"Team One, HotCall!" came Winnie's voice over the intercom, interrupting the team's daily workout, "Hostage Situation at Ravino's Bar and Grill at 24 Delawny St. One gunman, and ten to fifteen hostages."

"Let's keep the peace!" said Sarge, as the team arrives at the scene.

"Winnie, do we know anything about the gunman?" asked Jules, sitting down in the command truck with Spike and Sarge.

"I ran facial recognition from security footage and his name is Brad Channon. He's thirty-four years old, and he has a clean record. Witnesses say Brad was yelling at one of the cooks before he pulled out the gun and shot twice into the ceiling."

"Alright, thanks Winnie. Spike you got any floorplans for me?" asked Sarge.

"Yeah Boss we got a door around back that will lead us straight to the main part of the restaurant."

"Alright Jules I want you to take this one. Ed you're Sierra One, Sam you're Eds backup. Leah, I want you as Sierra Two with Wordy as your backup. Spike you'll be in the truck with me."

"But boss, who'll backup Jules?"

"Spike and I, if she needs it."

"Let's do it!" said Wordy, grabbing his MP5.

"Alright, Jules, go for it." said Sarge, going back in the truck with Spike.

Jules walked around the back to the door. She opened it with ease, and slipped in. She carefully walks through the kitchen to the door that leads to the main room. She then sighs. 'Here we go' She thinks, before yelling "Brad Channons?! My name is Jules Callaghan I'm with the Police Strategic Response Unit."

"H-How did you get in here?!"

"That's not important, but what is important is that this is resolved peacefully. Can we talk face to face?"

"Fine. But only you. Nobody else."

"Ok, I'm coming in."

Jules then slowly walks in, with her gun raised. She takes a look at the scene. What she sees though, is far from what she was expecting.