Me: Sorry it took so long to update but I finally finished now someone do the disclaimer

Yu: Vulpix owns nothing but Fire and Kyo

Ryuga: And her insanity

Me: Hey *Starts chasing Ryuga*

Fire: Lets strat the story before Vulpix catches Ryuga

Me: Okay whose idea was it to let Masamune lead the search for the others *Face palms*

Everyone: *Shrugs*

Me: Well thanks to Masamoomoo we're beyond lost

Masamune: We are not lost

Me: Then where are we

Masamune: We're somewhere

Me: Masamune SHUT UP!

Fire: I hate to interrupt your lovers spout but I found Nile, Benki, and King

Me: Fire you better start writing your will

Fire: O_O

Benki: Kyoya *hugs Kyoya*

Kyoya: Let..go..can't..breath *faints*

Nile: Benki you're killing Kyoya

Benki: *Lets go*

Yu: I found a rock

Everyone: *Sweat drop*

Me: Yu is there a point to this

Yu: Yes it's a rare pet rock *holds up a rock with dog ears and a tail attached to it* Can I keep it

Tsubasa: *Face palm* No

Yu: Pretty Please

Me: You can keep it if you can prove that it's smarter than Masamune and King

Yu: Okay, Rocky is way smarter than those two

Masamune & King: Hey we're way smarter than some rock

Me: Lets get started, Fire

Fire: Okay the first question is what is 2+2?

Masamune & King: Fish

Rock: *Has a piece of paper under it that says 4*

Kyo: I don't want to know how is that even possible

Fire: Okay moving on what color is Kyoya's hair?

King: Purple

Masamune: 4

Rock: *Has another piece of paper under it that says green*

Everyone: *Sweat drop*

28 simple questions later

Me: I can't believe that Masamune and King lost to a rock

Fire: I feel so sorry for Zeo and Toby

Kyo: I can't believe they didn't get a single question right

Yu: I told you that Rocky is smart

Masamune & King: We didn't lose to a rock

Fire: Yes you did

Masamune & King: No we didn't

Fire: Yes you did

Masamune & King: No

Fire: Yes

Masamune & King: No

Fire: No you didn't

Masamune & King: Oh yes we did and that's finally *folds arms across their chest*

Everyone: *Face palm*

Fire: I can't believe you fell for that

Masamune & King: What just happened

Nile: She just pulled a Bugs Bunny on you

Bugs Bunny (Loony Toons): What's up doc

Benki: OMG its Bugs Bunny

Everyone: *Looks at him*

Benki: What I have a life outside of Kyoya and Beyblade

Everyone: *Sweat drops*

Road Runner: *Stops in front of us* Meep Meep

Me: Road Runner your my favorite * Ryuga's coat appears in my hands* Will you autograph Ryuga's coat for me

Road Runner: *Runs over the coat* Meep Meep *Disappears with Bugs Bunny*

Ryuga: Give me back my coat

Me: Make me

Cyote: *Shows up*

Fire: If your looking for the road runner he's wearing the Ryuga costume

Coyote: *Chases Ryuaga*

Ryuga gets chased to a cliff where the part that connects to land falls off and the end of the cliff with Ryuga on doesn't

Coyote: *Holds up sign that says that defies the law of gravity*

Ryuga: I never studied the law *the end of the cliff then falls*

Nile: That explains so much

Fire: No kidding

Me: Is there a doctor in the house?

Doctor: *Appears out of no where and rushes to help Ryuga and Coyote*

However it turns out that the doctor was a dentist but on the bright side both Coyote and Ryuga have great teeth.

Kyo: Hope you enjoyed the story

Me: *Still chasing Ryuga*

Fire: We'll see you next time