Authors note

Again another old one shot repost

hope you enjoy

Some people called it heaven. I called it hell.

How could something so beautiful and peaceful be a place of great happiness when I had been torn apart. I missed him so much; it was like a constant pull on my heart.

We were two of a kind now I am one. I was a double act now my act is void and null I can't perform without him. I am lost without him.

I think of him, does he feel like I feel, does the pain never fade for him too. I want him to join me but that would be selfish and I am anything but selfish.

I miss my family and friends. I wish my mother wouldn't cry so. I can't bear to see her crying it breaks my heart not that I have one anymore.

But they ease the pain, they were like us but they never felt the pain of splitting, they know how I feel and they promise it will get better.

It does with every day I feel better the pain lessens and I am closer, only one day, but still one day closer to seeing you again. Being reunited with you again

months turn into years and years turn into decades and then you arrive and its like you never left, we are together and we are reunited and we will be together always

"I love you George"

"I love you too Fred"

Together forever

Mischief managed