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It is during our darkest moments that we must focus on the light ~Aristotle Onassis

Luck was a very foreign concept to Naruto. It was just something that rarely happened to him. But when it did so happen to stumble onto the boy, it was not a very nice visitor.

Naruto Uzumaki was not a very lucky person. Well most people wouldn't call orphans lucky. But Naruto took his lack of luck to an extreme level. The day he was born, he was hated by society. The villagers of Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves, seemed to outright hate the boy. The insults, unfair treatment, lack of attention and the rare beatings were all thrown at Naruto. The village held nothing back from him.

Today was just another chapter into Naruto's shitty and unlucky life. An hour ago he was locked in his room in the orphanage. He was listening to the sound of the rain hitting the roof. Suddenly 2 men and his caretaker walked into his room. Naruto immediately noticed that the two men were carrying weapons. The caretaker turned to the two men and smiled. She then walked out of the door, locking it in the process.

"Oh I am so going to enjoy this." One of the men said. Naruto started to slowly crawl back as the men started to walk towards him. Naruto's eyes widened as he felt his back impact against the wall. He looked up and saw the two men staring at him with a predatory look in their eyes. Tears started to pool into Naruto's as he tried to stop the unavoidable.

"P-please don't hurt me." Naruto whimpered pathetically. One of the men sneered and came across Naruto's face with his club. Naruto slammed into the wall roughly and slid to the groan with a groan. Naruto could tell that the man had broken his jaw, gave him a black eye and he could feel the massive amount of blood pooling into his mouth. This did not worth Naruto as he felt the usual rush of chakra go to his cheek and immediately felt his wounds start to heal. Naruto looked up in fear as the two men descended on him.

They proceeded to beat him violently. At one point the caretaker came to check on the two men. The other orphans quietly followed her, wondering why she was up so late at night. They watched in fascination as the adults continued to beat on Naruto. Naruto managed to lock eyes with each of the orphans. He began to plead and beg them for their help but none of them attempted to help him. After about a half of hour, the adults stopped beating on Naruto. They then roughly grabbed him and threw him into the streets. And even worse for Naruto, it was a stormy night.

Naruto got up as the door slammed behind him loudly. He hissed in pain and started to limp off into the streets. The storm had managed to shut down all of Konoha. No shop or stand was open. Naruto was left deserted in the streets.

After several minutes of painful walking, Naruto had managed to walk into the village's center. To his left stood the Hokage tower. There worked the Hokage, the strongest ninja in the village, Hiruzen Sarutobi. The Hokage was probably the only one in the village that showed even an inkling of love towards Naruto. The Hokage tried his best to support Naruto while trying not to look biased towards him. Unfortunately he was not able to do much. It only got Naruto a couple trips to the ramen stand. But that was not enough to compensate for the treatment of the villagers.

All around him stood the shops and stands of the people who hated him. The ones that tortured and abused him. They all surrounded him. Naruto was not a very lucky person indeed.

Now statistically the chances of ever getting struck by lightning in anybody's life is 1 in 5000. The chance of getting struck by lightning in a year is 1 in 700,000. Now the chance of ever getting strike in any living moment is 1 in 8,987,657. Now it would take a very unlucky person to get struck by lightning ever. Fortunately for lightning and unfortunately for Naruto, he was a very unlucky person.

Naruto felt the lighting before he heard the thunder. He felt the air around him electrify . When he looked up, he saw a white streak that was coming straight towards him. Before Naruto could even move, the lightning hit him, head first. Naruto felt a searing hot pain streaming through his body. His muscles screamed in pain as the high amount of electrical energy tore through them. He fell to the ground in a sizzling and spasming pile of flesh.

Naruto lay unconscious in the middle of the village. The rain pounded against his body. The ground beneath him was burnt black.

It was a bad day for Naruto indeed.

(Early next morning)

Hiruzen Sarutobi led a very exciting life. He had met and personally befriended the first, second and fourth Hokages. He had fought through 3 great shinobi wars. He had become Hokage, retired and then became Hokage again. It was a very exciting and fulfilling life.

But the one thing that always bothered him was a boy named Naruto Uzumaki. Now Hiruzen was there for Naruto's birth and since that day he knew that he would be a special boy. But as of lately he has doubted his earlier judgment. Naruto's potential seemed to have been snuffed out by the villagers.

Hiruzen walked out of the Hokage Tower, stretching himself out. He had stayed over night in an attempt to overcome is infinite amount of paperwork. Unfortunately he had lost the battle.

Hiruzen began to walk towards the village square, as it was a stop during his usual early morning walk. There was a large crowd gathering in the center of the village. It was weird that this huge amount of people would be up in Konoha.

Hiruzen made it to the crowd. He started to push his way through the crowd. When he got the center, he saw a horrific sight. Naruto lay in the village center. The earth under him was scorched black. He lay on his back. His body would spasm at random occurrence. His hair was standing up on its end.

"MOVE!" Hiruzen said.

The crowd looked back and saw that a furious Hokage was standing behind them. They quickly cleared a way for him. Hiruzen rushed to Naruto and quickly grabbed him up in his arms. He immediately received a very strong electrical shock that sent him falling back several feet. He quickly jumped up with a surprised look on his face.

"ANBU, Get me Asuma." Hiruzen said.

Two shadows seemed to flicker off in the distance. Hiruzen waited near Naruto for several seconds. He then turned to the villages with a pissed off look on his face.

"If I find out that any of you did this to him, I will personally execute you and every single one of your family members. I will wipe you pathetic existence from the world if you did this." Hiruzen said.

The villagers took a step back in fear. They knew that they did to do anything but the pure anger in Hiruzen's voice made them truly believe that he would take the order through without hesitation and maybe a bit of pleasure.

Asuma landed in the middle of the crowd. He looked at his father with a confused look on his face. Sarutobi pointed at Naruto. Asuma turned and saw the electrical currents coming off of Naruto. He nodded and then started to walk towards Naruto. He knelled down and held his arms out, An greenish glow started to surround his arm. He then slowly picked Naruto off of the ground. The electricity coming off of Naruto didn't seem to affect Asuma. Asuma made sure Naruto was secure and then jumped off towards the hospital.

Once Sarutobi was sure Naruto was ok, He turned to the villagers. He had pure anger in his eyes. The villagers took a step back in fear when they saw the pure rage that was in their Hokage's eyes.

"ANBU!" Hiruzen yelled.

A squad of Anbu surrounded the crowd of villagers.

"Take every single one of these civilians to Ibiki and Anko. I don't want any of them released until they are absolutely positive that they did not do this." Hiruzen said

The crowd of civilians erupted in an uproar of disapproval. But they were quickly silenced with a look from Sarutobi. The ANBU grabbed two villagers by their shoulders and teleported them to the Interrogation center.

Hiruzen sighed and then turned to the hospital. He then took off towards it with incredible speed.

(At the Hospital)

Hiruzen arrived at the hospital and met an enraging sight. Asuma was still in the waiting room, arguing with the receptionist. It seemed like the receptionist would not allow Naruto in. Now normally Asuma would just push past her but with an injured Naruto in his arms, he couldn't risk injuring her further.


Asuma patience had been extremely tested in the last hour. First his father calls him during his vacation. He then finds out that Naruto had been extremely injured by an attack by the villagers. Asuma sprinted at full speed towards the hospital while trying not to jostle Naruto. When he arrived, he thought the worst part was over. Unfortunately he was wrong. This bitch of a receptionist would not allow him in with Naruto. It seems like they wouldn't heal the "Demon" in this hospital. So for the fifteen minutes, he had been arguing with her to let Naruto in. He didn't want to attack her in fear that if he left Naruto unintended, something would happen to him

Asuma was continuing to argue with the receptionist. Suddenly a blur shot past him and the receptionist suddenly disappeared. Asuma looked towards the direction that the blur shot to. He was surprised to see that his father was actually the unknown blur. Hiruzen had to receptionist pinned to the wall. His hands were enclosed around her throat. He turned back to Asuma.

"Go on take him to operating room 9. I will send my personal doctor to deal with him. For now I will deal with this women." Hiruzen said.

Asuma nodded and then shot down the hallway. Hiruzen turned back to the receptionist. Her hands were scratching at his hand.

"You dare to refuse the treatment of a civilian? This comes under treason. For that you must be executed." Hiruzen said.

His grip started to increase and the receptionist face started to change color. Hiruzen's grip still increased and the receptionist resistance slowly became weaker. Suddenly a crack was heard in the waiting area. The receptionist fell to the ground with her head leaning at an awkward angle. Hiruzen stood above her with a furious look. He then turned and walked into the Hospital's hallway, leaving a wait room full of terrified people.

(Outside of Operation room 9)

Hiruzen stood outside of Operation room 9 with Asuma by his side. Asuma had dropped him into the room and Hiruzen's doctor had immediately appeared behind him. He had kicked Asuma out of the room and started to operate on Naruto. That had been 2 hours ago. Now Hiruzen and Asuma were waiting for the results.

Hiruzen's doctor came out of the room. He had sweat coming down his forehead. His looked tired and worried. He looked towards Hiruzen with a sad look on his face.

"Well Hijomi… What's wrong with him?" Hiruzen asked

Hijomi led them into the room. They saw that Naruto was currently laid in a hospital bed. Sparks were flying off of his skin.

"Well I can safely tell you that nobody in this world did this to Naruto." Hijomi said.

Hiruzen looked in confusion. Hijomi started to explain.

"You see Naruto body seems to be overflowing with electrical energy. So much that it is actually producing sparks and giving them off. His body has literally been electrified. If I had to guess, he was probably struck by lightning." Hijomi said.

Hiruzen became even more shocked.

"He was struck by lightning? What did this do to his body? Is he going to be ok?" Hiruzen asked.

Hijomi turned to Naruto.

"Normally when a person gets struck by lightning head on, they heat would normally kill them instantly. Now if you were close to a lightning strike, the excess electricity that the lightning creates would enter you system and kill yo then. And this happens if they are not directly hit. Naruto was hit head on. This should of killed him instantly but due to his…occupant he managed to survives. The lightning entered his body and seemed to bound with his. The best example for him now is a living lightning bolt. Each one of his cell is electrically charged. His blood flow has sped up. And his nervous system, due to being receiving information via electrical charges, is now enhanced. The strangest part is his chakra though. The lightning seems to have bonded with his chakra. He will most definitely have a lightning nature. His chakra flow is extremely fast at this point." Hijomi said. Hiruzen seemed to surprise at the news. So far, nothing seemed to be wrong with Naruto except for the physical damage.

"Also something strange has happened." Hijomi said.

Hijomi reached for a scalpel and held it near Naruto. The scalpel seemed to shake and move towards Naruto. Hijomi caught it before it could reach him.

"It seems like the excess lightning chakra has created a magnetic field around his body that attracts metal towards him." Hijomi said.

Hiruzen looked confused. To him all of this sounded like good news except for the magnetic field. So why was Hijomi sad.

"Unfortunately the lightning also had some effects on his brain. The brain was over charged with electrical energy, so it basically just stopped working. He is in a coma." Hijomi said.

Hiruzen looked in fear when he heard this news. His successor's son was now possibly brain dead.

"Is there anything we can do?" Hiruzen asked.

"Normally we one try to shock his brain back into working but due to the excess chakra just lying in there, we are not sure if it will overcharge it and he will die or it could have some other effects. So we can do nothing for now." Hijomi said.

Hiruzen buried his face into his hands. Sobs escaped through his tough façade. Asuma rubbed Hiruzen back.

"I am sorry Hiruzen but there is nothing we can do. All we can do is wait and hope." Hijomi said.

Hiruzen collected himself and stood up.

"Keep him attached to life support. I want daily updates on his condition. I will be in my office." Hiruzen said to Hijomi.

Hiruzen turned to Asuma.

"Asuma you can go home if you would like." Hiruzen said.

Asuma shook his head no.

"No, I think I will stay for a little." Asuma said.

Hiruzen nodded and then disappeared in a shunshin. Asuma walked into the room that contained Naruto. He slowly walked over to his bed. He looked down on him with a worried look on his face.

"Oh, Naruto. I hope you are ok." Asuma said.

What Asuma didn't know was that Naruto was currently going through a very weird situation.

(Naruto's mindscape)

Naruto lay face down in a shallow pool of water. He suddenly shot up with a confused look on his face. He looked around to see where he was. His surroundings looked similar to a sewer. Pipes ran through it. The only thing that was weird about it was that electricity seemed to be running and going through the pipe. Naruto also noticed that the water he was standing in had a slight electrical current.

"Where the heck am I?" Naruto thought.

Naruto shrugged and started to walk forward. The sewer still remained relatively same. The only thing that changed was the shape of the pipes.

After what seemed like hours of walking, Naruto came upon a dead end. This dead end had a giant metal gate. The gate seemed to be held together by a piece of paper with strange designs on it. Naruto walked up to the cage with a confused looked on his face. He squinted his eyes in an attempt to see farther in it. Unfortunately he could see nothing.

Suddenly Naruto say movement in the very back of the cage. A shadow seemed to be moving closer and closer towards the bars. Naruto slowly took a step back. Suddenly a gigantic fur covered hand shot out towards Naruto. Naruto closed his eyes in fear and anticipation. Instead of pain, Naruto heard a sizzling noise. He also heard a yelp of pain. Naruto slowly opened his eyes to see what happened. The giant fur covered claw was now revealed to be connected to a giant fox. The fox had red fur and had 9 nine tails flowing hypnotically behind it. Naruto stared in shock and awe at the gigantic creature.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT BOY?" The fox asked with anger.

Naruto just stared in shock. After several seconds of silence, the fox seemed to be getting agitated. It suddenly let out a loud roar the immediately shocked Naruto out of his frozen state.

"What was that for?" Naruto asked

"I asked you a question. I expect it to be answered intelligently not with a dumb stare." The fox said.

Naruto huffed in anger at the light insult. He then looked up at the fox with amazement in his eyes.

"Who are you?" Naruto said.

The fox seemed to contemplate whether or not is should answer. In the end, it decided it would.


Naruto looked Kyuubi with confusion still masking his face.

"What are the tailed beasts?" Naruto asked.

"The tailed beast are beast made completely of chakra. We terrorize and destroy the world. We are feared by everyone." Kyuubi said.

Naruto nodded his head in understatement. He then started to look around the sewer.

"Where are we and why didn't you attack me?" Naruto said

Kyuubi sighed in frustration. It really didn't feel like answering all these question. But it decided to humor the boy.

"This is your mindscape boy. It is a representation of your sanity and your "happy place". Unfortunately it is not so happy. And the reason I cannot attack you because of that infuriating lightning strike." Kyuubi said.

Naruto understood everything up till the lightning strike.

"What lightning strike are you talking about?" Naruto asked.

"You remember that bright light you saw before you fainted?" Kurama said.

Naruto nodded.

"Well that was lightning. Due to my chakra running through you, you managed to survive the lightning strike. But the lightning had some… effects on your body. That is why the water is electrified. Your body has electricity running all throughout it." Kyuubi said.

Naruto looked in amazement at the new news.

"Unfortunately you are in a coma right now so it really doesn't matter what powers you have gained from it." Kyuubi said.

Naruto face suddenly dropped. He knew what a coma is because he had almost been put in one during one of his harsher beating. This was very bad news for him. Naruto then looked up at Kyuubi.

"One last question. Why are you here? The history books said that you were killed by the fourth hokage." Naruto said.

The Kyuubi sighed and sat down. Its tails were still moving hypnotically behind it.

"Your Fourth Hokage didn't kill me. Nobody can kill a tailed beast. He actually sealed me inside of you. This is why the villagers hate you. " Kyuubi said.

Naruto looked in shock at the news.

"Y-you are the reason why everybody hates me?" Naruto asked

Kyuubi let out a small laugh.

"Yes I am, and I really don't give a fuck about it. It is not my fault that your stupid hokage forget that containers are hated. Don't blame me, blame your Hokage." Kyuubi said.

Naruto still looked in shock at the news. Now he knew why they hated him. Now he knew why they called him demon. Now he knew why he wasn't loved. It was all because of a stupid fox.

"Didn't I just tell you tat it wasn't my fault? Now I know you really are stupid." kyuubi

Naruto grew angry at Kyuubi's words.

"Well fuck you. I will never allow you to escape this cage, you overgrown flea bag." Naruto said.

Naruto felt a rush of wind blow past him as Kyuubi tried to attack. Once Kyuubi's claw got close, an arch of lightning came from the ceiling and shock Kyuubi. He let out a low growl before slinking back into his cage

"One day boy I will escape and when that day comes, my claws shall taste the precious blood that remains in your defeated body." Kyuubi said.

Naruto stuck his middle finger up and looked Kyuubi in the eyes.

"You will never escape. Ill train and become so powerful that you will have no choice but to submit to me." Naruto said. Kyuubi let out a gigantic laugh at this.

"Good luck doing that in a coma dumbass." Kyuubi said. Naruto's attitude immediately deflated as that fact was once again thrust into his face. He sat down across from Kyuubi as he realized he could do nothing. All he could do was wait.

(2 months later)

It had been two months since Naruto had been sent in a coma. Things had changed extremely for Konoha. Hiruzen would let nobody except for him; Asuma and Hijomi enter the room. He also made them swore to secrecy. The villagers thought that Naruto was dead and had celebrated 2 weeks into Naruto's coma. Hiruzen had immediately tried to stop the parties. Unfortunately he could not barge into other people's houses and stop them from celebrating. The sounds of cheering and celebration haunted Hiruzen for weeks.

In the hospital nothing had really changed. Naruto was still hooked up to life support. His room was sealed off and only Hiruzen and Hijomi were allowed in the room. Naruto lay motionless in his hospital bed.

Of course Hiruzen couldn't keep it completely quiet that Naruto was not dead. A small leak managed to get out to the public. Now normally, most people would be happy if the person they hated were in a coma. Unfortunately for Naruto, Konoha civilians weren't normal. The villagers gathered together and started to charge the hospital.

It was a quiet dark night in Konoha. The village was calm. The lights were out, the children were sleeping; everything was fi- Oh! What is this? We find a large group seemingly sneaking through the village. If we take a closer look we see that most of this group is made out of civilians due to their actual lack of stealth. The civilians slowly stalked there way towards the hospital. Once they reached it, one of the figures in the crowd stalked forward. It reached inside of their pockets and pulled out a key and unlocked the door to the hospital. No alarm was set off. The crowd slowly filed into the hospital waiting room. When the person who had the key made sure that everybody was in, they locked the door behind them. The person with the key then started to lead them through the winding halls of the hospital. They stopped in front of a room with a large 9 above the door.

"Ok he is in Room 9." A figure said in the crowd.

The civilians all filed into the room. It was a tight fit but they managed. They all surrounded Naruto with their makeshift weapon drawn.

"On the count of three, we end this demon's life." The leader of the group said.

All of the occupants of the room minus Naruto let out a yell of acceptance.



(Inside of the seal)

For the past 2 months, a lot of things have changed between Naruto and Kyuubi. And by a lot, I mean a little. Kyuubi would repeatedly send insults towards Naruto that seemed t get more and more obscene with each one. Naruto would take the insults in stride and respond with his own. It was a hate-hate relationship.

Naruto was currently sitting in a open field with his eyes closed. He had figured out how to change his minds cape in the first month. He had changed it into a forest, reminiscent of the forest of death but the sunlight managed to reach the floor. Unfortunately for Kyuubi, he decided not to let him get to much freedom. Kyuubi was attached to a gigantic tree that was larger than him. He had a very short leash that stopped him from doing anything.

Suddenly Naruto heard Kyuubi let out a low laugh. Naruto looked at him with confusion

"Hey dumbass, some of your o so precious villagers are attacking your body. "Kyuubi said.

Naruto flinched in fear.

"What am I going to do?" Naruto said.

Kyuubi gave off a loud yawn before stretching lazily.

"Fuck if I care. Deal with it yourself." Kyuubi said before going further into his cage.

Naruto sighed and started to rack his in an attempt to think of a way to escape his comma. Suddenly a kanji appeared in front of him. After struggling to decipher the kanji, due to his lack of education, finally managed to understand it. It said lightning. Naruto, not having any other options, hit the kanji and it disappeared in a spray of electricity.

(Outside in the real world)

"3!" The villager said.

All of the villagers jumped at Naruto. But suddenly they heard a loud boom that froze them all in their tracks. Only now did they take into account of the sparks that were flying off of Naruto.

"Oh shit." One of the villagers said.

They heard a loud rumble and saw a bright flash of light. The last thing they felt was intense pain. The last thing they saw was Naruto getting struck by lightning … again.

(With the Hokage)

The past two months had been hell for the Hokage. The day after Naruto was struck by lightning, the news that he was in a coma was immediately spread into the village. Of course the villagers thought he was dead. Celebration was spread throughout the village. Ninja and civilians alike celebrated the "death" of Naruto Uzumaki. Hiruzen immediately ran into the streets to stop the celebration. The only thing he managed to do was to send the celebrations into the villagers houses. Yes things had not been good for Hiruzen.

Hiruzen was staring out of his window on a late clear night. He had not been able to get much sleep in the last 2 months. He had opted to stare out of the windows onto the village. Honestly He was really staring at the hospital that contained Naruto. He really wondered when he would come out of his coma or if he even would.

Hiruzen sound a weird occurrence start to appear over the hospital. Black clouds started to swirl over the hospital. Hiruzen then heard a loud blast of thunder. He flinched as the thunder almost deafened him. Suddenly he saw a RED lightning bolt come soaring out of the clouds. The lightning broke through the roof of the hospital and seemed to reach towards the ground floor.

"Naruto." Hiruzen whispered before disappearing in a burst of speed.

(At the Hospital)

Villagers lay dead surrounding Naruto's bed. Naruto groggily rose from his bed. He opened his eyes and the first sight that greeted him were the dead bodies of some of his more … outspoken haters. Strangely he didn't feel remorse. He actually felt happiness, excitement maybe? Naruto did not understand why he felt happy about seeing these people dead.

Hiruzen crashed through the window. He looked around the room and was surprised to see the huge amount of dead civilians. He was also surprised to see that Naruto was actually awake.

"Naruto-kun, What happened? Did you see that lightning bolt." Hiruzen said.

Naruto slowly turned around and the shock that greeted Hiruzen's eyes was surprising. Naruto's once blue eyes were now a electrifying yellow.

"What's wrong Oji-san?" Naruto said.

"Uh Nothing Naruto-Kun. Just go back to sleep." Hiruzen said.

Just awoken from a coma, Naruto was actually still tired. So he happily agreed and laid back to sleep. Hiruzen silently signaled his Anbu and picked up the dead bodies around Naruto. They noticed that parts of their bodies were melted. They were confused on what killed them but regardless picked up the bodies and took them away.

(In Naruto's mindscape)

Naruto reawakened inside of his mindscape. He saw the Kyuubi was still sitting there patiently for him.

"Surprised to see that you aren't dead yet." Kyuubi said

Naruto stuck his tongue out and then stretched. He laid his body against the soft ground and promptly fell to sleep. Kyuubi stared at Naruto with malice in his eyes.

"You're ignorance shall be my freedom." Kyuubi said.

(The next morning)

Naruto woke up the next morning. He lazily stretched his muscles and jumped out of bed. He rushed out of his door and immediately slammed into a nurse. The nurse started to apologize but then she saw whom she was actually apologizing to.

"Hey boy, Get back into your room." The nurse said.

Naruto stuck out his tongue and sped away. The nurse noticed that Naruto was actually faster than most kids his age, ninja or not, should be.

Naruto sped through the villagers, running in between adults legs and zigzagging through the crowds. He noticed that he seemed much faster than usual. To the villagers who watched Naruto, they noticed that he was leaving a yellow outline of himself when he ran. mind

After several minutes of running, Naruto arrived at the only restaurant, if it could be called that, that actually served him. Naruto plopped himself onto a chair.

"AYAME-CHAN IM BACK!" Naruto yelled.

A young woman stepped out from the back of the restaurant. The woman had long, brown hair with brown eyes and fair skin. She wore a white robe with the sleeves folded with a dark blue apron.

"Naruto-Kun! Its so nice to see you. Where were you? How are you? Are you ok?" Ayame said as she ran over to Naruto and gave him a hug.

"I'm ok Ayame-chan. I was just in a coma." Naruto said cheerfully.

Ayame let out a sweat drop at the way Naruto just said he was in a coma. She decided to drop it and start on Naruto's regular order.

"You should rape her. She has a fine figure." Kyuubi said within Naruto's mind.

Naruto looked around in fear at first thinking that the Kyuubi had broken free. But after seeing no traces of the gigantic demonic fox, Naruto figured the fox was speaking from his seal.

"Stop talking in my mind." Naruto yelled out loud.

Ayame and the rest of the occupants of the stand looked at him with confusion. When they saw what spoke out loud, they returned to their meals, ignoring the demon brat.

Hiruzen walked into the Ramen shop minutes after Naruto started to eat. He sat down in the seat next to him and placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Naruto, I know that you were kicked out of the orphanage and I apologize for that. But I found you a new apartment and I have a surprise for you." Hiruzen said.

Naruto stopped eating and slurped the last bit of ramen that was in his mouth. He turned to Hiruzen.

"What is it Oji-san?" Naruto said.

"Naruto, how would you like to join the Ninja Academy?" Hiruzen said.

"OF COURSE I WANT TO JOIN!" Naruto yelled before hugging Hiruzen.

Hiruzen chuckled and let Naruto hug him. It was the least he could for the boy.

"That is good. Now lets get you to your new apartment." Hiruzen said.

Hiruzen paid for Naruto's meal and walked out of the stand with Naruto. While Naruto was walking through the streets he noticed the looks of hatred he was getting from the villagers. Two months ago he would of shied away from looks. But now for some reason, the looks agitated him. He was pissed. Naruto raised his middle finger and flipped off all of the villagers. The villagers looked in shock as a five year old just flipped them off. Hiruzen saw what Naruto was doing and stopped walking to scold him.

"Kill them all. Give them a reason to hate you. Make them fear you." Kyuubi said.

Naruto shook his head to get Kyuubi's voice out of his head.

"Naruto-kun, You should not do that to the villagers. You should respect them." Hiruzen said.

Naruto fiercely turned to Hiruzen. Hiruzen noticed that he had passion burning in his eyes.

"No, Not anymore Oji-san! I am tired of dealing with their bullshit. I am not going to lie down and take it anymore. If they want to give me those dirty looks, I will feel free to do the same." Naruto said.

Hiruzen looked in shock at Naruto's declaration.

"I am tired of it Oji-san. I am not taking it anymore. I am Naruto Uzumaki Dammit! And I am not going to take their shit anymore!" Naruto said.

Naruto and Hiruzen didn't know but that proclamation started a ripple through the ninja world. That proclamation had sent the Ninja world. The boy struck by lightning was about to be introduced onto the Ninja world.

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