A/N: SORRY! its taken me so long to write this! I suddenly found myself with a social life. it's very weird. I'm sorry if none of it makes sense I was having to write a sentence an hour. Its not really relevant to this chapter but I'm changing the Malfoys cover name to Malloy. You will know what I mean if you have seen AVPM.

Draco was shocked that he and potter had managed to have a conversation together. Even if ended up with arguing but it was playful arguing. It was a strange but not a particularly unwelcome situation. He had actually enjoyed himself! It was a good job pansy and Blaise hadn't seen him then they would have had a fit. Despite the strangeness of it all it was rather interesting to hear that Ha-POTter and the she-weasel were not dating. He knew that the gingers attempts on his Harry were not being acknowledged but Draco just presumed it would be different when they were alone. Wait. WHAT?! His Harry?! HIS HARRY?! It was bad enough his mind was calling Potter Harry but to claim him as his own was a step to far. Draco decided his mind was banned from thinking of the wizarding worlds hero. Well, hero in the loosest form. Potter (thankyou mind!) was being ridiculed by pretty much everyone for claiming that he-who-must-not-be-named has returned in flesh and tried to kill him-yet again. Even his friends were against him. He had heard Seamus was furious that Harry was working with Dumbledore to conspire against the ministry. Obviously Dean sided with his...boyfriend? It would be hypocritical for Draco to be against gays but he could not imagine the two Gryffindors together. He thought it was just idle gossip, never had he suspected they were together. To be fair though, when Draco had classes with the Gryffindors he chose to-no subconsciously found himself paying more attention to a black-haired green-eyed idiot than two rather less attractive idiots who always blew something up.

Draco didn't get how the wizarding world was being so think about the Dark Lords return. There was no way Harr-POTter and Dumbledore were trying to take over the ministry. Everyone knows that if Dumbledore wanted to be the Minister, he could just waltz in, in all his bearded glory and take the position from the weakling in charge.

Whilst deep in thought, Harry had gotten off the train. Draco returned to conciousness just in time to see some black hair disappear through a wall. Harry had gone physically and now he shall be banished from Draco's mind.

Draco grabbed his Slytherin green trunk and his snoozing owl from the overhead rails and dragged it off the train. His parents had told him in a letter he received while packing that they would be dressed as muggles and waiting for him on the other side of the wall.

Draco was still not happy that they had to move. And they had made the decision without him! And the choice of house! He wanted to hate it but the pictures of the houses really weren't too bad. He couldn't wait to get back to his room and change into something more flattering than school robes.

Draco strode purposely through the stone wall and was instantly surrounded by muggles. He paused for a second to locate his parents. His Mother and Father were stood against a wall near the entrance. Draco had never seen them look so muggle like before. His father had magically shortened his hair (Draco knew it was magical because his father was very proud of his long hair.) He was sporting a plain black muggle suit and a Slytherin green tie, matching his mothers loose green shirt and tight black pencil skirt. They looked younger than usual and almost...happy. Muggle life must be effecting them in strange ways.

The Malfoys gave a small smile when they reached each other and set of towards the exit.

As the strange glass doors slid open without pushing them, Draco noticed an ebony haired boy slumpt on a trunk with a defeated pose and a blank look. Draco had never thought of where Harry went in the summer. Only that he must be spoilt where ever it was. Only that could possibly give him the arrogance he had. Yet there Harry was. Well he looked rather vacant. Like his body was their, but his conciousness had popped out for the day.

No Draco! Bad Draco! It's the holidays! No more thought of Potter. He's probably just moping because his rich relatives are late or didn't give him enough presents. Yeah that's it.

'Wait till you see the muggle transport Draco! It's all very strange! We asked our neighbour, Mr Hiddleston, the one of the left. The right neighbours are pigs! Any way we asked him what kind of car we should get. He showed us lots of pictures but Ferrari just didn't seem to fit. Nor did the old Bently. We decided on a porche. It's very nice. Not too flashy but not so beneath us like that little fiat he tried to show us!'

Draco found it strange that his father had seemed to become an expert on muggle transport over night but when he looked at his mother she just nodded enthusiastically along with her husband whilst searching the car park for the aforementioned car.

Draco liked the car. He liked it a lot. It was Slytherin silver and the roof came down so he could feel the wind in his hair, just like on a broom. It was a bit cold but nothing that a quick warming charm cast by his mother couldn't fix.

His father tried to turn on this thing called a radio. It crackled a bit then this really loud thumping music blasted out causing everyone to jump and his driving father to swerve a bit. This caused the surrounding pedestrians to scowl and the cars and busses to beep their horns.

His mother, temporarily forgetting she had magic, punched the device in an attempt to shut it up. It worked. The black rectangle cracked in two and half of it hung limply from a few wires.