat in their own section, while Eragon was asked to sit on the other side of the table across the high commander. By the two doors the High Generals two gaurds stood by each side of both doors, rifles at the ready.

"Now then, I would like to ask you questions, that I couldn't ask without every single person in the courtroom hearing, Eragon Bromson" Everyone turned to the only man wearing armor, who made everyone else seem like peasants in comparison...

"I was aware of that, you may ask me whatever you choose, I will try to answer as much as I can, but before we begin can I ask something?"

The highest ranking man in the room, nodded his head, giving permision to Eragon, who did just that.

"Why wasn't your king involved in that trial? Every time I was involved with important events such as this, monarchs I swore fealty towards has been participating at such an important events like this, he was not even an audience"

There was silence in the room, as no one answered. Dallis sighed, but before he spoke Eragon continued.

"He isn't in control of this kingdom is he? or rather he doesn't assume control over matter unless he wants to, that why you are leading the entire military isn't it?"

The head of the military police immediately stood up knocking his chair down

"That is irrelevant, and as a man who is entrusted to lead the protection of the king, and enforce his laws, I cannot just sit by while you make treasonous remarks!". Some people in the room expected this, mentally sighing. People that did not have an idea what was going were looking frantically towards the two going head to head.

Eragon remained calm, his expression neutral.

"I will in one condition"

"That is?" the military police head asked as Dallis Zackley watched on, ready to intervene should this start instigating conflict.

"What was his reaction whe he found out people were attacked by the titans during-"

"Enough, Eragon you already know where this is going. I had my suspicion along with Pixis, but everything leads up to me questioning one thing the most." Everyone looked at him questioningly. He continued

"How do you know enough to be considered, as someone who has lived inside this kingdom?"

"I never intended that to remain a secret, after all your people needs to gain the knowledge to defend yourselves, from others that have different agendas from with me. To answer your question, in short, I had spirits in my ship find every single common knowledge from your people, and asked them to let me know all the signifiact parts."

"How, something like that would only mean your people are capable of telepathic capabilities!" a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes blurted out. he was sitting by Eren and Mikasa. People looked at Armin with a bit of surprise.

"Yes, you are correct. Would you introduce yourself please? and explain how you knew that, it is not common knowledge that people in these lands know the even faintest concept of those things" Eragon asked diplomatically. Glaedr informed him that this boy had a knack for academics, why he was observing the room to inform Eragon how things were going.

"I am Armin Arlert, I read it in a book about a philosopher many years ago that theorized about the human mind sir! But if you were able to find that out, doesn't that mean you find out every military secret in this room?" The timid boy introduced himself, after politely standing up before sitting back down again.

"That is indeed impressive... but to answer your question, no, some people have naturally strong defensive minds. Even more so on highly secretive memories, the spirits did not bother the with those things, it would take significantly more time and effort, especially considering how far they're doing it from. If you are worried about me doing the same thing to you, know it will take a lot concentration, not something that can be done while preoccupied" Eragon answered truthfully, he left out the eldunari, it is a closely gaurded secret know only to two handfuls of people in alagasia after all.

"Pixis, why did you want these other cadets in this meeting?" the Military police commanders asked, his arm motioned towards Armin, and Mikasa.

"Armin, has a mind inept for any given situation, based on his academic performance, and the actions he took, he was the one that came up with the whole plan that recaptured Trost after all, and as for Mikasa, she is not just well well acquainted to both Armin, and Eren. She is also one of the best soldiers the academy ever brought up, she also played an important role recapturing Trost" the commander could not argue he has read through all the reports.

"Now that we are all acquainted with each other, I would like to continue on the topic regarding humanity's survival against the titan threat" Zacklay interrupted, bringing the everyone's attention back to Eragon, who had a thoughtful look.

"First of all I would like to bring attention back to the books, and illustrations that I have brought, later on I would like to talk to your engineers about the defences of this city, which brings me to another question, why do do those priest have so much power and say in the decisions regarding the walls?"

"Those priest have always worshipped the walls, and regard it as the embodiment of God's wisdom, It was thanks to them that we could not mount cannons atop the walls much sooner" Pixis answered the question. The rider assumed that those are the things that fired the much larger round artillery like those he found in the ruins. Pixis continued talking

"During the trial, you said that you know of weapons we can use against the titans?"

"Yes, those notes have I brought have detailed information, on ways to make forge stronger metal, create indistinguishable fire which might be effective against titans, as well provide detailed information about how those titans think, how they identify humans from animals and a lot of the methods require magic, so I have decided to teach a select group of people that pass trials that I will set up, which I want your best available soldiers, and scholars to participate in them, I will leave it up to you General, to decide who are the best suited"

At the end of the sentence people were looking at Levi, Mikasa, Hanji, Mike, and Armin. Who are unquestionably are the best soldiers or the has the right academic mind.

"Wait, what about the my men that serves the king? My division are composed of the only the best out of the Military Academy" the Military Police commander asked

It was Dallis Zacklay that answered him. "That would certainly make it where the people under your command are certainly well equipped to learn magic, but it would be pointless for the purpose of learning it. Eragon will teach magic to those that hunt down and fight titans, your division has a lesser need to learn it, their jobs are only to keeping the public under control while the engineers that strenghten the walls, and the manufacturers of our weapons are also better suited to learn it. From what I have seen during the trial, your and your men quickly jumped to conclusions towards the unknown along with those merchants and priests like common civilians, I apologize but Eragon will not teach people under you who acted on emotion and ordered your men to executed Eren during my trial"

Levi did not bother hiding his smirk towards the man, that led those arrogant soldiers. Personally he did not mind that they were too afraid of titans to fight them, but their division was the most corrupted due to the lack of oversight, and spent their time gambling and drinking, while giving the new recruits the workload.

"Furthermore I hear, that the Scouting Legion has the highest death-rate among all the branches, they will need the training most, and they certainly seek to free humanity from the the actual threat of the titans, is that not correct, commander Irvin?" Eragon spoke diplomatically.

"While, I agree that might help my division's survival rate, I would like to ask how that would actually help, what types of things will we learn?" Irvin asked, curious how this might affect the division he led.

"A lot of ways, there are unlimited possibilities to magic, first of once you are adept enough in it, you will begin to sense titans with your mind, another would be the ability to heal comrades, as well as numerous ways to distract titans with magic, and to the more gifted and powerful magicians you may even be able to slay titans with magic alone, that would probably take lot of energy though. Everything else will depend entirely on your men's capabilities, to learn it"

"I see, but what about you, and Saphira?" Irvin asked

"We will help whenever the situation calls for it," Eragon then turns to the leader of the Military Police "If any of your men want to learn magic, they have to show that they will benefit everyone else, that means they have to go with the Scouting Legion on expeditions, the same goes for Garison, if your men are interested Pixis. As for the scholars, I will need to get to know society better, to find out how it might affect things, there will certainly be people looking to abuse power whenever it is readily available to them, for that I need to experience life here as an ordinary citizen" General Zacklay, nodded, he expected that you need to to observe first before acting, they still do not know enough about each other's culture or capabilities.

"Life as an ordinary citizen? Would it not be easy just to use your mind to observe people?" Pixis asked

"As surprising as it might sound, magic is not as convinient as you might think, it will cost energy and to normal people it could end up endangering their lives. If a spell is used it will continue to drain the caster until it is complete, one your energy runs out it will start draining your life force and kill you, additionaly invading people's minds can ultimately end up with the person to wind up losing themselves, also the spirits that I asked to do that hate doing such things due to morals, that is why they only chose to find common knowledge when they observed people in public"

"How long do you expect a person to take, before they are capable of using your teachings effectively? and could you demonstrate what it can do?" Armin asked, curious how difficult it could be to learn it, and what its capabilities are.

"I cannot say how long but you can expect a person to take weeks to months to lift a pebble in mid-air, that depends on the person, but as for how it can be used for practicallity" Eregon just pulled his sword out across the table and uttered "Brisingr" His sword immidiately burst into blue flames, blinding everyone a bit, before he turned it off.

"And you say anyone is capable of doing this" Eragon just nodded at Hanji's question

It was mystifying thought Armin to think what we thought were only possible in a work of fiction, that our people were already capable of such things, but we just did not have the knowledge to use this power this whole time our race fought for survival. It was thanks to that though that we created the maneuver gears, before we even learned the existance of this mysterious power.

"As long as your capable of thought, and have the energy for it" Eragon continued to elaborate. "You will be capable of learning it"

To Mikasa she was only relieved that the Scouting Legion's survival-rate will improve, more so for Eren's sake than anyone else's though. She would do whatever it takes to learn how to keep her family safe, so she made a note to ask him personaly later to be taught this power, even before they joined the Scouting Legion.

Armin looked thoughtful before asking "How do you think Eren would be affected by learning that?"

"I honestly don't know, I will have to ask the Scouting Legion to do join in on experments your might plan on commander Irvin, since your people know more about titans than I do"

All of the sudden they started hearing commotion outside the building, there were people shouting in surprise, confusion, and even panick

"I guess it's already here" Eragon stated expectantly.

"What's already here?" everyone from the table asked him.

A soldier burst in through the door and shouted "General, theres a large flying object outside!"

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