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Bankai77- I have to say my story is a bit cliche,

beginning: Torturous and screwed up life.

middle: gains a bunch of power.


Chapter III: Delays

"Anything to say Kyuubi?" Naruto looked at his seal, able to see Kyuubi's grinning face

"Nothing, except that this will hurt like a bitch." The fox grinned

Naruto started turn the seal,


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

"Urgh" Naruto coughed in pain as he saw himself slowly gaining tails, he could barely keep himself awake, his vision started to blur as he lost consciousness for a moment, he regained it, seeing that he currently had seven tails, the pain was so unbearable couldn't feel anything anymore. He saw the visage of the fox slowly materializing before him as he lost consciousness again.


Naruto was currently going closer and closer to Kyuubi, his arms were reaching out to the cage, he floated closer and closer to his cage, fully prepared to rip the seal off. A hand reached and grabbed his. Naruto scowled when he saw the back of the mystery man's cloak.

So the all mighty Yondaime has come to 'stop' me from making the 'wrong' choice.

I'll just play around with him for a bit.

"Yondaime, come closer! Let me tear you to shreds!" The Kyuubi's ever present grin mocked the Yondaime every second.

"Naruto, don't touch the seal, if you do the Kyuubi will make you regret it, whatever promise he made isn't worth it!" Namikaze Minato yelled out

"Naruto, how do you know my name Yondaime-san?" Naruto hid a big laugh

"Don't play around I know you know I'm your father, I've watched most of your life locked up here. I-I'm sorry how you've been treated, but all I can do is apologize." Minato said in a low tone. Naruto's stupid expression automatically exchanaged into one of mass hatred, 95% of his killer intent was directed at the Yondaime, forcing him onto his knees.

"Yondaime, you made my life hell! Don't think I can't punish you!" Naruto bellowed, he raised his arms

"Before anything though, how did you escape the Shinigami? I know this isn't just a piece of your chakra, it's your soul. But since souls need chakra to sustain themselves you'll dissipate as soon as you lose all your chakra, going to the afterlife, and to the realm the Shinigami has no control over. Escaping him." Naruto growled menacingly

"It's part of the seal, it has the Kanji soul, so as soon as I used it, that Kanji sucked me in here before the Shinigami could get me, same for your mother." Minato explained

"You will now watch the rest of my life as I kill your comrades, and destroy the place known as Konoha," Naruto's voice turned demonic, Naruto's arm fell, and two gates trapped Minato right where he was, he couldn't move much, he got into a comfortable position and sighed.

"Naruto, please reconsider, not everyone in Konoha was guilty, the ramen chef, and his daughter, the Sandaime wasn't, the Godaime wasn't exactly either, and how about your friends? Konohamaru was innocent, Moegi and Udon were innocent. Kiba is arrogant but he doesn't have a bad heart, must I go on?" Minato tried to be calm, and reasonable

"Father, I forget that you can't feel negative emotions like I can, all of those idiots were guilty except Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi who were also somewhat corrupt, because they were bribed, you missed a lot of my life if you think the Sandaime is innocent, so even though you may have seen some of my life, you don't know me, or anything I feel, so in short you are ignorant, so don't try to talk as if you've seen it all." Naruto grumbled, not wishing to talk to the man who ruined his life. He headed for the seal

"NO! Stop Naruto! You might hate me, but you'll kill yourself if you break the seal!" Minato warned, but it was futile, Naruto didn't even look back. What he did do was put Minato into a more fixed position, the gates were raised, but all of Minato's limbs were paralyzed except his mouth and his eyes, he looked like some kind of creepy statue.

He watched as Naruto ripped the seal. The Kyuubi however, wasn't released in the real world. Minato could feel chakra pulsing through him keeping his soul from departing to the afterlife

"There is still one thing you must do, it's the seal's fault, you must lose to me in your mindscape." The Kyuubi grinned as it started charging a bijuudama, Naruto simply stood in its way, a chain grabbed the Kyuubi's leg and tripped him, canceling the bijuudama, the Kyuubi rushed and tried to crush Naruto under its palm.

"Don't worry Naruto this battle doesn't effect the real world, oh and here comes your mother." The Kyuubi's grinning image disappeared, as a beautiful redheaded woman with extremely long hair that reached up to her bottom entered. Minato pushed her into a deeper level of Naruto's mind, where she was unable to see what went on in the world.

"Naruto, can you guess who I am?" Kushina said way too sweetly to be appropriate.

"You're my mother." Naruto replied without a hint of joy, Kushina however smothered him, almost completely breaking his stoic expression. Naruto frowned at this.

"So who told you? The old goat Sarutobi?" Kushina guessed

"No, I figured it out without help, the bastard of a Namikaze was intimate with the only remaining Uzumaki at that time, forming me." Naruto's eyes flared red

"So you figured it out completely, please don't blame Minato! It wasn't his-" Naruto flung Kushina's body to the ground.


"Ungh" Kushina's conscious started to fade, but she was automatically pumped by Naruto's chakra.

"Your fate will be better than the fool's, but it will still not be enjoyable, you will watch the rest of my life as well as the fool." Naruto raised one finger up and shot electricity from his arms, Kushina found herself paralyzed completely, she was teleported to the exact same place Minato was. Naruto came to resume his fight with the Kyuubi after making Minato and Kushina go through black holes.

Kushina found herself chained to a board, every minute electricity and chakra pulsed through her body, so she would survive and also feel pain. Kushina couldn't speak or move her head, and her eyes were fixed to the only light in the dark hole, windows to Naruto's world. She couldn't move her pupils, her eyes held a look of pure terror as another jolt of electricity went through her body.

Minato was simply thrown to the wolves in Naruto's mind, the wolves constantly tore Minato apart every minute, every minute Minato reformed only to be tore apart again. Minato was also always frozen in place looking towards the only light in the world, windows to what Naruto saw.

"Let's resume, now that your annoying parents are gone." The Kyuubi grinned

"Yeah," Naruto smiled

Bijuudama (Tailed Beast Ball) Naruato was incinerated, nothing remained as he was blown out of his mindscape.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Konohaga kure, Hospital;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;

The Kage who had just woke up from her coma a day or two ago felt an enormous chakra spike, all the malice that it contained weakened her from even 200km away from Yami's shrine. She felt her weak limbs go sore, and her limbs go numb, her eyes were blinking rapidly as they went dry very quickly.


"Call Kakashi, Kurenai, Genma, and Shizune now!" Tsunade yelled to the medic tending her, who snapped out of her trance and ran for the door.

Training ground 9

People in Konoha felt it too, many civilians outside were down to their knees, the shinobi population felt it mostly like Tsunade, but the genin were therowing up everywhere, the sky seemed to have been affected too, as there seemed to be a slight tint of red in the sky.

The rookies were in training ground 9.

"No doubt Naruto's doing." Sakura spat, before she vomited again, she had felt that chakra before, but it was much weaker.

The sky, red, these adverse effects on nature, could this be the release of the Kyuubi? Shikamaru always suspected Naruto was the jinchuriki due to his whisker marks.

"I can't eat anymore!" Choji whined miserably, the floor was littered with barf sp he kapt thinking of it, that getting in the way of him eating his chips. Ino was deep in thought, although she couldn't concentrate much because of the almost suffocating nature of the chakra. Shino's bugs started to fall and die, so he decided to go inside, where they were safe. Akamaru fell sick so Kiba also had to go to his house. Hinata's eyes were hurting, and it's bad not to take care of the Byakugan so the clan forced a lockdown of their compound.

Back in the Hospital

"Tsunade-sama, reporting for duty." Shizune bowed along with the rest of the team

"S-Shizune, find the, urgh," Tsunade suddenly threw a coughing fit that made her fall off her hospital bed. It seemed this weird happening affected her voice as well. Tsunade simply pointed to the light. Shizune, Kakashi, Kurenai, and Genma nodded and started moving towards the large red shaft of light that was so clear even if it was so far away.

The 4 ran and ran, they could do 35 kilometers an hour as ninja so it wouldn't be too long until Kiba no kuni.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Yami's shrine;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;

The red energy was hazardous to everything except Naruto, the Kyuubi, and Yami's shrine the red light destroyed everything else, the trees, the people, the animals, Naruto didn't care, he was currently sitting unconscious.

"Good freedom at long last!" The Kyuubi's voice roared, he stared down at Naruto and gave a great big yawn.

"Uzumaki Kushina, the child of yours has done well, I would attack him and kill him, but we made an agreement and bijuu are bound to their word." The Kyuubi boomed once again, Kushina heard this within Naruto, but couldn't say anything due to her state.

"Now I'll go find my Yin chakra, oh right, it was sealed inside Namikaze, and I'm sure he still has it now. I'll have to wait till Naruto wakes up, what a pity!"

12 hours later

By now the red energy had dissipated so everything was back to normal, except the fact that the Kyuubi was overlooking 4 pathetic shinobi who were shivering in fear. None of them knew Shiki Fuin so sealing the Kyuubi was not an option neither was running away.

"I'm awake, let's go to where we're supposed to go." Naruto frowned at the few Konoha shinobi who still thought they were hidden.

"Before that, defeat these worthless Konoha shinobi." The fox groaned in boredom.

Kurenai winced, Kakashi flinched, Genma sighed, and Shizune shivered. They looked at Naruto, his jumpsuit was torn, all that remained were black shinobi pants and black shirt. His red eyes which were pretty much permanent glared at them for a second. Kakashi expected the Kyuubi to move, he was paying attention to Naruto that much so his head was slammed to the side of the tree knocking him out. Shizune and Genma threw senbon, but he was out of their site in no time, he appeared behind them and dug his nails into their necks knocking them out, Kurenai, being the only one left tried to use genjutsu, but couldn't see her target, she looked around and managed to sense Naruto so she successfully dodged the big fist that would've hit her head had she stalled a bit more.

"Naruto, I should've known you were the one behind this." Kurenai growled, she payed for idle chatter in the middle of the battlefield as Naruto was gone in a moment.

He came up behind her and applied seals to her arms, and legs, finishing it with the head hunter jutsu. Kurenai couldn't move for the time being even though only weak paralysis seals were applied.

The fox boy went to the fox and simply demanded that he go to there.

"You will in due time, don't get impatient, if you get the Yang chakra from Minato and give it to me, you get a bonus." The Kyuubi looked ahead, bored.

Naruto immediately went into his mindscape and ripped the chakra from Minato's sorry soul and came back with the black energy which the Kyuubi absorbed.

"So fresh, so lovely." The fox grinned as he grew ten times bigger, the fox could easily flatten half a small village with his paw, and just by jumping in Konoha could destroy a third of the village. A large tremor shook the world as the Kyuubi leaped into the air picking Naruto in his soft fluffy tail. Yami's shrine was completely unaffected.

"Well I'm bored of this, lets go meet Yami…" The Kyuubi roared at the sky, the sky instantly became as black as the void, a huge red portal ripped open, the portal was big enough for the Kyuubi to get inside, and that meant it was at least 2 kilometers up in the sky.

Naruto headed inside, he had finally entered the realm of divine beings.


If anyone's confused about the situation with Minato and Kushina, Minato's seal was so complicated that by activating it, he chucked both of their souls in Naruto's seal. This makes Minato escape the Shinigami as his soul isn't eaten until the end of the sealing. He needs chakra to keep himself, and Kushina inside, but he trapped Kushina deeper within the seal so she couldn't see what was going on in Naruto's world, but he (Minato) could.

Once they ran out of chakra they dissipate into the afterlife which the Shinigami has no control over. The Shinigami could tell Kami to hand over Minato, but that's off topic. Naruto can do anything in his mind so he tortured both of them and shut them up.

Well that's it for now, till next time.