Authors note:

This was an old twilight drabble I found when looking through my laptop, it has been posted before though.


hope you enjoy

She is stood there against the wall, staring and staring. Unmoving, just there.

He knows that it is him that she is staring at. Yet he can't bear himself to look at her if only just to check. To look would be to admit defeat and that is something he would never do. He was raised with manners and to stare at a lady so blatantly was not a thing that a gentlemen should do, no matter the year it was. But is she a lady really? That, at the moment was debatable. He knew of her lifestyle and secretly he felt nauseous, simply at the idea that she could treat a man like that and, that a man would treat her like that. What ever happened to treating women like they were precious? What ever happened to the sanctity of marriage. Or were those ideas as ancient as the Volturi themselves now? He felt as if he could be sick for the first time in his vampire existence.

It was only him, Esme and Carlisle here in this strange place. Carlisle had heard about the Denali coven years ago in Volterra and had been curious ever since, which of course had led to this visit. He didn't mind the coven at all. They were warm and welcoming, always happy to meet more new people like them who lived the same lifestyle as themselves.

Eleazar and Carmen were particularly welcoming, Carmen hugging him like a long lost friend. She and Esme got on so well, discussing interior design, Eleazar and Carlisle got on equally well, discussing the Volturi and life back hundreds of years ago, reminiscing as such.

It was just the others that he was bothered by, he so wished they wouldn't look at him like that, he wasn't a piece of meat for their pleasure. He had morals and he was going to stick by them.

Tanya was the worse; he didn't know how many more times he could tell her and her sisters that he just wasn't interested. Maybe one day they would actually understand it but he wasn't putting odds on it anytime soon.

At last he could feel Tanyas eyes move away from him, towards the door where her sisters were congregating planning a hunt. He prayed they would go and leave him in peace for once. Leave him to his own thoughts, just his own. Carlisle, Esme, Eleazar and Carmen were out shopping for a new car to drive them about in.

It hurt his head to block all the sisters' thoughts at once but anything was better than seeing himself in fantasies he would never ever want to live. Ever.

It seemed god was answering his prayers today as the trio of succubus waved before disappearing out of the door. Ahhh peace at last, he thought to himself. It was so satisfying to enjoy such quiet. No thoughts and no noise. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the relaxing quiet before a storm.