Chapter 1: A Proposal Like None Other

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A grunt of annoyance sprouted from the throat of a young child, who had sapphire blue eyes, long flowing black hair, and simple scarlet red pajamas that were comically too big for her. She stood upon a somewhat wobbly chair, her hand struggling to reach for a book that obviously seemed too high for her.


When her hand had brushed over the spine of the book, she was just a bit too short to be within its reach, causing the poor girl to hang off the edge of the shelf.

"Clara, what are you doing?"

The little girl then cringed a little, before a hand started slipping. When she had reached the limit to how long she could hold on, a pair of arms scooped her up from underneath her arms. She glanced back sheepishly with guilt to see who had caught her.

"Heh...h-hi Sebastian."

The young boy then slowly let her onto the floor, where he got what book she was trying to get from the shelf.

"You're a crazy little Mankey, you know that? Don't do things like that again, you're only four."

"And-a-haaalf! I'll be five before you know it."

The young Sebastian then grinned inwardly, his auburn spiked hair with matching auburn eyes to boot, forming his intended expression. When he was finished making unintentional bragging rights, he gave his younger sibling the book that she was looking for. Not even a moment after, the two being that were responsible for the creation of the two misfits, if they were anything but, entered the room with some concern.

"What happened?" The brunette woman asked her child. "Is Clara alright?"

Sebastian just rubbed the underside of his nose before casually explaining the situation, making the two simmer down as a result.

"Oh good, I'm glad that you're fine Clara, but please do not do anything that dangerous again? Your dad and I don't want that happening to you."

The "daddy" in question, then raised an eyebrow, taking the book's cover a good scan.

"May, correct me if I am wrong, but that's our 'week before wedding' album, right?"

May then looked at the same cover again, interest filling her eyes.

"Ash, it is! Oh my, the memories..."

Clara was at this point hugging the album to her chest with some sort of protective nature over it. Ash then picked her up in a little cradle position, before sitting in a couch, along with the other two family members gathering around him as Clara opened the book to the first photo, Ash in an attire that seemed more like a uniform, was red, while May was posing with him, and had her hand near the camera to show off a small gold ring.

"This was before you were born Sebastian..."

Nine years ago, Ketchum Residence:

A yawn casually erupted from the young adult's mouth. Stretching his arms, the man removed himself from the comfort of his bed to check his email's inbox for an important document that he was anticipating for many weeks. A little yellow mouse companion then decided to join him on his desk. He simply rubbed the little mouse's head.

"Hey Pikachu did you sleep as well as I did?"

Pikachu nodded his head multiple times before Ash sighed, closing the window for his emails.

"Still nothing from them..."

He then quietly descended down the stairs, where his attention was immediately caught by the Mr. Mime with a letter out in front of Ash. The emblem that held the back end of the envelope spelled it all out for him.

"It's...the Pokémon Ranger Society Emblem!"

Ash quickly, yet precisely, opened its contents, glancing over all the details and reading them out to himself.

"Greetings... The Head of the Pokémon Ranger Inductee board...Hereby notified... been selected... training therein... report local board...I've been drafted! I did it! Mom!"

The man then quickly ran into the kitchen where his mother was drinking a cup of tea, whom almost spilled it at the sheer loudness of his voice, reacted by placing the cup delicately onto the tablecloth before seeing her son enter the room with so much energy.

"Ash? What is the matter?"

"It's not bad news mom! It's good news! I am an official Pokémon Ranger!"

Delia then clapped her hands in joy before giving him a large hug.

"Ash! I am so proud of you!"

Pulling out his cell phone, Ash then immediately speed dialled the number one, where a brunette woman was seen on screen before he placed the phone to his ear.

Petalburg City:

"Delcatty! Use Blizzard!"


The medium-sized feline then gave out its signature cry, blowing a howling icy wind over the area, producing many different snowflakes as a result.

"Good job! Now, use your Thunder Wave on it!"

A blue electricity then emitted from her tail, shocking the snowflakes from the Blizzard in an array that looked like a bell. When it stopped, the snowflakes fell from their original place, like time had just reverted for them. At that moment, the coordinator's ear picked up on a familiar note.

"Okay Delcatty, take a break."


The brunette slipped the phone out of her pocket, pressing a button to answer.


The voice on the other side then seemed to explode in her ear a little.

"May! I did it!"

May clearly recoiled a bit, before quickly regaining her composure to respond.

"Wait, you're now-"

"I am a Pokémon Ranger! I have to go fill out a few things at the Ranger Union in Monsu Island, and that's right in the heart of Hoenn!"

"Ash, wasn't that the Island of the bases of Team Aqua and Magma?"

"Yeah, but they shut those bases down and dedicated it to building a new headquarters for the Hoenn Region Pokémon Rangers, which is where I signed up to be."

May sighed, a bit distraught over the sudden changes of pace.

"But that's so far..."

"May...I, also have something to ask of you when we're done on Monsu Island, which shall be a surprise..."

May hung her mouth a bit slack jawed at the thought of what the surprise could possibly, and then fully decided to make up her mind.

"Alright, I'll come with you. Shall we have breakfast at Lilycove or on a ship there?"

"You'll see."

The phone then hung up, May looking eagerly at the sky.

"This is it...I just know it. It's finally time..."

Ash then continued on from where May had left off. "On that day, I was preparing myself for the biggest moment of my life with your mom. After we had left our old homes, we both were on a ship to register my trainer class as a Pokémon Ranger..."

Monsu Island:

As the two trainers walked off the deck of the boat, the first thing they took in was the depth defying facility that had been built after the incident with Teams Magma and Aqua. Three large buildings with the respective color of a Pokémon Ranger's uniform, along with a largely scaled version of the Pokémon Ranger emblem emblazed on the roof. Not a moment too soon, they were greeted by a man in a red uniform with black variations of sturdy clothing, a piece of rope at his belt.

"Hello, you must be Ash Ketchum. The board here on Monsu Island are very impressed with your trainer record, and therefore is giving you a special uniform, similar to the ones found in regions further away from us. Now, if you could just follow me..."

The couple then were escorted by the single man into the largest building that had laid in the center of the island. Entering it, they continued following the single man until a familiar face who had blonde hair, and despite his late twenties age, his physique was still as spry as the time they first met him was on a screen in front of them.

"Jack? What are you doing here?"

"I'm one of the heads here on Monsu Island. Keeping close to mountains is one, but making sure that an entire region is safe from all of this is a larger and more serious responsibility. Now, onto business with you Ash. Your status as a Pokémon Trainer has been one of the highest applications for a position. On that note, I am going to assign you as a special ranked ranger for this region, I shall send you your mission's location later in the afternoon."

The same man that escorted them then gave Ash his new Pokémon Ranger uniform, which had prompted Jack on screen to flip off. The couple then walked outside, where they quickly stopped at a pseudo-classy resort like cafe that was built for rangers on break. Ash and May proceeded to eat their splendorous lunch. By the time they were finished, Ash moved out of his chair, kneeling in front of May.

"May, since I now have accomplished what I wanted, I think there is only one question left to cross off of my list of achievements. And there isn't a better person for me. May Maple...will you marry me?"

It only took moments for her to register the thought. A teary smile then was established across her face, the salty drops beginning to fall like rain off of her cheeks, an embrace soon was made to him, eternal bliss all over the young couple.

"Yes...YES! I will! I will Ash Ketchum!"

Unknown to them, their interaction had formed a small crowd, which earned repeated applause towards the table they sat at. But to them, it didn't matter, for their temporary happiness, seemed eternal.

"That was how your dad proposed to me. It was perfect, and it was unexpected. The best proposal that I could ever have wanted."

The little girl then swung her arms around cutely, before pointing at two other pictures.

"What is this Daddy?"

The man then chuckled, him brushing a finger over the picture.

"That...was when your brother got his first Pokémon."

Next Time:

Professor Oak makes a dramatic announcement!

"May's Blaziken just had an egg!"

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties go all around with their friends!

"C'mon girl, swing those hips!"

And an even more shocking revelation will come forth from the Ketchum's past harships!



Tune in next time, on Chapter 2: Bachelor, Bachelorette Blowout!