Author's note: Little Shizaya Oneshot :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Durarara! or any of it's characters :(

The fight had lasted quite a while and when Shizuo finally caught him, shoving him against the wall to make Izaya drop his knife, both were breathing heavily. Shizuo looked down at the Flea, reddish-brown eyes looking up at him, mouth open as he tried to catch his breath. Face flushed from the chase, clothes and hair dishevelled by the wind and the chase. Shizuo moved, instincts kicking in. His lips met Izaya's. Pressing against them for barely a second before he pulled away. Shizuo froze, eyes widening in shock before he growled once more, this time throwing the Flea down the side-street. Fuming, mainly with himself, Shizuo turned and stomped away.

Izaya watched Shizuo leave without looking back. He pressed his hand to his lips. The brute had just kissed him! He licked his lips, tasting Shizuo on them. Izaya shivered, slinking back and grabbing his knife off the ground, shoving it into his pocket. The smile on his face was dangerous and as he skipped back to his apartment, Izaya saw many people flinching away from him. A happy Izaya was never a good thing. Izaya hummed, twirling into his building. How should he use this kiss against Shizuo tomorrow?