Former Flame

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Friday Day 6: Talk to Duncan and hopefully make up

Man my plans keep changing I scratched that out and wrote Friday Day 6: Hangout with friends and prepare for prom. As I rewrote my Day 6 plan I felt breathing on my neck it's Duncan being nosy, "what's this princess?" he asked snatching my notepad from my hands and started reading through it.

"Duncan give me it!" I shouted diving across Duncan tumbling on top of him he stretched his hands out so I couldn't reach I stretched also making our noses touch and him smirk at me.

"I'll give you it alright" Duncan smiled tossing me underneath him just then we heard footsteps.

"Wow you guys couldn't make it to the bedroom" Heather said with a bag in her hand full of treats.

"No it's not what you think?" I said flustered it really did look bad I straddled Duncan as he still has a hold of my notepad.

"No need to explain we can see" Alejandro said leaning against my counter.

"You see we were just about to-"

"No were WEREN'T!" I got up snatching my notepad back from Duncan placing it in my room and returning to the living room my parents are gone so it's movie night.

"I'm in the mood for a comedy" Duncan said digging through the bag full of snacks.

"Yea me to" I said sitting next to Duncan under his arm.

"Of course you agree with Duncan" Heather said cuddled up to Alejandro they really bring out the less mean side of each other (did that make sense).

"I'll put it in" Alejandro said doing so the movie went on for hours it felt and in my head as I scanned the room I summed things up like a happy ending.

I laughed watching Grown Ups 2 with my boyfriend, Duncan and my two now coupled up best friends, Heather and Alejandro. Heather and Alejandro shared their first kiss finally without interruption. I kissed Duncan also happier than ever he is no longer my former flame he is just my flame and I deserve him this whole high school year has been a roller coaster ride. Finally everything came together for me and my friends. "Don't swallow each other" Duncan joked around interrupting Heather and Alejandro's aggressive lip lock making them glare.

"Can we ever kiss in silence?" Heather asked groaning.

"Seriously" Alejandro said frustrated letting his hand go through his thick brown hair.

"Oh sorry, is my teasing getting in the way of your make out session?" Duncan asked teasing again.

"Yes" Heather and Alejandro said in unison before looking at each other and kissing again.

"Get a room you two" I said throwing popcorn at the two they stopped kissing and started to laugh.

"What are we going to watch next?" I asked searching through the red box CD's Duncan bought.

"I don't know" Duncan said drinking some beer he bought. I normally would complain that he's underage and can't drink stuff like that, but his badness kind of grew on me. Love changes your point of view of life.

"I can't wait for prom" Heather squealed in Alejandro's arms. Of course Heather's excited about this she's nominated for queen and Alejandro's nominated for King. This couldn't be more perfect for them their definitely going to win their the jocks and captains of everything. "I already have my dress picked out".

"What's it look like?" Alejandro asked making Heather peck his lips.

"It's a surprise" Heather said making Duncan roll his eyes and this didn't go unseen by her. "Is there something you have to say Duncan?".

"Yes I do. I have a question actually." Duncan said standing up from the couch. "Why do girls make this a big deal all you do is take pictures, get crowned, and dance" Duncan mocked the way us girls act. "Oh, your dress is so pretty, AH! I won!".

"This is the biggest night of our lives before senior year and I for one am trying to make the best of it" I explained.

"Do you have your dress?" Heather asked stuffing her mouth with M&M's.

"No. I'm still choosing" I said making Heather's eyes go big.

"I can help you choose" Heather offered. I knew this would happen if I told her I haven't gotten my dress yet if only I kept my big mouth shut.

"Sure" I said giving a fake smile.

"I'm so going to win this prom with my dress" Heather bragged.

"With me as your king" Alejandro said making Heather smile. I swear those two are Romeo and Juliet themselves they always flirt and make out disgusting Duncan and I.

"Okay lovebirds no more sucking face" Duncan said. We all sat down on the couch reminiscing memories talking about our first few years of high school.

"I remember when we first met?" I asked Heather.

"Yes we hit it off really well due to the fact we were boy allergic" Heather joked.

"Yea" I smiled at all those memories some bad and some good either way without all of those times, I wouldn't have what I have today a bad ass boy friend and my two loco for each other friends. I have it all...

"I really hate to be the buzz kill here but mi Amour I have to go it's getting late" Alejandro said making Heather whine.

"I didn't know you still have a bed time bro" Duncan snickered making Alejandro glare.

"One more hour" Heather begged but Alejandro declined and they both got up.

"Wait your both leaving?" I asked.

"Yea, he's my right" Heather said.

"Night guys" Alejandro said as him and Heather left.

"Now it's just you and me princess" Duncan purred wiggling that unabrow of his.

"Unless you want me to kick you down there I suggest you stop wiggling your brow" I threatened only for Duncan to kiss me.

"Can I stay a night?" Duncan asked.

"Only if you sneak out the window in the morning" I said.

"Deal" Duncan said and with that movie night continued or should I say make out session night and I can only imagine what prom's going to be like tomorrow.

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