This chapter will be in 3rd person because every time I try doing 1st person I just can't do it.

I'm not ready to start again

And you're not willing to make amends

Now the daylight's dangerous

It will turn us both to dust

She sat there, staring at the bright white wall, she wasn't thinking about anything at all. Her mind was just blank. Her heart hurt, but also didn't feel anything at all. She looked around and didn't recognize any of the faces next to her. She blinked her eyes a few times but still couldn't see the features and place them. She stood up, blinking her eyes very fast, she felt her heart racing.

Suddenly one face became recognizable and she knew the owner. "Ashton?"

He nodded his head, "Can you sit down, hun?" He asked softly.

"Wh-what happen-happened?" She felt her body shaking.

"What is the last thing you remember?"

"Um…I remember having a break down in the warehouse place. It's a blur after that."

"After that, somehow you managed to make it to a highway and you ran into the middle of the street and two cars swerved to avoid hitting you. One car flipped over and all the people inside died. The other car had four passengers, the two in the front died immediately. The two children in the back, one is a 6 year old and the other is 14 years old. They are both still alive. They are in this hospital and the young one is in stable condition and the other is critical."

She felt her heart drop even further. She got up and went into the bathroom. She sat down in the tub and cried. She sobbed, she tried to stop; but she couldn't. She didn't understand why she couldn't stop. There was this voice in her head that kept saying things and she kept holding her hands over her ears, trying to hold the voices out.

Ashton couldn't get into the bathroom. He could hear her crying in there and he was really worried about her. "Tris, can you please open the door?" He heard a scramble from inside and the click of the door unlocking. He looked back at the guys and smiled grimly as he went inside.

Tris felt a body slide down on the floor next to her. She heard the deep breathing and felt the rise and fall of the body beside her. She felt her heart beat calm down a little bit, but also speed up. She trusted him and he calmed her down, but he also gave her goosebumps.

Ashton tried making his breath even and deep, so he could calm her down. "Tris, it wasn't your fault. Yes, you happened to be what the cars were trying to avoid. But you didn't do this on purpose, your plan wasn't to cause a car crash. You were experiencing a hallucination and you didn't know that you were in the middle of the street. It's okay, you're okay."

Ashton felt his heart break when she started sobbing again. She curled up her body and hugged her knees as her body shook. He reached over and pulled her towards him. His embrace calmed her down a little bit and stopped the shaking, but not the crying. She felt her body give into the darkness as she fell asleep.

Ashton picked Tris up into his arms and carried her back to the bed. He shook his head when he thought about what had happened. She didn't deserve this, she didn't deserve to think this was her fault. It was an accident.

Four wanted to see Tris, but the guy with the multi-colored hair wouldn't let him through. "Plea-please, I love her." He felt the shock and relief run through his body when those words came out of his mouth.

"Dude, I'm sorry and I'm sure you love her, but she doesn't remember you and she is already in enough pain and not remembering you would make it worse." Michael said. He felt bad for the guy, I mean he was Tris' boyfriend before Michael and the other guys had even met Tris.

Four just nodded his head and turned away and walked out of the room. He saw Uriah, Christina, and Marlene waiting for his answer. They wanted to see her. Four shook his head and watched their bodies slump with disappointment.

Four turned his head just a little bit and saw a nurse start retching blood and she fell to the floor. He ran over to her and behind her in the lobby he saw a lot of other people in the same fate. He quickly stood up and ran to the phone and called 911. No one answered. He called again and still no one answered.

He ran throughout the hospital, trying to find a nurse or a doctor. He found them all dead, same way as everyone else he saw. His friends were fine and were following him throughout the hospital. Suddenly, he gasped and ran straight for Tris' room, fearing she could be dead too. He ran there and went right in, not even caring if they did not want him in there. He saw the bronze haired kid holding Tris' hand and smiling at her while she slept, but managed to do it without being creepy. The multicolored hair guy, the dark hair guy, and the guy with the skyscraper high hair were all sitting and talking, somehow including the other guy as well even though he was like out of it.

All 4 of them jumped up when they saw him in the room. "What are you doing in here?" The dark haired one asked Four.

"Um..people are out there dying. They just start coughing up blood and then they're dead." Four quietly stated.

"What?" The one with the blonde hair shrieked.

Four just nodded and glanced quickly at Tris, seeing that she was okay. She was so he ran back out to the rest of the hospital. When he was looking at all of the deceased, he had a suspicion. They were all older, they were all adults.

Tris felt her body float. She told herself to relax and she let the tension out of her muscles and just floated. But then she was falling, she was falling fast. She jolted awake and saw the guy she was told used to be her like boyfriend turning away from the door and running away.

She stood up carefully, trying not to put too much pressure on her leg. Earlier she was so full of adrenaline that she didn't even feel the wound, but not the pain is shooting up her leg and throughout her entire body. She clenched her teeth when she moved, trying to forget the pain.

She finally got herself standing when Ashton turned around and ran over to support her. She knew their next mission. "Hey, Ashton, can we go see if we can find some crutches in this dreadful place?" She giggled. She knew Ashton hated hospitals, more like was scared of them. And it wasn't because anyone he knew like was in the hospital and died or something. He was like afraid of hospitals, not the concept of hospitals and death, just hospitals.

He turned to her and gave a half smile. He was terrified, yes, but more so of her in pain than anything else. As they were about to leave the room he glanced at the guys and nodded. They knew they had to go look at the bodies and see if they could discover anything. He hooked his arm through hers and helped guide her through the hospital finding crutches. Luckily, they had gone in the direction where none of those deaths Four was talking about occurred. He adjusted the crutches to fit Tris' height and helped her get them under her arms. They made their way back to the room. When Tris was sitting on the bed, Ashton and the guys started to tell her about what was happening in the hospital, maybe it was happening throughout the city. Her eyes got really wide when they were telling her and she tried to stand up really fast, but Luke stopped her.

"Hey, calm down, you going and looking at what happened is not going to help you." He said real calm. "Plus, Tris, we aren't sure that it is just killing the adults, it could infect you too."

"My m-mom and dad. I need to call them. P-please," Tris sobbed. She was handed the phone, but couldn't even see who gave her it through the blur of her tears. She dialed their home phone number, which took her a while to remember. It rang and rang. She tried again, but the same thing happened. She racked her brain for Caleb's number and dialed it. He answered it and she could hear his cries through the phone.

"Hey, Tris." He tried to hide the cracks in his voice, but he was unsuccessful.

"Are-are they – "

"Yeah, Tris. Where are you so I can come and pick you up?" He changed the subject. That was his technique to avoid talking about his feelings.

"I'm in the hospital."

"What? What happened? Are you okay?" He scrambled and Tris could hear him get in the car.

"I'm okay. They doctors said that my leg is broken and I also have a big gash there. I had some sort of like hallucination or something and walked into the middle of the road and two cars swerved to avoid me, but my leg got like crushed, sort of. A lot of people died in the accident."

"Okay, okay. I'm going to be there soon. What room?"

"503F," she responded. She hung up because he had to drive.

Tris looked over at the guys, "are any of you good at hacking systems and computers and stuff?"

"I am." Michael said quietly.

"Alright so here is the plan. Luke and Calum, you guys go and look for a laptop to bring here or something. Michael when they find this, we are going to need your hacking skills. Ashton and Michael, go take some pictures of the deceased. We need to see if they have like the same cause of death."

A few minutes later, they all returned. The laptop was placed on the desk next to the bed. The boys turned the desk so that it was sideways and everyone could see. Michael somehow managed to get through the passcode of the computer. Within minutes he hacked into the government system, for later when like all the deaths and information was posted on there. He somehow hacked into the TV and electronic systems and put out a message of what was happening.

He sighed and leaned back when this was done. I curled up on my bed waiting for anything. All of a sudden a message popped up on the computer. (THE JLJAKDL is the other person talking to them and the GDLJA IS Michael and the others responding)



Why are you doing this?

Doing what? Something is happening. We need help. We need people to know about what is going on within this city.

They will kill you. Stop what you are doing. I repeat, they will kill you all for broadcasting what is happening in the city.


You're not going to get it any time soon. Now they will be even more scared to walk into the city premises. You are all going to die.

why? do you know what is going on?

They waited and waited, having different discussions, coming up with conspiracy theories, eating, explaining to Caleb what they think might be happening. But they never got a message back.

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