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I lean in towards him so I am a centimeter from where our lips would touch. Wait when did I decide to do this? Both his hands come up to my face and he cups my face. He leans in all the way and kisses me slowly, fitting his mouth to mine, and I feel butterflies flying all over inside me. I kiss back just as slowly as him. We just sit there kissing for like 5 minutes. He finally pulls away and we are both breathing heavily. I look into his eyes and just stare there. He stares back at me. Then he rests his hand on my cheek. "You know you have really gorgeous eyes."

I feel the blood rushing to my cheeks and know they are crimson now. "I could say the same to you." I kiss him on the cheek and leave the closet as I heard the bell for lunch.

I walk to the table that Christina, Uriah, and all the others are at. I try to suppress the smile that has creeped on my face again. But I can't. I sit down with my tray of food that has chicken, peas, and potatoes on it. "Why are you so happy?" Christina blurts out.

"Christina, let the girl be happy it might never happen again." Will says. I smack his arm. "Hey! I'm just being honest!" I glare at him.

Four sits down next to me, but closer than he did this morning. Way closer. Our legs are touching. I turn to him, smile, and kiss him on the lips for about 10 seconds. Christina's, Will's, Uriah's, Marlene's, Shauna's and Lynn's mouth all drop open. I turn back to Christina who sits across from me. I look from her to Will, to Uriah to Marlene to Shauna to Lynn and finally Zeke, who is the only one whose mouth isn't open, instead he is smiling like a proud father. I look back at Christina, whose mouth is still a gape hole. "What?"

"You just kissed Four! Since when did this happen?" Christina shouts.

"Yeah! But good thing I don't have to worry about Four hurting my Trissy!" Uriah shouts.

"You know I knew this would happen eventually. Especially figuring how he reacted when I told Four about you over the summer; all he did was say that she sounds wonderful and he had that look in his eyes." Zeke says. I see Four kick Zeke, who sits across from him, "OUCH!"

"Zeke! You promised you would say anything!" Four shouts. They all burst into laughter – including me.

"Hey well the bell is going to ring soon so I hope to see all of you at my house tonight for the party!" Uriah shouts over the laughter.

"Ehm." Zeke mutters.

"Okay it is Zeke's house too." I laugh as Zeke takes Uriah in a headlock and rubs his head with a closed fist. Zeke wraps his arm around Shauna and she blushes. But Four does something different – he picks me up bridal style and runs outside. "Wait but we still have class!" I say. I see everyone following us.

"I know." Four says and smiles mischievously. He throws me. Wait where am I going to land? And then all of a sudden I feel water all around me! He threw me into the pond outside school! I come up and glare at him. He smirks. He reaches out a hand to help me out as if he wasn't the one who threw me. I take it and pull him in with me. He comes out from under the water and spits out a bunch of the water. "You little-" he stops in the middle of his sentence and lunges at so he is on top of me. I look into his eyes which as usual are kind and caring. He then pulls me up so we are both sitting – still in the water – with my legs wrapped around his waist. He wraps his hands around my waist and starts kissing me, hard. I kiss him back with the same force with my hands around his neck and one is sneaking up into his hair.

"Ugh why don't you guys just all get one room together and do all this in there!" Lynn says. I look up to see what she is talking about. I'm kissing Four & Zeke and Shauna are kissing. Wait why aren't Uri and Marlene and Will and Christina kissing? Oh yeah they don't know the other one likes them. We all stop and laugh.

"You're just mad that you don't have a boyfriend, huh little sis?" Shauna says mocking her.

We all run back into school so we aren't late. I go to my locker and I'm thinking about Four who had to stop at the bathroom. He is the nicest, sweetest, kindest, most loving boyfriend ever! I slam hard into a body.

"Watch where you're going, stiff." Peter says and Molly laughs, her annoying laugh. I walk around them to my locker. I grab what I need for the next class.

I slip into my seat next to Four and Uriah on the other side of me. I get poked in the cheek with a pencil eraser. I turn to my right – the side Uriah is sitting on. He passes me a piece of paper.

Hey Trissy,

Make sure you are at my house with Four at 5!

Love, Uri!

School is over and I am laying on my bed. BEEP BOOP BOP my phone goes off.


C: Hey Tris! I am on my way over to pick you up for shopping to get your outfit and then hair and make-up for the partayyyy!

Oh Christina, I love you! I am so glad I have you as my best friend! But I hate that you make me go shopping and all this girly stuff.

U: Hey Trissy! You and Four here by 5!

I know Uri, you told me that at school!

U: Hey Trissy! It's been 10 minutes and NO response! Are you making out with Four? Is that why you aren't answering?

Oh my friends, so weird.

U: Oh well Trissy but just make sure you are here by 5!

Christina gets there and I run out and jump into her car. "So, what's up with you and Will? I mean you both obviously like each other? And if he doesn't ask you it is because he is shy so you ask him!" I say once we leave my house.

"Hah!" She looks at me, then back at the road. "Are you kidding me?"

"NO!" I shout.

"I'm not asking him. And plus what is it with Four throwing you in the pond?"

"Fine! And I don't know it just kind of happened."

"So was the kiss in the cafeteria your guys's first? Give me all the details!"

"Hahahaha! You really think I am gonna tell you the details of our kisses?"

"Well I would tell you!"

"That's creeeepppyyyy! I would not want to know that!"

"UGH! Fine, Tris you are impossible!" She says. We finally make it to the mall as Christina is still going on and on about how awesome Will is. "Hey let's look in Victoria's Secret first!"

"Are we just getting the outfit and shoes for tonight?"

"Uh! Girl, do you not know me?" She says, smirking. "We are getting you that, a new swimsuit, some cute underwear, short-shorts, more hot shirts and like 3 bandeaus!" I glare at her. "OH! And more shoes!" She says, jumping up and down with glee.

"But Christina! I already have a swimsuit!" I say, whining like a little kid.

"Uh, no. You have a granny swimsuit, we need to get you in a bikini!" She says. I glare at her and start looking for stuff. "Tris! You need a bikini that is a pastel color so it looks like you are tan and a small so it hugs you and makes it look like you have bigger boobs and we all know that is a desirable trait that girls want." She says as she throws me five bikinis. I go into the changing room and come out and show Christina the first one – a pastel orange that has a top with tank top straps and has large white polka dots all over it and the bottoms are plain pastel orange – she shakes her head in disapproval. The second one – a pastel green with a bunch of white stripes on the top and it is strapless and the bottoms are the green color – she screams no way. The third I even hate – pastel yellow with tank top straps and is really low cut with the same color bottoms – she bangs her hand on her head. Fourth one – pastel purple strapless top with white ruffles on the bottoms – Christina says it is slightly better still shakes her head no when she sees how the bottoms look on me. Fifth, the worst one yet! Pastel pink with tank top straps and bottoms that are huge on me. Christina says what am I stupid I can't believe I even picked that one for you! It makes you look white!

I walk around the store looking for the right bikini thinking about the things it needed, when I come across a pastel blue bathing suit with halter straps and bottoms the same color. I look in the mirror when I try it on, Christina is right, I look like I have bigger boobs and makes me look like I have a tan. I come out and show her and she gives it a thumbs up. I go change back and she finds a bright pink bandeau, a white bandeau, a black one, and she manages to find pink cotton underwear with leopard print and lace around the edges. Tells me that we are getting these the bathing suit.

We walk up to the cashier and hand her all the stuff. "Is this all for today?" She says without looking up.

"Yup!" Christina says popping the p. Then the cashier looks up – it's Lauren!

"Oh look! It's the flat-chested stiff! I think you might be in the wrong place! This store is for people with boobs!"

"Look dollfa-" Christina starts but I stop her. There is no need to argue with Lauren. She throws the two bags at us and then we walk out of the store and into the mall. "What store is next?"

"Well what out of your list do we still need?" I ask, I already forgot what she said we needed.

"Uhh…your outfit for tonight and shoes and some short-shorts and new shirts!" She says marking things off with her fingers.

"Let's go to American Eagle first, then maybe Forever 21?"

"Perfect!" She says her smile reaching her eyes. We make it into American Eagle and we start searching around for some clothes. I find some cotton shorts that are pastel blue and have the sunset colors on it and has palm trees in a darker blue. I also find some bright yellow shorts. I find some black shorts. I also find some white shorts. They all reach just above the mid-thigh. Christina comes over with like 5 tank tops, all spaghetti strapped, white, black, silver, bright yellow, and blue. She also has a black crop top and a sheer black top. She finds white wedges and black wedges.

We check out with all stuff saying we will find an outfit from there for tonight. We make it out to the car and Christina drives to her house.

"So? Which shorts for tonight?" Christina asks, "We'll go from there." I nod my head. Hmm…I pick out a pair of black shorts and set them aside on the bed. "Great!" She screeches. She grabs the pink bandeau and the sheer white shirt that buttons up in the front and the black wedges. "Perfect!" She screams.

"So when do we leave?" I ask and receive a glare from her.

"Go get dressed and I get dressed then I'll answer your stupid question." I change and when I come back I see Christina in a flowy silky black lace shirt over a white tank top and black tights.

"You look great!" I tell her. "You too." She says back.

"Well now I have to do your makeup and hair." I growl. She does my hair first. She puts it in a French braid going from the back of my up to the top and then puts it in a bun. She moves on to makeup. She starts with foundation and puts it on with a sponge and then blends it with a blush brush. She then puts black eyeliner on tracing my bottom and my top lash line. Then she puts black eyeshadow on and then does the outside of my eyes with pink and makes it blend with the black. Then does my mascara.

"Done." She says after about 15 minutes.

"Thank you," I mumble. She nods and then turns and does her own. Almost the same as mine except instead of pink blending into black white blends into black. And her hair is just down. Too short to do anything with.

"Come one we gotta go!" She shouts.

We arrive at Zeke & Uriah's and Uriah opens the door. "Ahh, y'all look good!"

"Thanks, Uri," Chris and I say together.

I turn to her. "JINX!"

"Ugh, fine, I'll buy you a soda!" She says.

Tobias finds his way to me and wraps his arm around my waist. "You look drop dead gorgeous." I feel myself blush.

Four's POV:

I can't wait for her to get here. I just can't wait. That's when I see her. She looks gorgeous. And you can see her body with her shirt on. She has abs! A 6 pack, in fact! Same as me! Woah. I find myself walking towards her. I wrap my arm around her waist. "You look drop dead gorgeous." And it's true; she does. I see her blush and can't help but think that she is adorable. She is adorable when she blushes! I give her a peck on the lips. We walk towards the others. It is a tradition to play Truth or Dare at these parties. We walk to a private room so the random guests can't interrupt. The participants are Lauren (ugh why her?!)(A/N:I HAVE A PLAN DON'T WORRY! MWAHA!), Zeke, Shauna, Christina, Uriah, Marlene, Will, Lynn, and me and Tris.

"Okay since this is my house I will start!" Uriah starts, "Will, Truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to ask out your crush." I smirk. He's liked Christina since forever as I have been told. He goes over to Christina and whispers something into her ear. She nods and smiles.

"Four, Truth or Dare?" Will asks me.


"What is your real name?" I immediately take off my shirt. I see Tris give me a confused look, but then she looks down at my chest. "Enjoying the view?" I ask and she blushes and turns away.

"Zeke, Truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to drink a whole bottle of ketchup." He goes into the kitchen and comes back in with the bottle all ready half empty then he runs to the window and pukes. Zeke finishes the rest and pukes again then is recovered and looks around the group and stops on Tris letting out an evil laugh. "Tris, Truth or Dare?"

She stares right at him not scared for a moment. "Dare."

He lets out another evil laugh. "I dare to do 7 Minutes of Heaven with Four." I get up and grab her hand and bring her to a different room. She glances around nervous; not knowing what to do.

"Well most people make out, but we could just talk they woul-" I am knocked off my balance; she on top of me laying on me kissing me. I relax and kiss her back. I put my hand on her cheek and slide it down to her hip, I let it rest there for a minute still kissing her, then I slide it down to her thigh and I feel her shiver, I then put force on her so now I'm on top of her, still kissing, she wraps her legs around me and we keep kissing. Then we are interrupted by the door opening. We just keep kissing.

"Ehm." I recognize it as Zeke's voice, "You guys! It has been 15 minutes! Do you not need air?! Stop making out!" He screams, but we don't listen we just keep making out. That's when he pulls me off of her. "We want to get back to the game!" We both are breathing really heavy. We walk back out and sit down – practically on top of each other. "Ooooo some people have been sucking each other's faces!" Christina screams. I roll my eyes and Tris continues on with the game.

"Marlene, Truth or Dare?"

"Dare!" She screams.

"I dare you to sit on your crush's lap for the rest of the game." She gets up and plops down on Uriah's lap. Uriah looks at Tris and mouths a thank you. She nods. We decide to end the game when everyone has ended up in their undergarments and watch a movie. Zeke and Shauna lay down on the couch cuddling. I lay down next to Tris; I wrap my arms around her and she falls asleep in my arms.


I wake up with Four missing. Must be in the bathroom. I walk into the kitchen and I grab a glass and fill it with orange juice. I am about to return it to the fridge when someone wraps their arms around me. I feel the warmth of his breath on the back of my neck. "Good morning, princess." His voice is sluggish from sleep. His hand trails down to my thigh. He brings it back up to my face and kisses me until Uriah walks in.

"Well jeez! You guys like to kiss. Just like Zeke and Shauna." He says and I blush.

Uriah leaves and Four comes back to me. He kisses me for a few seconds then he backs away. "How would you like to go to a concert with me? It has Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5 playing!" He says. I scream and kiss him.

"I would love to!"

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