Bullets were blasting through the walls.

People hiding under tables, behind the bar, in the kitchen, crouching in plain sight. Their screams where all distorted to her ears.

"Stay here." Her mother was pushing her into her hiding spot, "Don't come out, okay."

"Okay" her heart was beating fast in heart four year old chest.

Pressing a kiss on to her forehead her mother moved to get up, "I love you."

They were sitting in the restaurant having a nice dinner to celebrate the fact her daddy had gotten a promotion. Her mommy was telling her daddy about what she learned today. What she had taught her to do with her 'gift' and her daddy was so proud. They were laughing about something the happen at her daddy work, when men with guns stormed in yelling "mutants where are you, you freaks!"

And then, there was so much blood, people were screaming, and her daddy ran to stopped one of the men, but one then shot him in the chest. And then, her mommy pushed her behind the bar.

From behind the bar she watched as her mother walked, over all the dead bodies, to the center of the room and stopped next to her father dead body, in front of three men. The two men flanking the middle pushed her mother into a kneeling position. As her mother turned look at her, shot rang out, her mother's body jerked and she fell to the floor.

"Mommy!" Tears were running down her face, cheeks red and hands covering her ears. Crawling underneath on the table, she hugged herself tightly, squeezing herself hard, hiding her face in her knees as the tears ran down her face like a waterfall. She was alone. Mommy was dead. Daddy was dead she had no one.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise that shook the whole restaurant. The sounds of fighting and metal hitting metal erupted soon after. Screaming, she covered her ears as the sound shook her to the core. Then as suddenly as it started, it had ended. Uncovering her ears, she listened for any sounds of a fight. Staying under the table she watched as to boots appeared at the edge of table. As the table cloth lifted, she whimpered but reflexed a small bit as a different man's face, from the three others, appeared.

"Hay kid, you okay?" Offering her a hand, he gave her a smile that looked almost like a grimace.

Nodding she took the man's hand climbing out from underneath the table, "Where are your parents?"

Looking over to where her parents lie dead, a tear fall down her cheek. Following her line of sight the man let out a heavy sigh.

"Come on kid." Picking her up, he started to walk out of the room one of the men lunged himself at the pair. Turning to shield the girl, the man dropped her, and unsheathed his claws with a 'shing'. Plugging his claws into the man and then pulling them out, he turned to the little girl letting the man fall. Picking her back up, he walked out of the restaurant, not know that the little girl would change his little forever.

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