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- Natalie Toni Barton

There could be a lot said about Tony Stark. playboy, jerk, rude, arrogant, huge ego, ass, and a whole lot more.

But one thing could be said for Tony Stark.

He knows damn well how to hide things from people.

Like something he had been hiding since he was three, and realized something that changed his life;

He wasn't human.

Or, at least, he wasn't always.

He discovered it when he started dreaming, well, understanding he was dreaming. he dreamed about a city made of gold, a bridge of rainbows, and a man of green and gold, and a scary man with an gold eye patch.

But then came the nightmares, when he was a little over three, he dreamed that the scary man, took him from the man in green and gold, and pushed him off the rainbow bridge. While the green and gold man cried out to him, and to the scary man, pleading for him to give Anthony back, to not banish him, to let him raise just this one.

When tony woke up, his mind already sharp for a three year old, realized that , even his imagination, as big and grand as it was, could not make that sort of thing up. The only conclusion was that it was memories.

From that moment on, Tony hid his dreams from anyone, but still explored them, remembering his life before he was Tony Stark. He still hadnt found out his last name, but he was sure, one day, when the timing was right he would know.

When he heard the name Asgard, not listening to -dian god , becouse the name, Asgard , sounded so familiar to him, that it could only be the place he dreamed about every night. so, he was Asgardian.

That was... unexpected.

So was the realization, that, along with being Asgardian, he was a GOD!

Well, a god with no powers. Yet.

But he would get them back. That was one thing he was absolutely sure of.

He had a feeling , that the only way to get his powers and memories back, was to find the man in green and gold, then he would remember and be happy, at last.

when he tuned back in he heard more about the crazy god, Loki, (and why did that sound so familiar, and comforting?) that was trying to take over the earth. so when they had him locked up in the Helicarrier, he requested to see Loki, becouse, 'He was trying to take over the world, i would like to know why he would be stupid enough to try it'.

As he walked toward the cage, he could see the miniscule twitch of Loki's fingers that showed he knew he was there.

Then Loki rose his head, and their eyes connected.

And chaos reigned.

And Tony remembered.

Name; Anthony Lokison

God Of; Lies And Mischief #2

Age Cast Out; 9

Mother ; unknown Frost giant

Father; Loki Laufeyson

Side: His Fathers

Opinion on midgard; doesn't mind them, but doesn't like them either .

Conclusion on Fathers Recent Behaviour; Mind Controlled\

Objective; Help Father, No Matter the Cost

AN; ummm , review? pretty please?

-Natalie Toni Barton