Former Flame

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A/N: Told in Courtney's P.O.V only TDROTI characters will have cameos.

It's the middle of the already sucking junior year of wawanakwa high. I hate this school so much nothing good ever comes from this school I lost my boyfriend to Gothy and this school is full of coupled up losers. I run student council therefore I know a lot of people and I have a lot of school spirit but with prom coming up next month things are getting hectic couples everywhere taunting me. There's not one girl I can talk to who isn't sucking face with someone I mean, there is Heather but there are rumors going around that she's a big bitch quite frankly I don't need another bitch in my life as I already have Gwen on my hit list I don't need another one. I dreaded even walking into school every morning but I have to I stomped through the halls to my locker trying to avoid any confrontation with anyone even my friends because their always with their boy toys, but of course to my luck.

"Hey Courtney!" Bridgette called out making me stop and put on a smile.

"Hi Bridgette" I said fake smiling.

"Do you want to hang out with Geoff and I later at lunch?" Bridgette asked for me to be a third wheel for the fifth week in a row.

"Actually I have work to catch up on some student council things like Prom committee" I lied I'm not busy, but I do have to take suggestions from our ''peers'' to help out for prom and grams which I have to interrupt class to handout yippee.

"Oh, okay see you later then" Bridgette said.

"I guess you will" I answered walking away running couples came up to me smothering me with prom ideas and some girls came up to me asking if I wanted to be set up on a blind date because I look so lonely. This is the bullshit I have to go through at school I quickly went to the office of course Duncan is already there he's always there all he knows how to do is cheat and break the rules. I walked right past him not trying to even have eye contact but he stopped me with his hand grasping my arm.

"You're not going to say hi?" Duncan asked me, I simply stuck my nose high in the air ignoring him. "Look Courtney I thought you were over this whole breakup thing plus you broke up with me, you can't avoid and ignore me forever".

"You cheated on me with my somewhat friend!" I growled.

"I knew you couldn't ignore me forever" Duncan smirked, I yanked my arm out of his grasp hurrying to the student council room, prom committee, etc. I sat down looking at Beth, Dawn, B, Trent, Dakota, Mike, Zoey, Cameron, DJ, and Cody.

"Sorry I'm late someone caught me of guard" I said scooting in my chair. "Anyways Zoey, Dakota, DJ, and Trent you guys are on prom committee, Beth, Dawn, Mike you guys walk around hanging posters and taking suggestions, B, Cody, and I will hand out the grams. Everyone went to work we set up a table for the grams which Cody, B, and I have to sit miserably and then pass them out during class. I sat there watching everyone crowd around the table mostly guys because it's more romantic if they send them out to the girls asking them to prom but some girls were there. I took out a megaphone completely irritated "HEY GET IN A ORDERLY FASHIONED LINE!" I yelled making everyone due so three at a time.

"Hey Tyler who's this going to?" I asked putting on my most professional voice as well as smile.

"Lindsay" Tyler answered.

"Here you go you can write a note underneath, print your first and last name, and return it so we can send it you can also buy some flowers or chocolates with that" I said handing him the card he stepped out of line revealing the handsome Latino and jock Alejandro. "Hey Alejandro who's this for?" I asked even though all the girls love Alejandro he seems to take no effect on me because I heard he's a player and I've been down the road never returning.

"I can't say" Alejandro said making me flustered a bit.

"Here take the card and fill it out yourself since you have to be so secretive" I huffed throwing the card at him watching him glare at me walking away. Then Duncan appeared with a smirk making me pissed why is he here? "Here" I said throwing him the card already putting Gwen's name on it.

"I'm not here for that" Duncan said.

"Then what are you here for? You're holding up the line" I asked frustrated.

"I came here to apologize for earlier" Duncan said making me snap.

"I don't need your apology so get lost!" I shouted causing a scene.

"You don't mean that" Duncan laughed, I growled which made him back up leaving. The bell rung making everyone continue on going to their fourth period I looked through these grams picking them up and going to classes. I knocked onto the door of Spanish 1 giving Alejandro who is in Spanish why? About six from desperate girls. I knocked on the door of Art 1 giving Justin at least ten from girls, I gave all these out barging into classes tired and aggravated the bell rang yet again after an hour sending everyone to lunch and me with two more cards.

I walked up to the supposed to be bitch of the school Heather giving her two one anonymous and one from Justin. Right when I placed these grams in Heather's hand she ripped them and threw them away not even looking at the names, cards, or anything kicking the trashcan to. "You didn't want to see who sent those to you?" I asked curious.

"No" Heather said I guess I'm not the only one not into the whole love thing around here.

"Well one's from Justin and the other I'm not sure, but I have an idea of who gave it to you" I said.

"Don't tell me because I don't care nor want to be one of these face sucking losers" Heather said making something in my head click, this is my new friend I can tell we both hate the idea of love, kissing every second, and we both have any interest in any of the boys here.

"I feel the same exact way" I said sitting down with Heather talking about others.

"You hate Gwen I hate Gwen to!" Heather said surprised.

"I can't stand that weird Goth!" we said in unison.

"You're in student council?" Heather asked.

"I'm the leader of student council I like being in charge" I said proudly.

"Me too I'm head cheerleader" Heather said, "We have a lot in common how come I never talked you before?"

"I heard rumors about you being this top-notch bitch but your actually really cool to talk to" I admitted.

"I am top bitch but I'm also queen bee" Heather owned it which I loved.

"I can tell were going to get along just fine" I said.

"Me to" Heather agreed, oh yes we are.

R&R. What will happen next? Even I don't know I'm pretty sure you guys know who sent Heather that other gram for prom if not re read. Duncan and Courtney have a lot to talk about and I'll get to that in later chapter. Things will probably happen fast so it crumbles and picks back up for a happy ending.

P.S: Sorry for the confusion for some reader yes the story is starting from the beginning of how the first chapter got them to be how they are, friends. So this is how it all happened basically sorry for the confusion.