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Today just wasn't Jade's day at all. The guy she hated was in her favourite class ever, she had gotten food dumped all over her (having to call her busy father to bring her new clothes making him very angry), she was now assigned to work on the Homecoming float with her three former best friends and now her best friend just cancelled their plans for today after school. Jade wanted to vent about her terrible day to Andre, but he said he was busy. When Jade asked him what, he said he had to go and then hung up. So, Jade would have to get to the bottom of that later.

She was walking home from school, alone that day. She heard footsteps behind her and laughter, that's when she glanced over her shoulder to see Beck and his group of friends. The only thing that made it slightly better was that Tori wasn't with them. She just walked faster, hoping to go unnoticed. This wasn't the first time that they have walked the same way Jade has. They usually ignored her and Andre when they would walk home, but it annoyed Jade ever so much, especially since Beck decided to be chatty with her all of the sudden.

Her wish wasn't granted as she heard the laughter die and the footsteps quicken. It wasn't long until Beck Oliver popped up beside her with a cheeky grin on his face. Jade tried to walk faster (because running would make her look stupid), but Beck just caught up with her. "Trying to avoid me, I see." He smiled at her. Jade rolled her eyes and didn't make the effort to reply to him.

Beck just didn't seem to give up, though. "I heard about your punishment today from Tori," he said. "It isn't so bad working on the Homecoming dance, you know. It actually seems kind of fun if you ask me." Jade pursed her lips together.

"I didn't ask you." She stated her arms over her chest. Beck put his hands up in mock surrender, than chuckled at her. Jade, still unimpressed, added, "And if it's so fun, why don't you do it?"

That gave him an idea and Jade could see it written all over his face. She stopped and turned to face him, making him stop walking as well. She narrowed her eyes and made her voice dangerously low. "If you even think about it, I will rip off your ears and sew them back on backwards." She threatened. Beck's eyes widened for a second, before giving her a satisfied smirk. "Well then, West, I guess I'll just have to join now." He winked at her. "That seems exciting." Jade couldn't believe he wasn't scared of her.

She thought of what to do next to intimidate him, then smirked right back at him. "You think I'm kidding, don't you?" She asked him. "Well then, let's see how handsome you look with your ears on backwards."

That just made his smirk more annoying. He stepped closer to her challengingly, looking her dead in the eyes. "So, you think I'm handsome?" He challenged her. Jade grew even more irritated and annoyed. She stepped back from him, allowing Beck to think he won and look satisfied. He crossed his arms over his chest and smiled proudly.

"I'm already going to be miserable planning this Homecoming abomination. I do not need you making things worse for me, Oliver. Your sister, Trina and Cat are doing enough of that." She told him, jabbing a finger in his chest. Beck nodded slowly, gently placing Jade's hand off of his chest.

"Okay, I won't help out with the Homecoming dance." He told her with a shrug. Jade smirked triumphantly and turned on her heel, beginning to strut away from him. "But only if you come with me to Trina Vega's party tonight."

Jade spun to face him, her face cold and hard while Beck looked cheeky and proud. Jade gave him a death stare, not answering his question. It was silent between them for a moment, before Jade replied to him. "I have three reasons why that can't and won't happen. First of all, I'm not invited to that party. Second of all, I don't like Trina. And third of all, I don't like you."

Beck was quick to answer her. "The theme of her party is masquerade and I could bring a plus one. You could be my date and they wouldn't even know it was you. Even if you don't like Trina, you'll love her parties. They're amazing and always so fun. And, would you rather see me for two weeks straight planning the Homecoming dance with you?"

Jade bit her lip. Beck was blackmailing her and that was her job! He stuck out his hand to shake on it. Jade looked at the hand hesitantly, before heaving a sigh and shaking his hand. "Fine, you got yourself a deal, Oliver." She said. Beck smiled at her.

"Great. What's your address?" He asked her, taking out his Pear Phone to send himself a reminder. Jade rolled her eyes.

"Figure it out. That wasn't in our deal." She smirked. Beck just shrugged, though, stuffing his phone back in his back pocket.

"I'll just get Andre to text it to me." He winked at her, before walking past her. "I'll pick you up at seven!" He turned a corner and like Beck was out of her sight. Jade scowled and clenched her fists. She couldn't believe he just practically blackmailed her into going to a party with him, like on a date. She didn't know what he was up to, but she surely didn't like it.

Meanwhile Cat sat down on the bench outside of school. She doodled in her pink notebook while Robbie came up to her, alone (without Rex). Cat looked up after hearing him sit down and smiled. "Hi, Robbie," she waved. She took Rex's absence into consideration. "Where's Rex?"

"He's in my backpack." He patted his backpack which hung over his shoulders. Cat giggled, before turning back to doodling in her notebook. He scratched the back of his neck nervously and hesitated a little before speaking. "So, Cat, you know, we've known each other for a while now and I wanted to know if "

Just then Ryder Daniels walked up. He leaned against the bench and winked at Cat, making Robbie feel uncomfortable. Cat looked up and noticed Ryder and blushed, making Robbie shrink down on the bench. "Hey, it's Cat, right?" Ryder asked, flipping his hair. Ryder was one of the most popular and attractive boys in school. He dated everyone even Trina and Tori, but those relationships never lasted long. He was what you called a player and yet every girl fell for him hoping that maybe she could make him stay in a committed relationship. Yet, that never seemed to be the case.

Cat nodded. "Yes, I'm Cat!" she nodded. "Not the animal, though." She reassured him with a serious look on her face. Ryder laughed as if she was joking, which she wasn't, but made her smile anyways. Robbie furrowed his eyebrows and frowned.

"Well, I was going to Trina Vega's party tonight and I still need a plus one. Want to be my date?" Ryder asked her. Cat's smile faded and she shook her head. "I'm not invited to that party." She told Ryder. He simply shrugged and gave her a cheeky grin. "I can get you in."

Cat's spirits lifted. "You can?" She grinned. She wasn't excited about Trina's party she was excited about going to Trina Vega's party with Ryder Daniels. Ryder nodded as a SUV pulled up on the curb. The window rolled down and a bunch of guys motioned him to join them. Ryder looked at Cat and winked. "I'll text you the deets." Ryder said as he made his way into the SUV. Once the SUV was out of ear shot, Cat squealed with excitement.

"Oh my God, Ryder Daniels is going to text me the deets!" She clapped her hands together excitedly. Robbie sighed and frowned.

"You don't even like Trina, though. And you're going to her party with Ryder?" He raised an eyebrow.

Cat nodded, not taking it as a warning. "Yup! I have to go call Olivia and Lily! I have no idea what to wear! I also need a mask because it's a masquerade party! I have so much to do!" With that she bounced up from the bench and stuffed her pink notebook in her backpack. She started to run home, calling over her shoulder, "I'll talk to you later, Robbie!"

Then she vanished from sight. Robbie slumped against the bench. Why couldn't he just ask out Cat, she'd say yes and they'd live happily ever after? Now Cat was going out with Ryder and he knew that wasn't going to end good at all. Suddenly Sinjin skipped up to him and plopped down beside him. "Guess what?" he said enthusiastically.

Robbie sighed. "Sinjin, I'm not really in the mood to-" Sinjin cut off Robbie, though, still overly excited.

"You and I are going to Trina Vega's party tonight!" He grinned. Robbie sat up straight from his slumped position. "What? How?"

"Trina said I can DJ, since the DJ cancelled last minute!" Then his voice lowed slightly. "Also she was desperate and no one else could do it. She said I could bring a date, too." He nudged Robbie. Robbie scrunched his nose up in disgust. "That's gross, Sinjin." Robbie frowned.

Sinjin shook his head. "Sorry, I mean a friend." He corrected himself. "So, are you in?"

Robbie wanted to say no, he really did. He was about to, but then he remembered that Cat was attending that party tonight. He nodded a fake smile playing on his lips. "Okay, I'll go to the party."

Andre and Tori were behind the school under the bleachers in the football field. They were going to go on a date, but Tori didn't know where without people recognizing her. Her brother was at her house and Andre's grandma was too freaky to go to Andre's house, so they stayed in the field behind the bleachers where no one could see them. They were busy kissing until Andre pulled away from her. Tori looked very confused for a moment before Andre went on to explain. "I got a text message." Andre explained to her, pulling out his phone from his pocket.

Tori pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. "Can't you ignore it?" She asked him. Andre looked apologetically at her, pecking her lips and making Tori smile again. He read the message and chuckled slightly. Tori tried to peer over at his phone curiously. "What's so funny?"

Andre kept the phone closer to him. "Nothing, Tor, it's just your brother." He said. As Andre was typing a reply to Beck, Tori snatched the phone from Andre and began reading the text message Beck had sent her secret boyfriend. "Hey, baby!" Andre tried to grab the phone back, but Tori pushed him away. Tori gasped as she read the text message.

To: Andre Harris
From: Beck Oliver

I got Jade to go on that date to Vega's party tonight :D Thanks for cancelling your plans with her so I could talk to her alone. I promise you a hot girlfriend in the future bro :P She won't tell me her address tho. So what is it?

Tori squeezed the Pear shaped phone so hard, Andre thought it might break. "He and Jade are going on a date to Trina Vega's party? When did he start liking Jade? And who does he think he's going to set you up with?"

Andre took the phone away from Tori. "Calm down, Tor." He told her. Tori took a deep breath. "I think your overreacting. So what he likes Jade? That's between her and him-"

Tori crossed her arms over her chest quirking her eyebrow. "He's just going to get hurt. There is no way Jade likes him back." She explained, cutting off Andre. Andre nodded.

"She doesn't, but if she does, that still isn't your problem. And, I won't let him set me up with anyone else, because I already have a hot girlfriend." He smiled before kissing Tori again. Tori returned the kiss, but then pulled away from him. "We have to get into that party."

Andre raised an eyebrow. "What party?" Andre asked confused.

"Trina's party!" Tori swatted his arm. Andre pouted and rubbed his arm. "That hurt."

Tori ignored him and continued talking. "It's a masquerade party, so we'll all be wearing masks. She won't even know we're there. I can watch Beck and Jade and make sure nothing happens between them. Beck should be easy to spot because of his hair and Jade should be beside him so this should be easy."

Andre shook his head. "Tori, I don't think that's a good idea. I mean, if they get together, why is that a problem? Wouldn't we have more time together anyways?"

Tori made her way out of the bleachers and put her hands on her hips. "Well, yes, but Beck cannot date Jade. She is in a lower social class then we are and that puts my chances of being Homecoming Queen in danger because we're related."

Andre followed her out of the bleachers. "But, we're dating." Tori looked around to see if anyone was looking at them before she answered him. "Yes, but we're dating in secret." She pointed out. Andre sighed and Tori knew she needed to persuade him.

"Come on, Andre." She stepped closer to him. "This could be our first real date." She guided his hands to her waist. "And we can dance together. Don't you want to dance with me?" Her voice and facial expression was innocent, but Andre did not take it as innocence. He gulped and nodded his hand. "We should go get ready for her party."

Beck arrived at Jade's house at seven o'clock. He knocked on the door, with his mask in one hand and shoved his hands in his pockets waiting for her. The door opened and Beck didn't see anyone until he looked down. There stood an about eight year old boy his arms crossed across his chest. Beck raised an eyebrow, but smiled. "Hey, buddy. I'm Beck." He said, crouching down to his level.

The little boy checked him out up and down. He furrowed his eyebrows. "Don't call me buddy. My name is Dante." He said crossing his arms over his chest as Beck straightened himself up and looked down at the little boy. "You're Jade's date?" Before Beck had a chance to answer a ginger haired women, probably in her mid forties came up. She rested her hands on Dante's shoulders and smiled apologetically at Beck. "I'm sorry for Dante." She laughed nervously. "He's just a little protective of his older sister."

Beck nodded understandingly. "I can understand that." He chuckled. "I'm Beck." He stretched his hand out for her to shake. She took his hand and shook it with a genuine smile on her face. "I'm Julia, Jade's mother."

"Step mother." A familiar voice corrected. Beck looked past Julia to the staircase where Jade was walking down the staircase. She was in a black dress that went just above her knees. To add her 'Jade-self' to it, she wore her red combat boots and a black leather jacket that stopped at her waist and was fitting. Beck thought she looked gorgeous as he smiled at her. "Wow, you look gorgeous." He complimented her.

Jade rolled her eyes and grabbed her black purse from the stairs, slinging it over her shoulder. "Whatever." She sighed as she stood beside her brother. She noticed the silver mask in Beck's hand and smirked. "Guess I forgot a mask. Sorry, I can't go."

Beck smirked back at her. He pulled out a red sparkled mask from his back pocket. "Oh on the contrary," He handed the red mask to her. "Look it matches your shoes." Jade scowled and snatched the mask from him, shoving it in her purse. "Let's just go," Jade muttered, making her way past Beck.

"No, wait!" Julia stopped them. Jade turned around and groaned, now standing beside Beck. "Let me get my camera!" She rushed off and Jade sighed, putting her face in her hands embarrassed. Beck chuckled. "I like her." He told Jade. Jade glared at him.

Dante decided to butt in again. "Jade doesn't like you." He stated. He stuck his tongue out at Beck and Beck playfully stuck his tongue out back at him. Dante looked at him angrily before looking to Jade with innocent eyes. "Jade, can you stay home?" he pleaded.

Jade glared at Beck before looking back to Dante. "How I wish I could." She sighed as Julia returned back with her camera. She grinned and held up the camera so it was focusing on Beck and Jade. "Smile you two!" She grinned. Jade made no effort whatsoever, but Beck pulled her closer and posed for the picture with his charming smile. Jade scowled at how close she was to him, but faked a smile for the camera. "Jack, come down here! Look how stunning your daughter looks with this boy!" Julia gushed.

Jade felt as if she would explode from embarrassment. She didn't want to impress Beck, but she didn't want to be embarrassed in front of him either. "What boy? He's here?" Jack shouted from upstairs. Soon you heard footsteps coming down the stairs and Jack appearing behind Julia. He was like the older male version of Jade and Beck could tell right away that this was indeed Jade's father.

He nervously stuck his hand out for him to shake and lucky for him Jack did. Yet, he squeezed his hand a little too hard. "I want her home by eleven." Jack pointed a finger at him. Beck nodded, accepting to Jack's rules. Dante mimicked his actions. "Yeah, have her home by eleven!" Dante copied his father's actions.

Jade groaned and grabbed Beck's wrist. "Come on, we're leaving." She announced, pulling him away from her family. She went in the passenger seat of his car and Beck went in the driver's seat. Jade leaned against the seat and practically glared at the road ahead as he drove. Beck caught a glance of her and chuckled.

"Are you embarrassed?" He smirked. Jade didn't answer him. "Don't be. I've been on dates with worse than that. I have to say, though, they did act like it was your first date."

Jade looked out the window, so Beck couldn't read her facial expression, but Beck could already tell. "Okay, no way." He said in a stunned, but playful tone. Jade turned her head to face him. She quirked her right eyebrow and looked at him curiously. "What do you mean 'no way'?" She narrowed her eyes.

"I'm your first date, aren't I?" He asked her. Jade gave him a death glare and that just made Beck laugh. Seriously, not being able to scare him was not working for Jade. When she didn't answer he continued. "Wow, really? Well, I guess I'm honoured that I could be the first one to be brave enough to date Jade West or at least have her say yes. Does this mean I'm going to be your first kiss, too?"

Jade growled. "I've had my first kiss before bozo." She told him. "I'm not going to kiss you anyways." She flipped her hair. Beck was simply too amused to get off of this topic at the moment.

"Who was your first kiss then?" Beck asked her.

"That's none of your business."

"My first kiss was Meredith, we we're twelve years old. It's your turn now."

"I'm not telling you who my first kiss was."

"Maybe that's because you never had one yet."

"I did!"

"Then who was it?"

"His name was Gilbert. Are you happy now?"

Beck burst out laughing, trying to focus on the road as he was. Jade slumped in her seat. As for now, this was the worst date anyone could possibly have with Beck Oliver or at least to Jade. Any other girl would take what they could get from him. "Who names their child Gilbert?" He laughed.

"His parents did, now shut up!" She snapped at him. Once Beck contained himself and stopped laughing he resumed in talking to Jade. Jade just wished that they could have a quiet ride, no talking or anything. She didn't even want to be here in the first place. "Hey, you know what would have been more embarrassing?" He glanced at her. "If your biological mother was with there, I bet she would have been just as worse as your step mother was."

"Yeah, I bet she would of." She mumbled. Beck glanced at her again and saw the change in her facial expression. Instead of it being hard and angry it had grown slightly softer. "Where is your mother?" He asked quietly.

"Dead." Jade shrugged as if it was no big deal. Beck bit his lip.

"I'm so sorry for asking." He apologized. Jade sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "It doesn't matter, okay?"

Beck wanted to say something to lighten the mood, but he didn't know what. Jade stared out the window and he tried to focus on driving. Then Beck pulled into Trina's street and you could just tell that a party was going on. Her house was huge and not many houses were near it, which must work to Trina's advantage. Cars were parked on lawns and on streets and some lucky ones managed to get on Trina's driveway. Beck parked on the side of the street because he couldn't find any other parking spots.

Jade groaned. Beck raised an eyebrow as he unbuckled his seat belt. "What?" he asked her.

"We're so far away from the house. Couldn't you of parked closer?" She complained as she unbuckled her seatbelt. Beck just chuckled and went to open the car door for Jade on her side. He opened it for her and bowed in a gentlemen like way and Jade rolled her eyes and pushed him away from the door. Then she got out and closed the door herself. "I'm not disabled. I can do it."

Beck scratched his head and laughed slightly, even though he knew that she was serious. Beck began to put on his mask and motioned for Jade to do the same. After a groan, Jade took the mask out of her bag and put on her mask. Beck attempted to hold her hand, but Jade punched him in the arm so he wouldn't. He sighed, but they walked up to Trina Vega's house anyways.

Tori and Andre watched them from behind Andre's car. They both had silver masks on their faces so no one would recognize them. Tori snarled. "How could Beck like her?" She snapped. "Does he even care about his own sister?" Andre sighed and put a warm hand on Tori's shoulder.

"Look, I sort of understand where you're coming from..." He told her. "But, can you tone it down a little? That's my best friend you're talking about there." Tori frowned and nodded her head.

"Sorry, Andre," she apologized. "You know, sometimes our social status just gets to my head." Andre rolled his eyes playfully, earning him a playful punch in the arm from Tori. He chuckled and stood up from crouching behind the car. He held a hand out to Tori. "Now, let's go in, before we completely lose them. And miss our opportunity to dance together."

Tori smiled up at him and accepted his hand. He gently pulled her up and they both walked up to Trina's house. They were stopped by a large looking man. By large looking man, they meant a scary, large looking man. Tori smiled politely at him. "I'm sorry is there a problem...?" she trailed off, not knowing the scary looking man's name.

"Bobby," said the man in a very deep voice. Andre almost laughed, but got scared by the look that Bobby was giving him and cowered out. "You guys have to remove your masks and show me who you are."

Tori's eyes went up in alarm. She was positive her brother and Jade went in and Jade wasn't invited. So how could she have gotten in? "Um, why do you need to see who we are?" She stalled.

"So you aren't anyone Miss. Vega didn't invite." He informed her. "Now masks off and tell me your names."

Andre butted in. "Look, we weren't invited." He confessed to him. Tori gave him daggers, but Andre gave her a look that said 'Just Trust Me'. He looked back to Bobby. "She is Trina's cousin." He pointed to Tori. Tori caught on and nodded, raising her hand to give a little wave. "I am she."

Then Andre pointed to himself. "And I'm her date. We came to surprise her and congratulate her on becoming a senior." Bobby nodded, almost understandingly.

"I know the Vega family I am a close friend of theirs." He told them. "I know their names at least. Take off your masks and tell me your names." It was like he was onto them, but Andre was almost positive he wasn't. Yet he would be if they didn't guess the right names.

Tori tried to rack her brain for any remembrance of Trina's family members as she slowly took off her mask. She thought she remembered one from the third grade when she had came over to join their sleepover. "I-I'm Dianne Vega...?" She said it more like a question, but to cover it up, pulled Andre close to her. "And this is Tom...Thomas." Leon and Bob gave her a strange look, but she just looked innocently back at them.

"Well Dianne..." Then he looked at Andre, "...and Tom Thomas...you may enter the party. It's good to meet you Dianne! I've heard much about you." They both sighed of relief and put on their masks, entering the party. As they were walking, Andre had to ask, "Really, Tom Thomas?"

"I panicked!"

Meanwhile Robbie helped Sinjin DJ. Well, he sort of did. He was trying to scan the crowd for any sign of Cat or Ryder. He didn't trust Ryder and he didn't want him doing anything funny with her. He tried desperately to find her, but he just couldn't seem to. There were way too many people. You'd think a girl with bright red hair would be easier to find.

Suddenly Trina came up to them. "I came to say that Sinjin, you aren't doing horrible right now. Keep it up and do not ruin this party." She then spotted Robbie and scrunched up her nose in disgust. Even if he wore a mask, she could tell who it was by the weird curls in his hair. "Oh, you brought Shapiro. You didn't bring your creepy puppet did you?"

Robbie looked at her offended. "Rex is not a puppet!" he gasped. "But I didn't bring him with me..." Trina rolled her eyes and waved him off. She went over to Sinjin, pushing past Robbie. "Can you play Forever Baby now?" She asked him. Robbie looked to her and practically gaped.

"You know Michael Corcoran?" He gasped at her. Trina looked at him suspiciously.

"No..." She shook her head. "Ryder has been asking me to play that guy's song 'Forever Baby' forever now and if I don't he's going to leave." Robbie perked up. Ryder was here, which meant Cat was here, too.

"Where did you see Ryder?" He asked her. Trina narrowed her eyes.

"Why?" She asked him.

"He...I need to talk to him." That wasn't a complete lie. Robbie wasn't good at lying, so he tried not to lie.

"Why do you need to talk to Ryder?" She stepped even closer to him. He gulped.

"Well...You see, I..." He tried to come up with an excuse. Luckily, he didn't need to because Sarah came up to Trina, looking depressed and sad. Trina turned to her and looked at her concerned, totally ignoring Robbie now. Robbie sighed relieved.

"What's wrong Sarah?" she asked her. Sarah frowned at her friend.

"Every hot guy is taken." She whined. Trina rolled her eyes over her overreacting, but Sarah didn't pay close attention to her and couldn't see through Trina's mask. "Tanner is with Casey, Frank is with Meredith, Danny is with Stacy, Beck is with this mysterious chick and Ryder is with this redhead."

Robbie paid attention to Sarah as she brought up Ryder and Cat. Trina folded her arms over her chest. "What redhead chick?" She scowled. "The only redhead in the school is Cat and I didn't invite her. Ryder must have and I don't approve of it." With that she stomped off, Sarah following behind her.

That is when Robbie knew that he had to find Cat and fast. Not just to save her from Ryder, but to save her from Trina, too. He ran off, Sinjin calling after him, but he didn't listen to him. He pushed through people and tried desperately to find Cat. Soon, Forever Baby played and everyone started grabbing a couple to dance with. That made Robbie even more nervous, because she would probably be dancing with Ryder.

It seemed like hours (it was barley two minutes, but to Robbie it was hours) and he still hadn't found Cat or Ryder. He hunched over, trying to catch his breath, because he was Robbie and never usually ran for that long. Then he heard a familiar giggle. He looked straight ahead of him to see Cat. Her arms were around Ryder's neck and Ryder's arms were around her waist. They were slow dancing together and that just broke Robbie's little fragile heart.

He wanted to go up to them a break it up, but he knew he couldn't do that. One, he would get hurt and two Cat would probably be upset with him. He just wanted her to be happy and right now she looked like she was happy. He knew Ryder was not the best of guys, but maybe he had changed. And right now, he just wanted her to stay happy. So he had to go keep away Trina.

After Robbie ran off to go find Trina and stop her, Beck tried to convince Jade to dance with him. "No. There is no way I'm going to dance with you." She shook her head. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she looked determined not to move a muscle. Beck grabbed her hand and tried to drag her out to the dance floor, but Jade kept her feet planted on the ground.

"Come on, it'll be fun!" He begged. He tried to get her to move, but she just wouldn't move. "God, you're strong for a girl."

"And you're ugly for a guy." Jade shot back at him. Beck rolled his eyes. He let go of her hand and observed her for a minute. Jade gave him a weird look, but then he smirked. He walked towards her and picked her up unexpectedly, slinging her over his shoulder. She let out a shriek and banged her fists against his back.

"Beck put me down!" She shouted. Some couples stopped dancing to look at them, but Jade didn't let them get a close look at her, just in case they would recognize her through the mask. Beck just chuckled and moved her over to the middle of the dance floor.

He put her down once they were surrounded by a bunch of people so that she couldn't escape that easily. She tried, but Beck pulled her back closer to him. He guided her hands around his neck and he put his hands on her waist. "Now, just relax, don't be nervous." He teased.

Jade rolled her eyes. "I'm not nervous." She spat. "I don't want to dance with you." Beck ignored her and guided them to move swiftly together. Jade hated to admit it that she lost the battle and let him slow dance with her. She tried desperately not to meet his eyes, but once again she had lost and looked at him right into those chocolate brown eyes.

Beck smiled at her and Jade let herself smile back. Once the song was over, Beck took her hand and walked her over to the snack's table. He leaned against it as Jade poured herself some punch and smirked. "Did you have fun?" He teased.

Jade rolled her eyes, but gave him a sly smile. "I could have had more fun, but it was okay." She shrugged. She took a sip of her punch then set it down on the table. Suddenly Beck started leaning in to kiss her. Jade's eyes widened and grabbed her punch taking another longer and louder sip. Beck opened his eyes and moved away from her with a sheepish smile.

"I don't kiss, especially on the first date." Jade stated once she set the punch on the table.

"How did Gilbert kiss you?"

This time Jade actually laughed. "He did it before I even noticed what he was doing." She replied. "Then I slapped him." Beck laughed and nodded. "I can see you doing that."

Then they both laughed and started engaging in an actual conversation. Beck had to say he was very proud of himself. His sister on the other hand was fuming as she hid behind some balloons with Andre. "They're having a good time! Do you see this Andre?" She snapped. Andre put a soothing hand on her shoulder.

"Babe, I think you need to calm down." He whispered in her ear. "Beck can date whoever he wants to."

Tori glared at her boyfriend. Andre put his hands up in mock surrender. "If he wants to date Jade, that's fine. But do it in secret! So she doesn't ruin our popularity." Tori huffed, her arms crossed across her chest. Andre frowned.

"I have to go to the bathroom." He said. "I'll be back in five minutes." He kissed her cheek, before walking off. Tori looked after him, feeling guilty. She sighed, before looking back at her brother and Jade.

Trina passed through the crowd pushing anyone that was in her way. How dare Cat come to her party, when she hated her and didn't want her to? Sarah was on her heels behind her when she let own a groan. "I need someone to dance with!" She whined.

"Shut up, Sarah!" She scowled. "We're trying to find Cat!" Sarah pouted, but kept quiet as she followed Trina through the crowd. Then, Sarah groaned again. "Sarah shut up!" she snapped.

"But Beck is there looking hot with this mysterious chick and he can't be mine!" She complained. Trina rolled her eyes and looked over at where Sarah was looking at. There sure enough was Beck. You could tell by his hair. The other girl though seemed strangely familiar. Trina squinted closely at her and gasped. She could recognize those blue eyes and pale skin anywhere. That was Jade. She clenched her fists.

Jade was actually smiling. And having a good time at her party! The worst part was she was with Beck Oliver, who supposed to be Sarah's, even though Beck never saw any interest in her. What was Jade doing at her party anyways? Who invited her? She was about to scream and both of them, Cat and Jade, when she peered over Jade's shoulder to see none other than Tori Oliver herself, hiding behind her balloons. Was this Disobey Trina Day?

Trina clenched her fists. Cat walked up with Ryder to the snack table and Trina knew this would be the perfect moment just to scream at them all. She was about to, when someone touched her shoulder. She snapped her head towards the person who did so, so fast that she was shocked she didn't get whiplash.

She met eyes with Robbie again. "What do you want nerd?" She scowled. Robbie gulped. "Don't be mad at Cat for coming please." He squeaked out. If he had said it more confidentially, it would have sounded romantic. Now it sounded like a desperate plea. Trina smiled innocently at Robbie, making him ease up a little.

"Oh don't worry I'm not mad at just Cat." Then she looked back at Tori, Jade and Cat who were all around the snack table oblivious to her. "I'm mad at Cat, Jade and Tori!"

The three girls jumped and looked at Trina in shocked faces. The music stopped and Trina had said it so loud that the entire party was now looking at her. "I did not invite you three ganks to my party!" She shouted at them. The girls stepped away from their dates (and Tori stepped out of hiding behind the balloons). Jade crossed her arms over her chest.

"Did you just call me a gank again?" She scowled. She narrowed her eyes. "Oh, Trina, you are one very unlucky girl today." Jade stepped closer to her and took off her mask looking like she was ready for a fight, but Beck grabbed her shoulder to stop her from walking any further.

Cat took off her mask and looked innocently at everyone. "What's a gank?" she asked innocently. Beck leaned over to her and whispered in her ear. She gasped, her hands flying to her mouth. "That's so dirty!"

Then Jade caught attention of Tori, who had come out from the balloons. "Wait a minute..." She turned towards Tori. "Were you spying on me?" She shot daggers at the Latina girl.

"No!" Tori said defensively. Everyone gave her a look as Tori slowly took off her mask. Then she looked to the ground. "I was spying on you and Beck..." She said it more quietly this time. Jade narrowed her eyes and Beck looked at her disapprovingly.

Cat saw Robbie and raised an eyebrow. "Robbie? What are you doing here?" she questioned. Robbie was about to answer when Trina pushed him away. "Look, I did not invite you to this party! So you better get out or else I'll-"

Cat stepped up and pushed Trina. "Don't push Robbie!" She said defensively. Trina scowled. "You can't push me!" Trina pushed Cat back. Soon they tackled each other and Ryder pulled off Trina and Robbie pulled off Cat.

"Get out!" Trina screamed. Ryder sighed and took Cat's hand, leading her out. Robbie frowned as Cat let him drag her away, so he followed them, sneaking away unnoticed. Trina then turned to Jade and Beck. "And you two! How dare you ruin my party! Beck you're supposed to be with Sarah!"

Tori and Jade looked at Beck angrily. "You're supposed to be with Sarah?" They both snarled. Beck shook his head frantically. "No! No! I'm not!" He tried to convince the two girls. Sarah gasped, looking offended, but she didn't say anything. Jade scoffed, rolling her eyes and stomping out of the house. Beck sighed and went after her.

Finally, Trina turned to Tori. "And you! You came to destroy my party because you know I'm more popular than you!" She accused. Tori gasped dramatically.

"You are not more popular than me!" She scowled.

"Yes, I am!" Trina shot back. "So you came to destroy my party so you could be more popular!"

"You're acting like a child!"




The party watched as Tori and Trina went back and forth. Andre soon came out of the bathroom (after hearing everything while he was in there) and watched behind his mask. He wanted to step in, but he knew Tori wouldn't want that, so he stayed back being unnoticed.

Tori threw her hands up in frustration. "This is pointless!" She sighed. "I didn't come to your stupid party to destroy it! I came to protect my brother from social suicide!"

Trina narrowed her eyes. "Sure, whatever you say, Victoria." Trina's voice was dangerously low. Tori crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes as well. "But you better back away from me. Or you are going to get hurt."

Tori rolled her eyes. "I would so back away from you." She said. Then she smirked at Trina and stepped closer to her. "But I'm sure working on The Homecoming dance together is going to be super fun. Don't you think?" Tori meant to sound threatening, even though she had nothing planned for Trina whatsoever. She decided to add something instead. "Oh and if you're in charge of music, make sure your daddy pays you extra so you don't need to use Sinjin." Then she gave her one last smirk and left, Andre following behind her.

Trina was fuming and Sarah was struggling to calm her down. She snapped her head towards Sinjin. "Everyone start having fun! Sinjin! Put the music back on! Now!"

Ryder had ended up walking Cat home since she lived close to Trina. Cat had asked Ryder if Robbie could walk with them and (after begging) he agreed, but Robbie had to walk behind them. "I had fun tonight, Cat. Before Trina yelled at us at least." Ryder gave her one of his signature charming smiles. Robbie frowned as he watched Cat go all googly eyed over him.

"I did, too." She smiled at Ryder. Ryder then looked back at Robbie and he could've sworn he saw him smirk. Then he looked back at Cat. "So, Cat, I was wondering if you wanted to go out. Maybe we could go to Nozu or to get coffee or something."

Robbie's heart broke (it must've broken over a million times today) when he saw Cat's face brighten. "Yes! That sounds so fun!"

Meanwhile Beck drove Jade home. It was a silent car ride and whenever they looked at each other Jade glared at him. "I'm not dating nor interested Sarah." He confirmed. Jade rolled her eyes. "Duh. No one is dumb enough to be interested Sarah." She stated. Beck cracked a smile as he turned into her driveway. "I'm sorry that Trina found out that you came to the party."

"I'm sorry your sister is a creepy spy." She replied. He laughed at her response and got out of the car. Before he could open the car door for her, Jade opened the door and got out herself. Beck walked her to her door step and gave her a small smile. "So, I guess we're calling it a night."

Jade nodded her head in response. "Yeah, we are." She began to open the door to her house, when she glanced back at him. "Hey, Oliver?"

Beck looked at her. "Yeah?"

She shrugged at him with a playful smile. "I didn't have the worst time ever tonight." Then she entered her house and closed the door behind her. Beck smiled to himself as he walked back to his car, when he heard a window open and someone call out, "I still don't want you joining The Homecoming committee!"

Andre was driving Tori home and Tori was desperate to get there before Beck. She didn't want to see him and she didn't want Beck seeing Andre drive her home. "I'm sorry about how the day turned out for you."

Tori sighed, but looked to him with a smile. "It's alright, Andre." She told him. "It isn't your fault. And it wasn't a terrible day I was with you, wasn't I?"

Andre took his eyes off the road for a second to smile at her. "I guess so." He grinned. He pulled onto her street. "And I'm sorry, too." She confessed.

Andre scrunched his eyebrows together confused. "What do you mean?"

"I'm sorry for the stuff I said about Jade." She sighed. "And all that stuff I said about popularity. I care about you a lot, you know?"

Andre grinned at her as he pulled into her driveway. "I know." He leaned over to peck her lips. "I care about you a lot, too." Tori grinned back at him. "Good night Andre."

"Good night Tori."

She got out of his car and went up to her house. He waited until she was inside her house before pulling out of the driveway and heading home. He couldn't help but think, though. What was going to happen when all these girls were working on a Homecoming dance together?

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