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Narcissa Malfoy walked down the corridor, towards her husbands study. He had been acting strange recently always on edge. Jumpy even. He hadn't been eating and no one had seen him out of his study for days. She knew it must be something largely important to cause the eldest Malfoy so much stress but was afraid to ask in case he confirmed her deepest fear; The Dark lord returned.

They had been expecting his come back for a while now as it was prophesized that voldemort would return in Harry Potters first year and he was now in his fourth. But she hoped this was wrong because her own son, Draco, would be in danger.

The Malfoys were known for their hatred of muggles and mudbloods but in truth, the generations were just taught to believe it to please their parents. However this meant that those parents expected their children as well as themselves to become death eaters and follow the dark lord as he creates a world they have all craved for.

In Narcissa's opinion voldemort was a vile pathetic child. Trying to cheat death and rule the world. His school boy dreams that never really left when he hit adulthood.
No matter she and Lucius had to follow him for Lucius's father had threatened to kill his sons pregnant wife if he did not follow the dark lords ways.

Narcissa finally reached his doors with the decision that she must ask what's wrong so she can plan a way for Draco to avoid this fate.

Finally pushing the mahogany door open Narcissa glided-as only a malfoy could-into the room and stopped at the sight of Lucius. His long blonde hair was a mess, his skin paler than usual and most strange of all, his eyes were glued to a black rimmed rectangle that seemed to be glowing in the centre with pictures and words on it. She was pretty sure this was some muggle device but had no idea what it was doing in Malfoy Mannor.

'Lucius, darling, what is that?!' She said in a slightly alarmed tone. The Malfoy façade was never used at home. Contrary to the popular belief the high class family were a very close family they just fit the British stereotype of a stiff upper lip family who avoid all PDA.

'This dear, is a muggle contraption called a competer. Or something like that anyway.' He replied, his eyes still glued to the screen.

With a confused face Narcissa asked 'yes but what are you doing with it?' She moved to place her hands on the back of his leather seat to peer at the screen.

'I'm looking for a new house' the casualness of this life altering statement made her slightly frustrated. He was withholding information from her.

'Why dear?' She replied in the same blasé tone.

'I think you know,' he finally took his gaze off the comforerter and turned his swivel chair to face his wife 'a few days ago I received a letter from Draco detailing a conversation he had overheard in which Mr Potter tells his weasly friend about a dream containing voldemort. My Dear you know how well practiced in Legilimency the dark lord is. Putting a vision in his mind would be simple. We must act now to protect our family. I'm trying to find a house in a muggle suburb in which no one will know where there. Draco will still be able to attend school since he has made good progress in his occulemency lessons.' Lucius's face was grave, worry lines etched into his perfect Malfoy forehead.

Narcissa sighed. Her worst fears had been confirmed. She didn't like his plan but they had no choice. She wanted to protect Draco from the horror that would ensue from following he who must not be named. She loved her home and the location but if it was their only option to move.

'Anywhere looking good, love?' She asked as Lucius had turned back to house hunting.

'There's a place in Somerset, although I think we will look too out of place and conspicuous with the accent but in my opinion there's a house in surrey that's just perfect. Its a moderate three bedroom family home in a well kept street. Not too rough but not too posh so it attracts attention.' Lucius clicked a button on the contuchter and brought up a picture of a lovely detached house surrounded by identical houses. It would be the perfect camouflage and not too shabby to live in.

'It looks perfect dear! Where exactly is it?'

'I'm glad you like it. Its in Little Winging. On a little street called Privet Drive.'

'Sounds perfect. I take it the Malfoy vault can afford it?'

Lucius snorted in a very un-Malfoy like manner 'what cant it afford?!'

Narcissa laughed along. As Mr Malfoy made arrangements over the tinternetting to view the house before they bought it.

'Right then dear we will go see it tomorrow' Lucius's posture visible relaxed and he ate dinner at the table and came to bed for the first night in ages.