Fire and Blood

Wind swept through the young mage's hair as he took to the air on the back of his dragon.

The defiant roar of his mount bellowed across the sky as other of its kind fell in formation behind them.

Hadrian Potter, Captain of the Vanguard led a squad of sixteen dragon mages to annihilate the threat from the Ghiscari fleet.

Cutting across the sky, he could feel his dragon's power coursing through him. Its bloodlust for war and instinct to defend his rider paramount in his mind.

Hadrian's mind meld with his dragon was strong, strong enough for them to draw strength from each other. That was one reason that made Hadrian one of the strongest dragon riders Valyria had seen in a very long time.

Melding his mind with Forrest, Hadrian drew on its senses for guidance. A dragon's sense of smell was incomparable. They had the ability to pick up trails of prey from miles away and as far as they knew the Ghiscari weren't far from the coast of Dragon's Keep, the frontier stronghold of Valyria to the east.

Forrest's sense of smell made it easy for him to pick up on the stench of rot, sweat and blood that tainted the westward blowing wind.

Banking to the left, his vanguard followed his manoeuvre trusting their leader without question.

Taking a deep breath, Hadrian retreated back into his mind. Severing all ties with his physical being he began to focus at the raw energy at the centre of his core. For a moment he hesitated, but the hesitation passed away at a moment's notice as a flurry of voices invaded his thoughts.

Unsynchronized and incoherent, Hadrian took some time to convert the random thoughts into a coherent stream and as the synchronicity of the voices increased, the dragon riders formed a mind meld much like the one they created with their dragons.

"The stench of rot fills my nostrils" Aleria complained from his left flank.

"What wouldn't I give to turn their ships into a floating pyre of death?" Marishka added, "Smoke over water. There's something poetic to it. Don't you think?" As the others in his vanguard laughed there were those who were grim about the impending battle.

"I want you all to remember that this is going to be an ambush. We are to set their sails and ships to flame." Hadrian said "I don't want any of you to linger. Burn and Fly away. Take out any stragglers but only if you must."

With those words, Hadrian retreated his being from the mind meld.

As they continued to fly in the direction of the Ghiscari fleet, Hadrian noticed that dusk was already upon them. The stars began to appear from behind the veil of light, revelling in their twinkling beauty as the sun drowned into the abyss of the ocean.

As of now it was all going as planned, Master Gawain had guided them to attack them at night as it'd make it difficult for the Ghiscari scouts to look out for them.

It'd all be over before they could get their wits about themselves and counter the attack. It'd be too late and if sufficient damage is done then they'd have to abandon or turn back more than half their fleet.

As night fell on the horizon, Hadrian and his vanguard came in sight of the Ghiscari fleet.

Eerily glowing sails of gold and bronze, bedazzled with the Harpy gave them away.

Drawing a deep breath, Hadrian lowered his helm and bent forwards. Melding his mind with his dragon, Hadrian let the blood lust of the dragon take over his mind completely.

Snooping down on the watchtower of the closest war ship. Hadrian bit off the head of the scout, the metallic taste of blood flooding his mind.

Rage coursing through his veins he set the sails of the ships that he flew over on fire and broke the masts with a strong whip from his tail.

Arrows pricked him but did no damage. His fire however burned alive hundreds to an early watery grave. He rained a death of fire on all those who came his way.

Around him he could sense the blood lust of the other dragon mages, all of them bound to their dragons and drawing on the strength and power of their mounts.

Soon the stench of rot was replaced with that of burning flesh and it was then that the dragon mages retreated from the fleet of ships that they had set on fire; ships which had been transformed into funeral pyres for thousands of slave soldiers and their slaver masters.

As the dragon riders flew towards Dragon's Keep, Hadrian turned to look at the spot where they had set the ocean on fire.

He had been raised to follow the way of the dragon but the dragon was a beast and he had been absolutely cruel.

Averting his gaze and thoughts from the massacre he had helped create, Hadrian began to fly home. Dragon's Bastion awaited him and so did Valyria.

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