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Author's Note: I know I said this story was only going to be in Courtney's point of view but for this chapter I'm making an acceptation for the guys.

Saturday Day 7: PROM NIGHT!

Ah the smell of desperate girls who will do anything to win prom queen and spike punch was something I couldn't wait to enjoy, but first is the pre-prom. The pre prom is the most important thing of prom its when you get your hair, makeup, and dresses exposed to the cameras for pictures. "I'm so excited." I bobbled around in the beauty shop chair.

"I'm practicing my prom queen wave." Heather waved like she was royalty making me laugh. "What colors did you and that thing decide on." I glared at Heather being protective over my Duncan. "What?" Heather asked, "Just because you like him doesn't mean I have to." I chose to ignore it.

"We chose Emerald and Black my dress is sheer." It earned a high chord 'ooo' from everyone in the beauty salon making me go red a little. "What's the big deal?" I didn't get it.

"Sheer is sexy." Heather told me.


"With a guy like Duncan." Heather laughed along with her hairdresser, "Oh yeah, somebodies getting lucky tonight." Heather sang making me playfully hit her. I wouldn't in a million years think of losing my virginity on prom night.

"Whatever your the one with the Casanova." I made Heather gasp, "Mhm so what is your dress colors going to be Mrs. Alejandro."

"Actually its Mrs. Prom Queen thank you." Heather corrected me with her diva attitude, "We agreed on maroon because its a color that symbols our love." I stared at Heather surprised, "Alejandro's rubbing off on me."

"I can tell." I'm now looking in the mirror at my hair I got my highlights retouched. My hair was in a big rose type bun on my head I love it. "I'm in love with my hair." I can be so conceited sometimes. Heather's hair is long and in a ponytail clearly making room for a crown on her head.

"Your telling me." Heather couldn't and wouldn't drop her compact mirror. Once Heather stopped looking at herself we rode back to my place. "I wonder what the guys are doing?"

"Well I know Alejandro's probably staring at himself." Alejandro and Heather are too much a like so he's practically a male Heather.

"I know Duncan's probably trying to figure out how to get in your pants." Heather teased making me nearly swerve off the road.

"Okay you've got to stop with the sex jokes." Heather laughed.

"How long are you going to stand in the mirror dude?" Duncan asked Alejandro who couldn't stop fondling with his hair. "You're the only guy I know who sits in a mirror for half an hour."

"There's Justin." Alejandro said matter-of-factly.

"Touche.'" Duncan put on his black tux with the Emerald tie trying his best to impress Courtney by tying his own tie. "Ha! Who says jailbirds can't tie ties." Alejandro chuckled.

"Everyone amigo." Alejandro of course made sure he looks like his usual lady killer self. Alejandro even winked at himself for affect which Duncan spoke up about.

"Your way too into yourself." Duncan rolled his eyes, "How can you even have a relationship with Heath... Never mind you two are two of a kind." Alejandro scoffed. "Yep just alike."

"When are we going to get the limo?" Alejandro checked his gold watch.

"Around nine." The guys went back to primping when Duncan asked Alejandro a question worth even more than looking in a mirror. "So have you and Heather gotten to third base yet?" Alejandro's face looked flushed.

"Why would you ask?"

"I don't know, Heather looks like the type to give it away." Alejandro took some offense being over protective of Heather.

"If your implying that my Heather is loose then your wrong amigo." Alejandro tries to stay calm and suave which Duncan laughed about.

"Don't take any offense to it I just wanted to know."

"What about Courtney?"

"No, but its prom night and anything can happen." Duncan slyly said making the two laugh together, "Now I know Courtney is uptight but it'll be worth it when it happens."

"I just can't wait to see Heather." Alejandro sighed clearly not wanting to be around Duncan anymore. There both friends and all but the testosterone level is high and they need some females around good thing its around nine.

"Come on out Courtney!" I heard Heather call out. Once I walked out Heather's mouth dropped, "You look amazing!" Heather touched my dress. "It's beautiful." I looked in the mirror cheesing so hard my mouth felt as if it was going to fall off.

"Wow." Before I know it Heather has on her long maroon and cream dress with her back out. "You said my dress was too sexy." I commented if Duncan as Heather claims is going to get laid then Alejandro for sure is getting laid.

"I know, I know." The conceited Heather flaunted. We took pictures together before making sure we looked really good doing our makeup covering our imperfections then we heard the horn. "Our chariot awaits."

"Calm down Cinderella." I told Heather.

"Remember your the princess I'm the queen." Heather informed me once we opened the door I embraced Duncan while Heather practically jumped in the arms of Alejandro the moment has arrived. "Everyone ready?" I was born ready especially for this night.

"Ready princess?" Duncan kissed me I nodded. The ride to the school from Heather's house is a good fifteen minutes from the school and once we got there I started to shake this is it? Heather gave a relieved sigh. Alejandro got out the limo first taking Heather's hand and I must admit the school outdid themselves. There is a red carpet, pictures, amazing decoration.

"Great job Courtney." I heard Bridgette say she wore a beautiful light blue dress matching with Geoff. Everyone looks nice and better than ever before.

"Thanks." I took my pictures with Duncan I can hear everyone gossiping about us which I like. "I love it when people talk about us." I whispered to Duncan and he kissed me shocking everyone more.

"That should get them talking the whole night." Duncan laughed making me playfully hit him. I looked over at Alejandro and Heather who couldn't keep there hands off one another and loved the cameras.

"I hope were never like that." Duncan said making me 'aw' and kiss him he tried to stick his tongue in my mouth which I backed away from.

"Duncan!" I laughed.

"Couldn't blame me princess its prom night." Oh yeah Heather is right Duncan is assuming he's getting more than usual because its prom night, now I'm nervous. We walked in arm and arm everyone is dancing around, socializing, kissing I broke off with the girls and Duncan went with the guys.

Heather came in a little late she said something to Alejandro whispered something in her ear making her blush. "Hey Juliet." I teased.

"Shut up." Heather playfully said looking around, "Wow I'm impressed good job." I'm impressed myself I didn't expect so much help from the student body, but everything turned out great.

"I'm going to go get punch want some?" I asked Heather.

"No I'm actually going to go talk to Alejandro a bit I'll be back." I wonder what there up to together they can be even sneakier than when separate. I smelled the punch making sure no one spiked it yet, thankfully they didn't.

"Courtney?" I heard a voice say.

"Oh Hey..."

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