When Anthony snapped out of it, he hurriedly used magic to block out the people trying to get in the room and at the same time sent a burst of destructive magic at the cage cracking it and letting his father draw his fist back and punch the cage's glass wall with enough force that it shattered.

Loki grabbed his Anthony as soon as he got out of the cage and transported them to what Anthony realized was a pocket dimension, one of the three he created as a child.

His father grabbed his chin and forced him to look at him, staring deep into his eyes, assessing him.

"You have grown."

It wasn't a question .

"I have. Physically and mentally."

His father narrowed his eyes.

"You will join me in my quest."

Anthony shook his head sadly.

"No, Father , I will not. This is madness. You cannot seriously think that this will end well? The humans are interesting . Hard to like at first, but they grow on you. Like a fungus. And the Avengers have grown on me. Can't you see that you are being controlled? We will fight you if that is what it takes to get you back. You come HOME, Father!"

Father-no, Loki, because this was not his father at the moment, smirked .

" how will hey be fighting ME, when they with be to busy fighting YOU?" Loki questioned , innocently .

But then he raised his sceptre and. Tapped it on his chest, right atop the arc reactor, which was now fused to his chest for some reason.


nothing happened.

"This usually works..."

Anthony smirked.

"Well , you know, performance issues, one out of five-URK!"

Tony was cut off as Loki gripped his throat tight and tossed him into perdition (AN:sorry, couldn't resist! )

Anthony skidded across the non-existent floor. Before transporting himself behind his father, while leaving a clone where he lied only seconds before.

"I'm sorry father."

Was all he said before he raised his hand and materialized his own sceptre in his hand, smashing it across his fathers head with just enough force for cognitive recalibration, which by his calculations , should work.

Loki crashed on the ground than slowly got back up, his eery blue eyes replaced by his normal green ones.

"Anthony? What-?"

The sweet moment was ruined by Anthony's fist smashing into Loki's face.

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