Time to go home, Molly thought as she made her way to the locker room. Finally, if she may add - paperwork was not exactly kind to her, what with there being one large stack that she had to go through before she could call it a day.

Pulling open her locker door and hearing its loud creak echo in the quiet large room, she was about to remove her white lab coat when a voice she had not heard for a long time spoke up, breaking the silence.


She frowned and happened to glance at the mirror on the inside of the locker door; there, she saw the reflection of a very familiar man.

She spun around, facing Sherlock Holmes. She stared at him as he gazed back at her, with her trying to wrap her head around the fact that Sherlock was here and him deducing the changes that happened on his pathologist while he was away.

"S-so, everything's done…?" Molly was not sure why she was whispering, but it somehow seemed wrong to speak out loud. Sherlock, though, continued to give her an unwavering look.

The petite woman was feeling a little uncomfortable as the seconds passed, but before she opened her mouth to say anything at all to break the silence, the detective nodded his head. "Everything's done," he said in a soft voice, and uncharacteristically looked down to the floor.

Molly gave a small smile, one Sherlock did not see, and gently bit her bottom lip. He looked back up to meet her eyes and she saw that, although there was the relief that he was finally here - back home - he was looking tired, fatigued. Making the rash decision with her last thought being 'Oh, what the heck', she immediately made her way over to him and gave him a quick bear hug. With her arms still around him, she then tilted her head up to face him. "Welcome back, Sherlock."

When there was no reply from him, not even a hum to tell her that he had heard her, she gave an awkward (and disappointed) smile and let her arms fall back to her sides as she took a step back; that elicited a response from Sherlock and he instantly wrapped his arms around her tiny frame.

Molly stood stock still as she felt the warmth of the man hugging her seep through her lab coat. She smiled once more and hugged him back, resting her head on his chest. She felt his breath next to her left ear and as he tightened his arms around her, he sighed and said in a very soft voice, and she thought she heard a little amount of gratitude from the man people once claimed to be a 'machine', "I'm glad to be back."

Inspired by the locker scene in the teaser trailer? Yes, I was. No smut though, sorry :/ Not exactly my division…

Well then, with series 3 pretty much coming soon, all we Sherlockians can say is - welcome back, Sherlock Holmes, and by God, how we missed you. :DDD