Chapter 1

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"Mommy, mommy please!"

"May-Jay, M.J! Wake up!"

"Mommy, please don't leave me!"

"Wake up!"

Jolting up in bed, she smacked her head against her father's metal forehead, "Jesus dad! What do you want?" Rubbing her forehead she glared at him as he chuckled,

"Sorry Kid. I just wanted tell you that we stopped at a bar."

Getting out of bed, she walked to the back of the trailer and started to take out her outfit for the day, behind her, her father had turned around, "Do you want to get something to eat?"

"No it's okay. I think I'm gonna go see if I can get that old motorcycle fixed." As she started to change her clothes, she silently thanked God that she had been too lazy to take her bra last night. When she was finished her had changed into a ragged white Black Sabbath shirt, a pair of holey blue jeans, and some black studded boots.

"Wear a jacket," her father said as she turned around. Grabbing her jacket, she kissed her father on the forehead,

"I'll meet you at the bar, don't get into any trouble old man. " When she stepped out of the trailer she wrapped her jacket tighter around her.

"Hay Kid!" Turning around she saw her father toss something to her. Catching it in her hands she realized that she had left the keys to the motorcycle in the trailer.

"Thanks!" Pulling the tarp of the bike she managed to catch her reflection in the rear wheel's hub-cap.

Smiling to herself she thought of all the attention that her appearance had caused. All of the questions that her appearance had caused; how did she get her hair to be that color, what product did she use, or what type of contacts did she use so her eyes would be should a luminous color. Or all the looks people gave her, when she told them that her eyes and her hair were natural.

Taking the bike out of the trailer, she got on the bike, turned it on and started to engine, wincing when she heard the stuttering of the engine. When she was half way done the road she heard something that made her stop. It sounded like someone was following her. Looking around she felt like somebody was watching her. Shaking the feeling off, she started back down the road. Stopping at an auto shop that's name was completely scratched off, she walked inside and was immediately hit by the scent of beer and oil.

"Hello what can we help you with today?" That man at the front desk asked.

"My bike needs a tune up." She pointed out the door to the bike.

"We can do that."

"Great, how much will that be?"

"How 'bout that necklace?" That man said eyeing it around her neck.

"No, it's not for sale. " It would never be for sale.

The necklace, was actually a chocker, and was a trinket that her mother had given her before her passing. It was the last thing she had of her mother, when she wore it, which was all the time, she felt as though her mother was with her. The chocker was made of pure silver and the main part was made out of two individual parts, an inner and an outer. The inner part was made to look like a bunch of gears and had an onyx stone behind it. The outer part was made of thin silver wire bent around the inner part to look like flower petals. Connected to the main part of the chocker was a light blue sapphire that sat right between her collarbones and two angel wings on either side of the main part was connected to the chain that held the choker on her neck.

"Alright. The 'cycle will be ready at around five"

Looking at the clock, it said 4 o'clock. An hour, that's not too long. I guess I'll go get some dinner.

"Alright. I'll be back in an hour."

Walking out the door, she smiled as a snow flake landed on her nose and started to walk to the dinner. Once she got there she was met with the familiar feeling of eyes on her body. She knew she stuck out like a sore thumb, what with her outfit and her piercing, one sapphire piercing in her left eyebrow, an onyx stud in the right side of her nose and a ring piercing in the right side of her mouth.

Watching as the hostess walked up to her, smiled when she got to her.

"Table for one."

"Okay follow me."


Leading her to her table the hostess sat her at a table near the window. Staring out of the window, M.J felt entranced by the falling snow.

"Would you like something to drink?" Turning to the sound of the voice M.J found an old lady whose eyes held kindness.

"Ya can I have some water please."

Before she knew it the water was placed in front of her and she was back to staring out the window. Propping her head on her fist, she started to feel tired and before she knew it she was asleep.

She was in a dark room; the only light was coming from a large sphere in the middle of the room. As she walked up to the globe, she almost gasped when she realized there was someone, a woman, standing near the sphere and here heart almost stopped when she heard someone walk into the room.

"Have you found her yet?" A male's voice said in the darkness.

The woman standing near the sphere looked up into M.J.'s direction and M.J felt her heart stop again and she held her breath.

"No I have not," the woman said.

M.J released her breath when she realized that neither the woman nor the man could see her.

"We must find her," the man said, walking up to the sphere "If you do not find her in time she will come of age and destroy everything that we have done and have worked for."

Looking up at the man the woman smiled, "Do not worry. We will find her with time to spare."
Before she could ask who they were talking about, M.J found herself in a pure white room.


Suddenly she felt like she wasn't alone and whispers filled the empty space.

'They're coming for you'


'They're looking for you.'


"They will find you."

"Who are you?!"

"They will take you"


Turning around she found herself face to face with a little girl. "They're looking for you."


"They will find you and when they do they will take you."


The little girl advanced on her.

"They're looking for you."


"They will find you and when they do they will take you."

They little girl kept advancing on her and repeating everything she said.

"They're looking for you."


"They will find you and when they do they will take you."


"They're looking for you."


"They will find you and when they do they will take you."



"They're looking for you."


"They will find you and when they do they will take you."


Jolting awake, M.J found herself back in the dinner, with the old woman back at her table.

"What?" She said dazed.

"Would you like something to eat?"

Looking at the clock M.J noticed that it was 4:58.

"No that's okay." Taking out money her jacket pocket, not stopping to look at how much she took out, she put it on the table and ran out, saying, "Keep the change!"

As she walked to the auto shop she could shake the strange feeling that her dream had caused.

What did that little girl mean? Who's coming for me?

Going into the auto shop the man, she was handed the keys by the man, "That'll be 50 bucks,"

Giving the man the money she walked out, got on the bike and road down the road to the bar, that her father said that he was going to be at. Parking that bike in front of the bar, she walked in, but not before glaring at a few men that her eyeing her and the bike.

The smell of beer, sweat and smoke greeted her. Looking around when her eyes landed on her father she couldn't help but think

Of course he would.

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