Turning on her comm set, Kim started talking to Team One, and her ranger team.

"Okay, here's the deal. I'm thinking it's Ivan Ooze we're dealing with. Team One, go with extreme caution. He's ruthless and won't hesitate to kill you. The Ninjetti team is taking the primary on this since we've fought him before. Jason, Trini, Zack. Your morphers are still fully functional so you'll be our back-up. Until I give you the signal you three focus on the foot soldiers in civilian mode. Team One is strictly last resort. Sergeant Parker you and your team do not engage unless I tell you to. Understood?" Jason spoke up. "Are you sure SRU should be on scene? They haven't fought this type of battle before."

She shot him a look. "I have full confidence in their abilities and so should you." She growled in a no nonsense tone and Jason wisely shut up. "Are my orders clear, Sergeant?" She could hear the disapproval in his voice as he spoke. "We're going to be having a discussion concerning the chain of command when this is over, Constable Callaghan."

She smirked. "As a Lieutenant Commander of the United States Navy and leader of SEAL team nine I'm going to have to disagree with that statement Sergeant. Are my orders clear?" There was silence as her ranger team looked at her surprise. There was a prolonged silence before two words were heard that made her insides twinge with guilt. "Yes ma'am."

She took a deep breath before muting her mic. "I know, that was shitty of me to say. But I need to make sure this case is solved as clean and legally as possible." She turned her mic back on. "Kat, you're going to be taking my spot as Ranger Pink. I'll be secondary. I only have my ninjetti suit but it'll have to do for now. Here we go. Jase, Trini, and Zack. Be ready to morph in a seconds notice. Team One, wait for my signal. Pull over here." The two SUV's pulled to a stop and everyone climbed out.

As the rangers were strapping on their new morphers Jules jogged over to the SRU team and spoke quietly as the rangers stood nearby. "I know I have a lot of explaining to do, but I need you guys to have my back for a little while longer. I'm sorry for being so harsh, but I'm breaking about twelve laws by just having you guys on the scene. I'd rather not break anymore." They nodded and went to gear up. Wordy handed Jules a case. "For the rangers." She lifted an eyebrow and nodded before turning and shouting. "Circle up!"

Once everyone was by one of the SUVs she opened the case. "Rangers go ahead and grab an earpiece. We'll be able to communicate through those, even when you're in morph. Ninjetti team, grab em and get going. The company that's under attack, Callaghan Corporate is around the corner and a block down. Just shout if you need back up. " Tommy, Billy, Adam, Aisha, Kat, and Rocky nodded, grabbing an earpiece and sprinting off.

Jason, Trini, and Zack took one as well, and Kim put the last one in her ear, speaking to the group as a whole. "The morphing call is the same, as are your weapons. They've been upgraded so the energy flows through quicker, making them more powerful. Just like riding a bike."

She turned to the SRU team. "You guys pair up. Greg, Wordy, and Trini, Team Alpha. Leah, Sam, and Jason, Team Bravo. Ed, Zack, and I are Team Charlie. Spike, you're on tech, coordinate the teams to evacuate the building. Full surveillance and security checks. Team One, hand to hand combat only. Rangers, morph if your team gets overwhelmed. If the Ninjetti call for back up, SRU meets back here and awaits further orders. Understood?"

Seeing the teams nod, she gave the order. "Let's move out."

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