The chest that Barty Crouch, Jr. had used to hide Mad Eye Moody had never been never removed from the Defense Against the Dark Arts office. Umbridge had simply concealed it with approximately seven lace doilies.

"It was there the whole time? Then why didn't it come when Hermoine summoned it?"

"The chest is charmed, rather expertly," said Snape. "A simple summoning charm or Alohomora would not work on it, and without Dumbledore's rather unique key ring, we were forced to use other measures."

"What measures?"

"Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley created a distraction, the nature of which I did not inquire, while I sent my Patronus into the chest to retrieve the Blood Quill."

The Blood Quill had been the proof that put Umbridge in Azkaban. after the memory charm was reversed, of course. Harry was glad of that. He wanted her to remember everything. Particularly calling him "your majesty."

As for Fudge, as Harry had told Fred and George, "You're right. Most wizards think Muggles are soft, but they do have a few tricks worth learning."

"What does that mean?" Fred had asked.

"It means I'm going to sue the Ministry of Magic."

Harry and Snape were sitting at the kitchen table in Grimmauld place, nursing mugs of rather bad tea. Harry couldn't sleep and he'd long suspected Snape didn't.

Sirius was upstairs, being watched over by a very guilty secret society. He was going to be alright, although it had been touch and go for the first hour. Harry had spent that hour pacing around the kitchen table and threatening to do a lot more than sue the ministry. Molly had kept telling him that Sirius would be fine, and Snape had kept telling him that Umbridge wouldn't be allowed doilies in Azkaban. Harry didn't know which was more comforting, but there was still the general sensation of wanting to hurt someone who was most definitely not himself.

Molly had slipped him the names of some wizards who specialized in adolescent therapy. Harry had turned the exact shade as a Howler, but she'd hushed him before he could even open his mouth. He'd taken the parchment, if only to avoid speaking about it, ever.

Besides, he was the Boy Who Lived, Sirius Black's godson, Triwizard Champion, a Parseltongue, Lord Voldemort's sworn nemesis, and Dudley's cousin. He supposed he was probably due a bit of therapy.

"Your Patronus got the quill?" asked Harry. "I thought they were just for getting rid of Dementors."

"For a skilled enough wizard, Patronuses can do much more than get rid of Dementors," said Snape. "And no, Potter, before you ask me for yet more private lessons, you are not a skilled enough wizard."

"Blimey, Professor. Maybe you should teach Defense Against the Dark Arts after all."

For a moment, Harry actually thought he saw Snape smile.

"What's your Patronus, sir?" he asked.

"A bat."