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"Mama!" A young giraffe shouted. A keeper stepped in front of him, blocking his view. All he could see was The Bronx Zoo uniforms of the men who held him.

"Melman!" His mother called. Melman struggled to stand, pushing against the gentle hands of the keepers. Standing, he could see above the humans' heads. He could see his mother, on the other side if the fence. She was trying to get to him. To comfort him. He pushed past the hands that were trying to restrain him.

"Mama!" He cried again, reaching the fence. "I'm scared! Where are they taking me?" He was sobbing now.

"Shh, Melman," her familiar voice reached his ears, the same voice that comforted him before each appointment, the same that offered a sweet goodnight at bedtime. "It's going to be okay. They're taking you to another zoo, where you'll make lots of new friends!" She tried her best to sound positive, but the tears falling from her eyes betrayed her sadness. She knew that she would miss him more than she could ever put into words.

"I don't want to go to another zoo! I like the doctors here! I don't want to leave you, Mama!" He pressed his face against the fence. His mother smiled sadly.

"My son," she began, looking over his shoulder to see the keepers approaching with sticks and ropes, "please go with the people. Please, for me." Melman looked at his mother, his tear-filled, bright green eyes looking into her darker, emerald-colored ones.

"When will I see you again, Mama?" He questioned, panicking. The female giraffe sighed, looking at her beloved son one last time.

"Goodbye, my beautiful baby," she whispered, as the people began to drag her son away. Melman looked at his mother, who had turned her head. She couldn't bear to watch him be taken away. The tears continued to fall. He struggled against the keepers.

"Don't let them take me, Mama!" he wailed. His mother stared at the opposite side of the enclosure. She couldn't watch. It already hurt terribly...

Melman knew that he could not fight the keepers. Reluctantly, he turned followed them, walking away from his mother.

"Thatta boy!" One of the male keepers praised. Melman paused and looked at the man with haunting eyes. The keeper's smile vanished. He dropped his head and continued. A woman guided him to a truck and trailer. She rested a hand on his shoulder, something the young giraffe found comforting. She gave him a soft pat, and he stumbled into the trailer. Then she shut the door of the trailer, making him jump.

Melman looked around. He was glad that this trailer had a high ceiling. If he had his neck bent for too long, he could develop poor posture, leading to -

He was cut off as the truck roared to life and started moving. He stuck his head out of the window, looking back at the Bronx Zoo. His home. As the truck drove away, the Bronx grew smaller and smaller. As it passed through the last set of gates, Melman looked back, not able to see much out of his watery eyes.

"Goodbye, Mama."

So, this was my first Madagascar fic! My first "good" one anyways... ;)

This first chapter was short... the rest will be longer, I promise! I typed most of this on my phone, and it's kind of hard to judge the length on that thing :3

The movies focus on Alex, mainly (especially the third one. Goodness) and so I thought it would be interesting to rewrite certain events, but instead focus on Melman! He's just one of those dudes you want to give a hug to, you know? Teehee

So anywho, I would LOVE to know what you think! Please don't be too critical, I'm kind of new at this :3