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Volt here is my OC that will star in some (hopefully) upcoming stories that I may write. This is his story, his info, and his life. I highly suggest you check him out on devaintart.

Say Hi to Volt, a Nightfury with a troubled past, but a great future

Breed: Nightfury; Electric
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Weight: 593 Lbs
Height: 7 feet 8 inches from ground up
Length: 16 feet from snout to tail, Tail is 4 feet long
Wingspan: 19 feet
Rider: Undetermined, but gets lots of requests
Birthplace: Stone Cave on seperate island
Current Home: Island of Berk

Backstory/Bio: Due to a tramatic expereince as a child (We will get to it later), Volt forced himself to forget most of his childhood. He does remember the day when he was born in a small cave on the outskirts of a small island near Berk though. He remembers his first flight, his first fish, and his first kill, but not much aside from those memories. But sadly, he also remembers the day he was informed that his older brother, Skythorn, was shot out of the sky and drowned out at sea by pirates. Volt also cannot forget the day his mother died of a tragic disease, the countless nights of restless sleep, and the day his Dad went missing. Volt was only 8 when his brother died and 9 when his mother passed away. A year later, his father disappeared. No where else to go or stay, Volt left his only home in search of food, safety, and companionship. Chased out of nearby islands, still young, by either other dragons or vikings, he knew of only one other vilage that he had the strength to be able to fly to. He crashed from exhaustion in the forests of Berk.
Volt spent close to 3 years in seclusion, growing up and hunting the native wildlife and plants. Unsure of how Berk would react to him, not knowing it was dragon-friendly, he always hid whenever he heard people near. When he turned 13, he knew he couldn't be like this forever and ventured into the town, shocked when he saw all the riders and dragons getting along. He was introduced by Toothless, and was told about how the Great Dragon War had long ended, and that vikings and dragons lived together. Volt knew he had found his home when Toothless had finished showing him all Berk had to offer. He now thinks of himself as the village Night Fury, and one of the many riderless dragons. He roams around, talking with others and hangs out with Toothless. He has gotten countless requests from people to be their dragon, but has all turned them down, not knowing if he wants to take the next step. He like to show off is electric abilities, joking he brings the "lightning" part of "Un-Holy Offspring of Lightning and Death" to a whole new level.

Personality: Loyal to friends, but can be disobiedient/stubborn at times. Can be shy, but once he gets to know you, really opens up. He is also sarcastic and smart alec-y, showing it alot through his actions and facial expressions. But most of all, he is crafty. Volt can figure out and almost always get out of any situation, by means of brain or brawn.

Likes: Flying, Fish, Pranking other dragons, Hanging out with Toothless, Using his electrical abilities, Night Flights (he tends to do this after bad dreams or when he's restless) Raspberries, Talking with friends, and sunning himself.

Dislikes: Getting in trouble with the dockmaster, Being harrased, Arogant people, Eels, Nightmares (the dreams, not the dragon, though he doesn't like them either) and cold temperatures.

Fears: Water, due to his brother drowning in it and it doesn't "agree" with his electric abilities. Getting Sick, because he thinks he'll die just like his mother. And Pirates, though I wouldn't go near him if I was one...

Favorite thing to do: Showing his domminace over others. Not in a mean or arrogant way, or acting as if he "owns" the person, but if there is one thing Volt hates the most, its being embarressed. Being treated like a hatchling or otherwise non-manly way. He is occasionally scolded for this behavior, which only makes him feel worse and more childish…

Additional Info/More: The saddle and collar on Volt is actually Hiccup's idea when he heard that said dragon wanted to see how it would feel like to have a rider.
Volt is able to send small electrical currents through his scales to dim the color of his markings, keeping his stealth factor of being a nightfury intact.
Volt was once "grounded" (had a band tied around his body, strapping his wings to his side) for 2 days when he was caught for the 3rd time stealing entire barrels of fish. Toothless then taugh him to only steal fish in small amounts so he wouldn't get in trouble.
If there is a storm nearby, Volt's strength is greatly increased. No one knows why or how this works, but Volt seems to be almost "revived" with new strong energy.

Volt wished more than anything to one day find his Dad, he is confident that he is still alive and searching for him as well, and dreams about it frequently. He awaits the day eagerly when fate allows it to happen.

A/N: Well... There you have it. I did have to edit some parts, because they made specific references towards Volt's apperence, only making sense if you had a picture nearby. One again, I HIGHLY recommend you look at him on deviantart, he's all I got for now. (Username: Justanothernightfury) I also had to remove 2 Additional Info Things and a few likes/dislikes because they would of just confused you if you weren't looking at a full picture of him.

In response to some comments, favorites, and follows on my profile and Volt's picture, I have started a rough draft of Volt brother, Skythorn, as well as his bio and backstory, before he was killed. I really hope to post it on here as well, but if I don't get as much feedback as from Volt, I might not. So until then, HOPEFULLY AGAIN, I will see you soon :)