Kendall, James, Carlos, & Logan want to go horseback riding with their sisters Katie, Amber, Patricia, Nina, & Victoria. (Nina & Victoria are the younger twin sisters of Logan, Amber is James' sister, & Patricia is Carlos' little sister) (James, Carlos, Logan, & Kendall are 16. Katie, Amber, Patricia, Nina, & Victoria are all 10)

Kendall- Mom, can the guys & I go horseback riding with our sisters?

Piper- As long as you're all safe & have your helmets, boots, & cell phones with you.

Kendall- Thanks mom.

Kendall sends the guys the OK. They send a text back to him saying that they're all set. They drive to the stable (Kendall has his license)

At the stable

Joy- Hey guys. You all know the deal, right?

Kendall- Yes we do. Our sisters do too.

Joy- OK. Go ahead & get your horses tacked up.

Carlos- Thanks Joy. Hey Sasha.

Sasha- Oh. Hey guys.

Joy- You're welcome anytime guys.

On the trails

Logan- How're you doing Victoria?

Victoria- I'm fine. You?

Logan- Fine. Nina?


Logan- Nina? He says, turning around Oh my god! Nina!

Kendall- What happened?

Logan- Nina! He says, dismounting

Kendall turns around

Kendall- James, Carlos, girls! Halt your horses!

Patricia- What happened?

Logan- (insert name here) must have spooked & reared, causing her to fall off!

Victoria- Nina! She says, kneeling next to Nina

Amber- Logan! Don't just sit there! Go call an ambulance!

Logan- Right! Kendall, do you mind…?

Kendall- Go! I'll watch over them.

Logan & James remount & ride back to the stable

Half an hour later

Logan- The paramedics are here, but we have to bring her back ourselves since this trail can't be reached by car or walking.

Victoria- I'll take her on my horse

Kendall- I'll stay with her.

James- I'll bring (insert name here) back to the stable.

Carlos & Logan- We'll take the others back.

Kendall- Victoria & I will go last since we have to balance Nina on Victoria's horse.

James- I'll go in front of you just in case anything goes wrong in front of me or behind me.

Logan & Carlos- Well go first with the other girls to make sure they're safe because of the fact that we'll be the fastest coming out.

Victoria- Let's go!

Back at the stable

Jessica- Joy, what happened?

Joy- (insert name here) spooked & reared, causing Nina to fall. Here comes Logan now.

Jessica- Logan! Where are your sisters?

Logan- They're- with- Kendall. He says, out of breath They're coming out last since they have to balance Nina while riding.

James comes out with (insert name here)

Logan- James! Thanks bud.

James- Of course. The problem is, Victoria fell off her horse when she was trying to keep Nina balanced. Kendall is bringing both of them out. He's leading Charm while Victoria is turned around, facing Nina, while keeping her left ankle off of the horse.

Logan- Oh no. Mom, I have to-

Jessica- Just go Logan. I trust you.

Logan- thanks mom.

Logan mounts & rides to get to Kendall & his sisters

In the forest with Kendall

Logan- Kendall, how are you guys holding up?

Kendall- We're alright, but your sisters-

Logan- I know, are injured & in a coma.

Kendall- Well, Nina's-

Logan- in a coma & Victoria's injured. I know. James told me when he came out.

Kendall- OK. Let's just get them out of here.

Logan- Good idea.

Back at the stable

Jessica- How are the girls Logan & Kendall?

Kendall- They're alright Mrs. Mitchell. They just need medical attention right now. Logan & I will bring their horses back into the stable, along with the rest if they haven't already.

Joy- It's just the three horses that haven't been put back in the stable yet.

Paramedic- We have to get these girls to the hospital ASAP Mrs. Mitchell.

Jessica- Of course. Come on Logie.

Logan- Yes mom. See you guys later.

In the hospital

Doctor- Victoria will be fine, but Nina will have to stay here until she wakes up.

Jessica- Of course.

Back at the Mitchell residence

Kendall- Logan?

Logan- Yea?

Kendall- How are your sisters?

Logan- Victoria's in her room, sleeping. Nina's still in the hospital. She will be until she wakes up.

Jessica sobs harder

James- She'll be alright Mrs. Mitchell. She's a tough girl.

Jessica- I know. It's just hard knowing that one of my baby girls is in the hospital in a coma. She says, crying

Logan- Come on mom. Let's take you to your room.

Logan takes Jessica to her room

a few minutes later

Logan- She's in her room now, crying about Nina.

Kendall- At least Nina isn't dead. I heard of this one kid, a professional at horseback riding, who got killed in a horseback riding accident.

Patricia- It's still horrible what happened to Nina.

Victoria- Patricia is right. This is horrible. I just wish that she'd wake up soon.

phone rings

Victoria- Hello?

Doctor- Yes, hello. Is this Jessica Mitchell?

Victoria- No, this is Victoria Mitchell. May I take a message?

Doctor- OK. Nina Mitchell is awake.

Victoria- Thank you so much.

Doctor- You're welcome. She may have visitors now.

Victoria- OK, thank you.

Doctor- You're welcome. Bye.

Victoria- Bye.

Victoria hangs up

Logan- What'd the doctor say little sis?

Victoria- Nina's awake & can have visitors.

Logan- Thank god. We have to take mom later.

Victoria- Of course.

Kendall- I'll drive you all it you'd like.