Here's a new story, it basically has like a bunch of completely random crossovers integrated in it. I have a busy life over here though. Life isn't kind enough to give me enough hours to write, but I found a solution, whether it's good or bad I don't know.

Chapter I- Intro

I looked around the village, the day was a sunny one, the sun hovered above the horizon glaring down at the bustling town. At first glance the village seemed peaceful, far more peaceful than the other villages, but if you looked closer you would be able to see what truly lied within them, they had black, tainted hearts. Tainted with all the errors they had commited, and the worst thing is that they didn't even acknowledge their mistakes. From the very day I was born, I was a target to them. Something to kill, they call me demon, good for nothing pig, and idiot everyday. I used to believe that they had a valid reason, that I was something demonic or terrible, until I met him.


"Foolish mortal, get up" The demon growled

"W-Where a-am I?" The small 6 year old boy mumbled

"You are in your mind mortal, I am the great fox lord the Kyuubi no Kitsune. I am currently sealed in your pathetic mortal body." The fox announced, his chest slightly puffed up

"K-Kyuubi? So the villagers were right. I am a demon." Naruto, the demon fox container sobbed, tears dripping from his eyes.

"Foolish mortal, if you were a demon, don't you think you would've slaughtered all of these pathetic humans right now." The kyuubi groaned

"You're right, I'm not a demon, demons are really powerful, I'm just weak, the people who hurt me are stronger than me, that's why they push me around, hit me, hurt me, and yell at me." Naruto whimpered, he was really weak and pathetic

"Mortal, you are finally beginning to see how the world works, the strong hurt the weak, the weak die, the strong live. Listen, you must become strong, as I will not tolerate a weak container. One day you will release me from this cage, until that day we're stuck together. I am only considering helping you to prevent my own death, so do not expect me to help you with anything like food, or money. " The Kyuubi grumbled, Naruto could only see the cold red eyes glaring at him.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Then that old man came along, I thought I could trust him, but I was a fool. He betrayed me just like all of the others.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The old man looked at the six year old very kindly, Naruto was immediately suspicious,

"Little Naruto, My name is Sarutobi Hiruzen, as the people in the orphanage were not kind to you and I'm sorry for what they have I have decided it would be best for you to live in your own apartment. I will give you a monthly allowance, be sure not to spend it all in the same place!" The old man smiled

Liar! Naruto hissed inwardly, but then he quickly collected his thoughts It wasn't his fault, I've never seen him around, all I knew was that he was the strongest, that's why I wanted to become Hokage a few months ago, but when I learned I also had to take care of these pathetic people my dream went down the drain.

"Old man, where will I live?" Naruto asked curiously, the old man held his hand with his ever present smile which was clawing its way into Naruto's heart, slowly, but surely.

He was unknowingly led at the edge of training ground 44, the forest of death, his 'apartment' was actually a small building with two floors, Naruto would live on the top floor while, some ANBU disguised as receptionists would survey him.

The bottom floor was surprisingly clean, but the top floor was a rathole, nine cockroaches fled from sight as soon as Naruto stepped into the room.

"Old man," Sarutobi turned to Naruto as soon as he heard it

"Are you sure this place is good, it smells funny." Naruto let out a small groan

"You'll get used to it, for now settle in. Your things in the orphanage will be transferred here shortly." Sarutobi told Naruto, still wearing that fake smile

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;One year later, Naruto Age 8;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

"Ow, that hurt." Naruto looked at the deep gash on his leg

"Quit complaining, and get back to work." The Kyuubi groaned

Things had changed in 2 years, Naruto saw the old man as some kind of grandfatherly figure despite the Kyuubi's warnings, he trained in a super dangerous place called the forest of death. He thought that Sarutobi would want him to get stronger, that was true, but he wanted to slowly manipulate him as well, he knew the Kyuubi would never let his host die if Naruto wandered there. (A/N In my version of the forest there isn't much barbed wire. A child could easily wander there, there were fences but the kid could climb over them. So not many people lived around there.) Naruto believed he could take everyone in his graduating class easily, yes he had joined the academy under the Hokage's insistence. But Naruto still wore his mask of idiocy even to the old man.

Naruto was currently walking across the market district, using a kunai to deflect the stones the terrible pain that enveloped him was ignored, because of Naruto's high pain tolerance.

"A kunai and shuriken set please." Naruto asked innocently

"That would be 720…, oh it's you, 2160 ryo." Naruto inwardly gritted his teeth, the old man gave him about 10,000 ryo a month, so a whole fifth of what he got would've gone down the drain if he didn't pickpocket civilians. As he went back to his rathole he sensed something wrong .

He ran back to the rathole and went his room. Everything except a bed and a sack was gone. He sensed negative emotions, and felt chakra, he sniffed around the room, and found some blood, there was a blood trail, must've been a careless genin. He dismissed the thought as soon as he saw it continue and lead downstairs, to the reception. The blood trail stopped, but Naruto sniffed around with his enhanced senses he gained from the Kyuubi. The scent of the blood was in the air, it lead right to… a receptionist, there were two of them in his building. That direction did not lead to the receptionist exactly, rather the wall behind her.

Blood can't come from a wall. There has to be something inside. Like some secret lever to pull.

Naruto waited till nightfall when the ANBU went to sleep in their homes elsewhere, one ANBU would stay up and constantly watch the perimeter around him. The blood had dried by then, but Naruto remembered where it came from. He walked towards the exact part of where the scent came from. He stepped on a cold white tile which sunk into the ground.

"Whoa" The wall emerged into the ground leaving a dimly lit passageway; it was not exactly narrow, rather more dark and spooky. He snuck through it, not making a sound.

He stopped as he saw the way was blocked, it was impossible to continue. He walked around for a bit when he spotted an electronic device. It spoke


Naruto thought about this, long and hard, he sighed it could be peace, as long as shinobi existed there would be no true peace due to their system, Naruto was a lot more mature than he looked, he knew the troubles of the shinobi world. Perhaps justice, justice was not true in the shinobi world.


The fox container gritted his teeth, there was no dignity, no peace, no justice, no…

"Trust, you can trust no one in the shinobi world."


But there is so many things the shinobi world lacks, safety, love, dignity, honor.

No, I'm thinking into it too much, a shinobi… Naruto remembered the blood, blood, where does that lead? Death, wound… that was it! All shinobi had killed, none eveer retained…

"Innocence" Naruto said


Uzumaki Naruto entered the room, he saw… two ANBU uniforms, covered in dried blood, two uniforms, that meant the receptionists were ANBU, he scanned the room,

finding a small satchel with notes.


Uzumaki's status report

Not well. addicted to ramen… what? Seems to be doing suspicious activity in the forest of death.

The old man wants to protect me, that's why the ANBU are here.


"You naïve fool, the old man here is trying to make you suffer." A dark corrupt mind scolded Naruto

"You're wrong, he would never-"Naruto started, but never got to finish as he scanned another letter

Oh no, this can't be happening


You have been assigned a mission of great importance, what you will do will gain me the trust of Uzumaki Naruto, and make him stronger. You must take almost everything in his home, I will then comfort him and assure him that I will find his belongings. He will suffer pain, making him tolerate more pain. This will bring him closer to the weapon he must be, for the sake of the village.

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure

"I trusted him," Naruto bit into his lip hard enough to make it bleed, the anger and killing intent that erupted inside would make most chuunin, hell even some jonin flee immediately. It would make genin commit suicide just to take away the terrible feeling.

"-and he betrayed me" small bits of the Kyuubi's chakra were now leaking out, bringing him into the initial jinchuriki form. His pupils slit, his nails grew longer, his canine teeth extended and were now hanging out of his mouth.

Naruto rushed out into the forest of death with such speed, the ANBU member couldn't detect him. His anger ended in the meaningless slaughter of everything within 2km of Naruto.

The blood splattered everywhere after he killed another overgrown tiger, he reveled in its slaughter smiling at all the blood he spilled. Naruto felt his exhaustion catch up to him as the golden sunlight hit the huge leaves of the forest, he blacked as soon as the sun rose.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

After that I never trusted anyone ever again, not the nice ramen chefs at Ichiraku, not the smiling Iruka-sensei, because I could detect the hatred hidden in their hearts. The Kyuubi made Iruka lose his parents, the fox stepped on Teuchi's house so he couldn't do his big plan to open a super ramen restaurant. 4 years later, as in now…

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::The Valley of the End:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

"Naruto you dobe, I told, you I'm not coming back . Orochimaru's power will be mine!" Sasuke declared

"Sasuke, I'm not gonna bring you back." Naruto planted a creepy smile on his face before changing it completely.

"I'm gonna kill you!" The fox's red chakra wrapped around Naruto as he lunged fifty meters into the air approaching Sasuke with a fist, he was going to aim straight for the heart.

I never knew the dobe had it in him, I thought the dobe's mission was retrieval, I don't think he wants to abandon his precious home. Well the dobe can't kill me anyway so it's not like it matters. Sasuke's curse seal activated to level one giving him the chakra he needed to bounce off and watch Naruto destroy stone Uchiha Madara's skull. The rocks fell everywhere, there was now a bunch of pointy rocks next to the waterfall that stood between the two rock carvings. Sasuke was now standing on a point of Madara's spiky hair, he looked in the distance, the clear blue sky glared at him.

Naruto, meanwhile was growing more tails by the minute, he now had four, but he could control it. The dark aura still wrapped around him, his voice was far more demonic.

Imari (Menacing Ball) A black sphere of compressed bijuu chakra formed in his hand and he smashed it into Madara's heart. Sasuke slowly felt the effects, Madara's upper body completely disappeared so only waist down and the hair remained. The hair portion tumbled down into the water, making Sasuke have nothing to stand on, so he quickly evolved into his cursed seal state two and floated down into the ground.

To Sasuke the reason why Naruto had been called a monster now made sense to him, he was truly an inhuman beast, and it was right that the villagers hurt him and barely gave him enough to eat. Naruto's orange jumpsuit tore up into many pieces, Naruto rushed to Sasuke. They were both now on separate sides, Naruto, was on Hashirama's fingers, while Sasuke was on Madara's fingers, what was left of them.

"Naruto, how about we finish this in one move." Sasuke tried talking to Naruto

"Very well Sasuke." Naruto growled in his demon state (3 tails now)

Dai Chidori (Great Lightning Cutter)

Akuma Rasengan (Demonic Spiralling Sphere)

The two attacks clashed, Naruto looked like he was going to scratch Sasuke's headband but he was really aiming for the eyes, the dreaded Uchiha eyes, this way he would do a service to Konoha, his last service.

The traitorous old man was now dead by Orochimaru, a horrific woman was now in his place, her name was Tsunade, and she hated him with every fiber of her being. She blamed him for everything, just because her precious Dan was obliterated by the Kyuubi. And her precious Nawaki died on a mission with Namikaze. Yes he knew, he was sure that they hated him as well, Uzumaki Kushina, Namikaze Minato. He had stolen the Hiraishin scroll, but in reality he didn't need it, the council grabbed the Namikaze's money as soon as he died, AND his pathetic godfather preferred peeping in bathhouses then looking after his godson. No, he had nothing binding him to Konoha.

The chidori wouldn't hurt him, and the rasengan would hit first, Naruto calculated, he thrusted his hand into Sasuke's eyes who didn't even get the chance to yelp in pain as he turned him into a headless monkey.

"That was easier than I expected, from this day forward, I will make the people of the elemental nations know what true suffering is!" Naruto (now reverted to normal state) declared, he made two Kage Bunshins which destroyed the headless body, one henged into Sasuke, and one just lay down, both acted unconscious.

He wanted to see the look on the bastard old hags face when 'Sasuke' poofs in front of her eyes.

"Naruto! Sasuke! Oh no, I'm too late." Kakashi sighed unhappily, he took the bodies and headed for the leaf as fast as possible. He looked at the valley to see that Madara was almost completely obliterated, the devestation Naruto most likely caused.

A few miles away

Naruto had a wicked grin on his face.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000

Bwahahaha! Naruto is a basically a wicked devil who wants to kill things. No friends except another wicked devil. If anyone doesn't like this wicked devilthing then they should turn away from the story. Oh and this rated M for deaths, blood, crazy people, and gore so don't care continue, don't like it go away.

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