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The Death of a King and a Queen

The toll and tocsin of the bells from the bell tower unnerved the lone knight walking through the barren hallways of the colossal and resplendent castle which had been the home of the dragons for centuries however over the last few decades the power of the dragons had diminished considerably leading to the misfortune gongs made by the bell tower.

Regel Black was a brother of the King's guard, the only member of his brotherhood stationed at the castle to protect the Queen and the young Prince while his King fought a battle to protect his realm from those who meant to shroud it in darkness.

As he made haste through the red-brick corridors of the castle to the Queen's tower he heard the bell from the high tower ring again, not once or twice but thrice. The city was under siege.

Running towards the nearest window that would give him a bird's eye view of the city he saw that all was quiet on the walls and the gates. Baffled, he returned to the task that he had set out to do and how he wished that he didn't have to do it.

Not wasting any more time he hurried towards Godric's Holdfast that housed the living quarters of the royal family. The guards straightened themselves and bowed as he walked passed them.

As he approached the double doors which led to the Queen's study his quickened pace faltered and he felt as if his feet had revolted against carrying the burden of his body. Anchored to the cold stone floor, he stood rooted to the ground comprehending on how to break the news to the Queen.

Nothing could have prepared him for this day. How was he to tell his Queen that her husband had fallen on the field of battle and that with every breath they took the enemy drew closer? How was he to tell her that it was no longer safe for her to stay in her own home and that she should make haste and leave everything behind if she was to survive? How was he to tell her that if she didn't do as he asked her to do, she would forfeit her life and that of her son's.

Before he could gather the courage to walk forward or answer any of the questions that welled up in his mind, the double doors opened.

Without a thought, Regel fell to his knee, his head bowed low.

"Rise Ser Regel." He heard the Queen say, her voice was polite but he didn't fail in noticing the absence of warmth in it.

His head bowed he rose tall, not looking in her eyes he parted his lips to speak, "Your Grace. I bear grave news from the field of battle." He paused for a moment, trying to find the courage to speak the rest of the words, "I'm sorry your grace, The King has fallen on the field of battle." He said, fighting the dryness in the mouth.

Raising his eyes to meet hers, he saw the pain in the emerald green irises trying hard to fight back the tears. "Your Grace, with every breath that we take the enemy draws closer. We must make haste to get you and the Prince to safety." Regel said, drawing close to her.

The Queen averted her gaze but the tear that fell from her eye and down her cheek didn't miss Regel's sharp sight.

"Your Grace" he said again, in a manner to ask her what had to be done.

Stifling a cry and wiping her tears with her hand, she turned to look at him with her pain filled eyes.

"We leave now Ser Regel. Gather those who are loyal to us, we'll sail to Dragonstone." The Queen said, in a soft and barely audible voice.

"Dragonstone" Regel asked, surprised at her decision. It'd have made more sense to set sail to Storm's End, Gryffin's Roost or Evenfall Hall, the royal family's strongholds with several loyal retainers and soldiers.

The Queen turned her back towards him and walked back into her chambers.

Regel followed her, "Your Grace, it'd be better if we were to journey to the Stormlands. That way you'll be in your own dominion. The Prince would become Lord Paramount of the Stormlands and would enjoy the safekeeping of the Lords of the Reach and Aryalay." Regel ranted as the Queen walked towards the nursery.

"I know Regel." The Queen said switching to first names. "Then why wouldn't you listen to me Lily?" he said, calling her by her name for the first time in two years.

The sound of laughter drew his attention from the Queen to the wooden crib that rested beneath the large window that overlooked the sea.

Without another thought, Regel stepped past Lily and walked towards the crib. There sat a year old child holding the wooden bars of the crib, trying to stand on his own two feet. It was good that the crib was sturdy and made of heavier wood; otherwise it'd have fallen over along with the Heir to the Seven Kingdoms and the lands of Westeros.

A smile came to his face as his eyes found the smiling emerald green orbs of the child.

"Why'd you risk taking him to Dragonstone knowing well enough that you can't be protected over there?" he asked Lily as he ran his hand through the untidy mop of raven black hair on the child's head at which the child smiled wider.

"He'll be safe there." Lily said, with a certainty in her voice that he knew he shouldn't question. She was a Master Sorceress and her wisdom was known across the kingdoms. Her reputation as Queen was only preceded by her reputation as a Potion's Mistress.

"Fine." He said turning his back towards the child.

"I'd ask the Master of Ships to prepare the swiftest of ships. If all goes well, we'd set sail at dawn." He said before he walked past her to prepare for their travels.

"Thank you Regel." Lily said as he walked past her, her voice reverent.

Regel stopped in his tracks but didn't turn.

Sighing, he opened his mouth to speak, "I swore an oath and I'm a Black, We Keep our Oaths."

"And Ours if the Fury." She said, in a pained voice.

Not wasting another moment he saw himself out of her chambers. He hadn't even crossed the corridor when a voice called out to him. A voice he knew very well.

"Regel" she called out his name again leaving him no choice but to turn around and see the one face he could have done without.

"Elaine Magnan." He said bowing his head to the woman dressed in armour similar to him except for the fact that while his armour was polished in gold, her armour was polished deep silver gray. Her white cloak identified her as a member of the Queen's guard.

"I believe it was your duty to stand guard outside the queen's chamber tonight. Might I ask what you were doing at the expense of the Queen's safety?" He questioned her, looking her dead in the eye, challenging her to come up with a good enough reason.

"I heard the toll of the bells from the bell tower and went to investigate and besides I was informed of your arrival." She said staring back at him, "and might I add that I didn't leave the door unguarded. I left Lady Raina in my stead." She said, glowering at him but Regel lost track of everything else and pushed past her and ran towards the Queen's chamber again.

As he neared the heavy doors, his eyes perked trying to catch the faintest of sounds. He unsheathed his sword and drew a dagger from up his sleeve. Elaine walked beside him, silent as a shadow. She had had enough time to contemplate his reaction and draw an inference.

The door was ajar, just as he had left them on his way out.

He raised his hand. Elaine held her foot and crouched behind him while he moved forward.

Strange, everything seemed fine. Maybe he had just overreacted.

Straightening himself, but not quite loosening his stance, he pushed the heavy doors open. He didn't want to worry the Queen by barging in and brandishing his sword.

He opened the door enough so that he could slide through and sneak a peek but just as he was about to do that he heard the gentle thuds of foot falls and the loud crack one often heard when sorcerers transported themselves through magick.

A cold sweat broke down his back when he heard several other cracks following the first. He counted five. Beside him Elaine had gone pale as well.

Regel didn't turn to see but he knew that her one hand tightly gripped her short sword while the other tightly held her wand.

Unlike Elaine, Regel hadn't achieved his mastery in sorcery. He had instead decided to walk the path of a battle master and warrior. One seldom needed a wand for the minor curses and spells. Anything requiring more power needed a wand to channelize the core's strength properly.

A wand was to a Sorcerer as a sword was to him but now was not the time to delve in philosophy.

He'd have to think this through. There was little chance he could save them. He was trained to fight, yes but he wasn't trained to take on several sorcerers single handed but then he wasn't alone.

He knew Elaine would give her life to protect the Queen and the Prince. He was sure of that.

They were honour bound and if they died while doing their duty, well then there couldn't have been a better death.

Tightening his grip around his sword's hilt he was about to barge in when the silence of the corridors was shattered by the blood-curdling scream of a woman.

Agony coursed through him as he realized what had happened but that wasn't all.

The sound of raw, manic laughter followed the scream.

Regel had gone numb, it was quite some time before he realised that the screams had died and now only laughter rang through the air.

She was dead. He had failed them. Anguish set in.

James. Lily. They had both died on his watch, at least Lily had and had he been more adamant that James take him along then he'd have given his own life to protect him.

Standing in his armour, with his sword drawn, Regel was nothing less than a statue. He was brought back to his senses when Elaine pushed past him, screaming and shouting curses. Realizing what had happened, he burst through the doors growling and screaming bloody murder.

Elaine had already cut through one of the Sorcerers, caped and cowled in black. It seemed she had caught him unawares but in doing so she had drawn their attention towards her.

At once they turned their back from the body of the dead woman to face the new threat. Regel took one of them out with one of the multiple daggers that he had thrown towards them, a lucky hit.

Elaine took on two of the sorcerers to duel with leaving Regel to fight with the last surviving one. This one like the others was cowled with a black hood, her face and Regel was sure that she was a woman, was familiar. He could recognize the smirk anywhere.

Anger surged through him, "Bellatrix" and he rushed towards her with his sword in hand, parrying away the curses she threw at him with his sword. It was a family heirloom, warded against most spells so it'd not be easily broken.

He had come an inch from slashing through her neck when he was thrown back by an invisible force.

As he hit ground, he heard Elaine scream to her death. He turned his head to see her fall to the ground, the light leaving her eyes. Her wand and sword clattered on the stone floor as they fell from her hand.

Regel sighed. So this was how he was destined to die or was he?

As he contemplated his question another cracking sound broke through the air to reveal another Sorcerer. This one wasn't cowled instead he wore armour with a snake sigil on his breastplate. The warrior walked towards the Sorcerer who now stood behind Bellatrix and kneeled before him. "My Lord", He said with reverence in his voice, "My Lord, we must make haste. Remus Lupin and Frank Longbottom have defeated our forces in the Riverlands and the Reach. Sirius Black is marching towards King's Landing as we speak with a host of fifty-thousand men."

Regel felt the temperature drop. At first he thought it was just another feeling. He had after all hit his head even if his helmet saved him from any serious injury but as the moments passed, a chill began to creep through the air.

"What of our fleet sailing towards the city?" The sorcerer asked in a low, cold voice.

The warrior trembled for a second before he answered, "Intercepted, My Lord. Word has it that they crossed a few Dornish ships on the way and looted them. A week from the then, they ran into the Dornish Fleet at the Stepstones." He fell silent for a while, "Only a few ships…" but before the man could say another word he was silenced by a blinding green flash of light and he too fell on the floor with a soft thump.

"You must kill the boy." He heard Bellatrix say, "Kill. Him. Now" she said in a venomous voice to the man beside her.

A high cold laughter rang through the midnight air that now reeked of death.

"He's just a boy Bellatrix." The man said scoffing at Regel's cousin.

"He's the Prince." Bellatrix shrieked, and continued shrieking "He's not one of your bast…" but before she could complete the sentence she too was thrown through the air, screaming in pain that could only be caused by the torture curse.

He heard the other two sorcerers gasp and then heard them yowl as they too were thrown at the walls.

The man said nothing. Everything was silent again except for the soft sound of sniffling.

The Prince, Regel thought.

No. I owe my allegiance to The Prince now. I have to live for the sake of my oath. I cannot die before The Prince relieves me.

It was that one thought that seemed to give him strength. It awakened his magick and as his magick awakened, his core strengthened him. He felt his strength returning to him. He turned over and tried to push himself up. Slowly, he got to his knees. He then used his sword to help him stand on his feet.

His vision was blurry and he saw the man walk towards the crib. Walking over Lily's body, he raised his wand at the child and held it between his eyes which were the same emerald green as his mother. The boy smiled and before Regel could take another step, a blinding flash of green light lit the room and along with it a scream.

He closed his eyes to protect them from being blinded again but he couldn't block the scream.

It was only when the silence returned and the ringing in his ears lessened did he open his eyes and tears ran down them.

The child sat in his crib, unscathed and smiling.

Questions flooded his mind and for a moment he was in shock. The Sorcerer was nowhere to be seen and The Prince was unharmed. Now was the time.

Mustering all the strength he had, he walked to the crib and picked up the child.

The Prince smiled wildly and put his hand on the knight's face, recognizing him from before.

Regel smiled back, "My sword is yours now and so is my life."

The Child giggled and without another word Regel made haste. He would keep the child safe. He would take him to Dragonstone. He would keep his oath.

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