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Trina stood near the front of the mall, waiting for the girls to come. She was the first one out of the house because she didn't want to deal with her sister. Hayley had almost caught her at the door, but Trina rushed out just before she could. She was actually surprised she was the first one there she surely suspected Cat would. But she didn't mind being there alone for a couple more minutes.

She checked the time on her phone casually as she leaned against the wall. She had five more minutes until it was actually noon, but she knew at least one of them would be late (most likely, Jade). Suddenly she looked up once she saw a glimpse of someone lean against the wall beside her. She looked up and narrowed her eyes when she saw Sinjin from school. He smiled at her. She narrowed her eyes with an unimpressed look on her place. For a nerd he had a lot of nerve to approach her. Someone who was at the top of the social class.

"What?" She snapped at him. Sinjin didn't back off. His smile didn't even waver. She was surprised. Whenever he approached her at school and she said as much as a word to him he would scatter off.

"You look really cute in that top." The way he said it sounded ridiculously creepy. She scowled.

"Beat it, creep." She scoffed. He didn't move from his spot. Trina was beginning to grow irritated at him.

"Give me a chance," He persisted, straightening himself up. Trina raised an eyebrow.

"A chance with what?" She asked curiously.

"A date." He said as if it was obvious. Trina couldn't resist the urge to burst out laughing. She wouldn't be caught dead seen on a date with Sinjin Van Cleef. He had no chance being with a girl as popular as Trina. Or any girl for that matter.

Sinjin's face dropped this time. "You have got to be kidding." She smirked. "You're creepy and gross. There is no way that I'd ever go on a date with you."

"I'm not always like that." Sinjin pointed out hopefully. "I can be really romantic and nice and-" Trina held up her hand in a stopping motion to stop him from talking. Sinjin frowned.

"It's not going to happen. Ever." She rolled her eyes. "Leave. Now." Once she noticed how upset Sinjin was as he was walking away she actually did feel bad for him. Maybe she shouldn't have been so hard on him. Would it of hurt to have given him a chance and hear him out? Well, actually it would have. It would have hurt her popularity. She was shaken out of her thoughts when a pair of familiar petite arms wrapped around her waist.

"Hi Trina!" Cat gushed as she let go of Trina. "First one here?"

Trina offered a smile towards Cat. "Surprisingly." She commented. She looked behind Cat to notice that Tori was making her way over to them. She looked genuinely happy to begin hanging out with them. Or maybe it was the mall that got her excited.

"Hey guys," She smiled at them. Trina and Cat waved. "What stores should we hit up first?"

"Definitely Hot Spot!" Trina replied immediately. The two other girl's eyes widened. Hot Spot had the most fashionable and in clothes then any other store in the mall. Forget the mall, in any other store in the country. Celebrities shopped there. And the girls would totally be up for it, if it wasn't for how expensive the clothes were. The girls weren't poor, but they weren't as rich as Trina was.

Trina noticed the look of panic on her old friends faces. She was confused for a moment before scoffing. "Oh, I get it, the money issue." Trina brushed it off. "Relax, we can just try on stuff for fun." The girls grinned. They were actually both surprised that Trina didn't just say to go anyway so she could buy things. That was much more like Trina then what she just said.

"Sounds fun." Tori agreed. On cue, Jade walked up to them.

She had that carefree look on her face. "Good, everyone's here." She gave everyone a half smile. "Where are we going first?"

"Hot Spot!" Cat clapped her hands together in excitement. Jade raised her eyebrow in confusion. "Oh, don't worry, we're just going to try stuff on!" Jade heaved a sigh. She really didn't think that there would be much for her at a store like Hot Spot. Even if she wasn't going to buy anything. But all the other girls seemed to want to go pretty badly.

"Alright, lead the way." Jade gave in. Trina and Cat squealed as they started bouncing towards Hot Spot. Jade and Tori lingered behind them not to far back. Tori couldn't help, but ask Jade about last night.

"So," Tori cleared her throat. She smiled innocently at her. "You and Beck last night..."

Jade snapped her head towards her. "What did he tell you?" She narrowed her eyes. It wasn't that Jade regretted kissing Beck (because she really didn't) it was that she didn't want everyone to know about it. The last thing she wanted to do was get sucked into the black hole called Beck Oliver's Social Circle. She liked Beck, not his choice in friends.

Tori put her hands up in defense. "Nothing!" She replied a little too quickly. "Just that you two...kissed."

Jade sighed and looked ahead of her. It was just Tori and she probably wouldn't tell anyone of her friends anyways. "We did." She agreed. Tori didn't know how to feel about that. That thing about popularity always crept into the back of her mind. She just couldn't shake it most of the time.

"And you...liked it?" She felt awkward for asking. Jade actually blushed to Tori's surprise. She accidentally showed Tori a hint of a smile.

Jade was saved from answering when Trina yelled for them. "You guys are so slow!" She complained. "Hurry up!" Jade and Tori turned their attention to Trina who was standing at the front of Hot Spot with Cat beside her.

The two girls joined them and entered Hot Spot. Their breath were caught in their throats as they took in their surroundings. The clothes were out of this world amazing. Jade even spotted some clothes that she wouldn't mind wearing.

Trina instantly went to the back of the store and the rest of the girls followed her. She squealed once she got her hands on a pink dress. "Cat this would look to die for on you!" Trina picked the dress off of the rack and shoved it into Cat's arms. The other three girls inspected the dress and silently agreed. With Cat's figure and her skin tone, it would look gorgeous on her.

Trina looked at Cat expectantly. "So?" She questioned. "You're going to try it on, aren't you?"

Cat looked to Trina with a grin. "Of course!" She giggled.

Trina grinned. She looked at Tori and Jade. "Oh, well now we all need one." Trina said casually, beginning to dig through the rack to find dresses for the three of them to wear.

"But we can't afford-" Trina cut Jade off without looking from the clothes rack.

"Did you not listen before?" Trina pulled out a red dress and smirked at it before handing it to Jade. "We're just trying it on."

Jade looked at the dress that Trina had given her. It had thick red straps and looked like it would stop just above her knees. It was as red as an apple, but still looked very simple at the same time. Jade was a little iffy about it. "It doesn't seem like me." She admitted to Trina.

"Dark colors are your thing." Tori pointed out, observing the dress along with Cat and Trina.

"And if you wear black forever, you get predictable with your wardrobe choices." Trina told her truthfully. Jade narrowed her eyes. She was a lot of things, but predictable wasn't one of them. She didn't want to be predictable either. "Tori's right, too. Dark colors suit you against your skin tone. This is a dark apple red. You'll look great in it."

"And it's not like you're buying it." Cat reminded her. "Don't like it, you never have to wear it again."

"What if I do like it?" Jade challenged.

Trina simply shrugged and began looking through the rack for more dresses for herself and Tori. "Then beg you're dad for some money when you go home then come back and buy it." Trina said casually. As Jade inspected her dress, Trina looked at things for herself.

She pulled out a shorter purple dress with sparkles. It had black straps and a thin black belt around the waist. "Okay, I'm in love." Trina gushed. "I have to try this on." She then noticed that Tori had been neglected with finding a dress to try on. She bit her lip, then went back into the rack to find something else for her. "Tori, you'd look fantastic in something blue."

Tori raised an eyebrow. "Thanks?" She said in more of a question. It wasn't as if Tori never wore any blue. But she shouldn't really question Trina's fashion skills. Everyone knew better than to do that.

Trina pulled out a dark blue lace dress with no sleeves. Tori gawked at it. It was beautiful and Tori couldn't wait to try it on. She snatched it from Trina's hands and ran her fingers over it. "Oh my god, it's gorgeous." She said breathlessly. Trina smirked proudly.

"I have a way with clothes," She said proudly with a giggle.

"Alright, we all have our dresses!" Cat announced holding her dress carefully in her arms.

"Let's go try them on." Jade said. They turned to walk to the fitting room but Trina stopped them.

She gave them a strange look, like she couldn't believe what they were doing. "I get Jade and Cat, but really Tori?" Trina sighed. The three girls glanced at each other confusedly. "We can't just try on one piece of clothing. Come on, guys. I'm giving you guys a Trying-On-Shopping 101."

Trina went through the store like a mad man. She threw clothing at the girls every five seconds. Jade wasn't sure she had this much of variety in her clothes in her entire lifetime. Cat was more than excited to be trying on all these clothes. Tori was shocked that Trina was even giving her fashionable clothes to try on. Tori and Trina were rivals because they were both competing for Homecoming Queen. So maybe, just maybe, they all were back on the road to friendship.

The girls practically tired themselves out trying on all those clothes. They weren't sure that they would even want to go to another store, but of course Cat didn't care. She would drag them to another store.

By this point, Tori was the last one to try on the last piece of clothing. It was the dress that Trina had gave her in the beginning. As Tori looked at herself in the mirror she fell in love with the dress. "Come on, Tori!" She heard Jade's complaining voice from outside. "Cat still wants to go to more stores!"

Tori took a deep breath and looked at herself one more time in the mirror. Then she stepped out of the change room to show her friends. All of their eyes widened. Tori smiled with pride.

"Oh my God," Jade breathed.

"You look gorgeous, Tori!" Cat gasped.

"You really do!" Trina gushed. "You have to buy it."

Tori frowned. She reached for the price near the side of the dress. Her eyes widened at the price and let it go instantly. "I've never seen so many numbers." Tori admitted with a pout appearing on her face.

The girls remained silent in the awkward situation. Trina then let out a sigh before digging in her purse. "How much is it?" She asked her, pulling out a pink studded wallet. Tori shook her head.

"No, I can't let you." She reached for Trina's purse, but Trina held it away from her. She shook her head as a playful smile appeared on her face. "Trina. this dress is a lot of money. It's not like paying for my lunch."

Trina shrugged. "It's cool." She said, opening up her purse. She took out her credit card and leaned forward to glance at the price. She scoffed. "That's like ten dollars for me."

Tori tried to protest, but Trina brushed her off. "Please, Tori. Let me do this." She pleaded.

Jade heaved a sigh. "We don't have all day." Jade whined. "Tori, let her buy it and you can pay her back if you ever get rich."

Despite Jade's terrible logic, Tori really did want the dress. And Trina did more then offer. Tori sighed. "Okay, okay." Trina squealed and shooed Tori to the changing room.

"Go get changed!" She grinned. "We still have more shopping to do."

After Trina bought the dress for Tori, they went to several other stores. The stores had more affordable clothing for everyone so they bought a couple clothes. Cat had also suggested buying stuff for the Homecoming Dance. It wasn't too late, it was only six o'clock so they had time. Jade said she knew there was place in the mall where they could order balloons and that her brother ordered some for his birthday months ago. It wasn't that much money, too. So their last stop was at Barney's Balloons.

When they arrived, Jade went to the front desk. The girls followed behind her. "Hey," She deadpanned to the guy who worked at the counter. He offered a smile at the four girls in front of him.

"What can I do for you?" He asked.

"We need balloons!" Cat piped up with a smile.

The man nodded slowly, confused slightly. "Okay," He smiled shortly. "What type of balloons?"

"There are different types?" Trina question with a raised eyebrow.

He nodded. "Yeah, there's the classics, heart shaped, cartoon characters and different colors." He exclaimed. "There's a book. I'll go in the back to get it." He then disappeared into the backroom.

"Hey, Tori!"

Tori's eyes widened in alarm and Jade's in confusion when they heard Andre's voice. The girls turned around to see Andre's face get a little red. He chuckled nervously. "Tori! It's Tori with Jade." He slung his arm around his dark haired friend to act casual. "Never thought I'd see that."

Jade rolled her eyes playfully. "Yeah, well," She shrugged. "What are you doing here?"

"Grandma's seventh birthday today." Andre reminded Jade. "I need to pick up the balloons."

Suddenly a women with pink balloons in her hand came up to Andre. "Harris?" She called. Andre nodded his head towards the lady, handing her the money after thanking her.

"Have fun." Jade smirked.

Andre smirked back at her. "Seems like you did, last night with Beck." He made kisses faces at her. Jade's face darkened and she punched him in the arm hard. Andre frowned and rubbed his arm. "Sorry."

He then smiled at the girls softly. "I better get going." He waved. "Bye!"

Then he left. Trina and Cat giggled. Jade looked at them with a glare. "What?" She snapped at the girls.

"You and Beck!" Cat copied the kissy noises that Andre made earlier. With just a look from Jade, Cat cowered back.

"I was giggling because you and Andre acted like you used to date." Trina shrugged casually. Jade made a disgusted face while Tori gasped.

"They never dated!" She said defensively, out of no where. When the girls gave her a strange look, she giggled nervously. "They didn't."

The conversation didn't go any further because the man came back with the book. Less than fifteen minutes later they had decided that the color of the balloons would be gold and silver like the theme and they would be classic and sparkly. They decided three balloons ever stand would be perfect. They ordered six stands for the gym. That would be more then enough.

"And how much would that be?" Tori asked.

"One hundred and twenty." The man said. That was a little pricy for balloons, but it was definitely in their budget. The girls smiled.

"We'll take it." Cat grinned.

After placing the order for the balloons to be picked up before the Homecoming Day, the girls began to leave the mall. They had spent all day there and would be lying if they said that they didn't have fun. They actually liked spending time together.

"Thanks for a fun time guys." Tori admitted with a smile. "And thanks again for the dress Trina. I don't know how I could ever pay you back."

Trina brushed her off. "Don't sweat it." She grinned at her. After all the girls gave each other short hugs they went their separate ways to their cars.

When Trina got in her car after putting her shopping bags aside her phone beeped. She checked her phone, but didn't recognize the number.

To: Trina
From: 905-555-9043

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I'm your secret admirer,
who's in love with you.

Trina was confused. She had never seen this number before. But at the same time she felt happy and butterflies in her stomach. She took it in before putting her phone in her pocket and driving back home with a ghostly smile on her face.

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