Me: I hope you enjoy this chapter

Fire: and remember Vulpix does not own anything except for me and Kyo

Me: Hi Shorty

?: My name isn't Shorty it's Damian

Me: Would rather be called Sir short alot

Damian: No

Me: What about Short'n stein

Damian: Hell no

Me: Okay then maybe Short cake

Damian: Are you insane?

Me: Maybe *smiles like crazy*

Everyone (but me): *Sweat drop*

Damian: I hate you

?: Too bad she doesn't care

Me: Hello Song (Song Of Hope), Hello Hope (Song's oc)

Song: Hi and look who we found *points to Hope who is hugging an unconscious Kyoya*

Yu: You found Yoyo

Kyoya: *suddenly wakes up and jumped out of Hopes arms* DON'T CALL ME THAT

Damian: You shouldn't have said that

Me: Okay then I'll call you loin boy

Kyoya: That's not my name

Hope: I like the name little loin *blushes a little*

Kyoya: I don't *Fire slaps him in the back of the head*

Damian: Is there a point to this?

Kyo: *Sighs* Sadly no

Damain: *Face palm*

Song: What about Little Leo

Me: No that would be offensive to Loke

Everyone (minus me & Fire): Who

Fire: Loke also known as Leo the loin from Fairy Tail

Loke: *Appears out of no where* You call *grabbing Song's hand and kisses it*

Song: No she did *points to me then knocks him out with a frying pan*

Me: Great Lucy is going to be mad

Song: I think we better leave

Hope: Do we have to *now hugging Kyoya for dear life*

Kyo: Thanks for coming

Me: Wait before you go take these *gives Hope a Kyoya plushie and Kyoya's jacket*

Hope: *squealing*

Song & Hope: *Disappear into thin air*

Kyoya: How did you get my jacket?

Me: That for me to know and for you to never find out *Damian's cape appears on me*

Damian: My cape, give it back

Me: No way Shorty and BTW Kyoya you'll most likely never get your jacket back

Damian & Kyoya: When will the torture end?

Fire & Kyo: Never

Yu: *laughing at Damain and Kyoya*

Damian & Kyoya: We're going to kill you *starts chasing Yu*

Fire: *Hits Damian and Kyoya repeatedly with a spoon*

Me: That reminds me has anyone seen Ryuga?

Kyo: He ran off the second Song and Hope showed up

Fire: But I still need to beat the crap out of Ryuga

Me: I'm sure we'll run into him again in the mean time you and Yu can beat-up Jack, he just woke-up

Fire & Yu: Yeah *leave to beat-up Jack*

Yu: Please don't forget to review

Kyoya: Or don't

Me: Kyoya get out of here

Kyoya: Why should I?

Me: That's it, Fire feel free to beat up Kyoya

Fire: With pleasure *Beats him to a pulp*

Everyone: Bye