This is my story. I pray that no one will find this while I'm still alive, and yet… If you read this, wherever you're Asmodian or Elyos, remember my words. And take example from my actions. I know, I sound selfish to you now. In the end, it's your life and you decide what to do with it. But this, this whole war...It's useless. I am pained to see so many people, so many Daevas, throwing their lives and gifts fighting what once were our brothers and sisters. Thinking they are doing the right thing. And they slay, fight and murder with happiness! They say "More Asmodian blood spilled, more luck and peace for us." That's wrong! It all started then. 1000 years ago. All because of unsaid words. Harsh decisions. Guilt. Sorrow. Betrayal. Pain. All because of those creatures. Those abnominations who call themselves Balaur. When they're only monsters. Destroying lifes. Ruining cities. Torturing innocents.

This should be actions that only they would be able to do. And yet… We were corrupted, for we do so to each other, too. In our path to godhood, we sought to protect. And yet, our bloodlust won. Maybe we should've listened to those who now call themselves the Shedim Lords. I admit, despite our appearance, we are not saints. I had doubts for so long, and Ariel's cry, Faith and Arms, did nothing to clear my head. Quite the contrary, I felt enslaved by that battle cry. She wants us to trust her, to have faith, after all this bloodshed and war? How could I? Many say Balaurs caused the Cataclysm. Even more say Asmodians did. But, in reality, neither is true. We are all guilty. We all deserve this. But instead of trying to repair what's broken, we destroy it. We fight our former friends, for what? Glory? Peace? Our world is dying. And we accelerate this process. We did harsh things, we were desperate and, in the end, we failed. We risked everything we had and we lost. Why can't you accept that? Accept that we didn't succeed. Accept that we did things that caused destruction and pain. And we still do so.

Well, those furbacks are not better, either. They attacked, killed and slayed us. They are guilty too. They did horrible things. Don't get me wrong; I'm not a traitor. I swore allegiance to Atreia. Not Asmodae. Maybe Elysea. But certainly not Asmodae. I pity them, for their darkness is more innocent than our light. They didn't invade; they were invaded. They went along with our plan and we betrayed them. We took those decisions back then and they followed. They followed our doom. They agreed with us, had faith, and the price they paid was simply too much. We screwed things and they paid for our mistakes.

I used to think that, too. That they are our enemies. I saw them as demons, as murderers, when in truth we are both guilty. I am still ashamed of that side of myself, the deep voice in my head that used to tell me: "Traitor. Traitor. You're a traitor." When all this started. You'll find yourself, the path to redemption is not as sweet as some make it be. It has trials, and many times I wanted to just vanish, nothing more, and return to the god that long ago forgot us. But my better judgment won. In the end I'm confident I won more than any rifter did. I won more than power, more than satisfaction in seeing Asmodian blood spilled on my hands. I won peace. I won happiness. I won a lovely family. And, most important, I won love, the kind that lasts an eternity. Continue into these words, reader, for this is the story of Carrana, the lorekeeper.

Phew, and here goes the prologue! The first chapter is finished, this much I can say, and the second one I just started. This is unbeta'ed, so if you spot any mistake please tell me! I'm a bit worried about how this is gonna turn out, but the first chap turned out pretty well. Right now I'm doing the charachter list, so you guys won't worry who's who (but there aren't that many characters atm, because hey, this just started!). I gotta specify here Lady/Mel, my co-author, who is kind enough to inspire and give a honest opinion about my crazy ideas. Chickens that rawr at Asmos also get credit because, after all, without them all this baby couldn't even exist, and they are my family in the game, after all, helping Carr become Carrana della Guardia. Thanks, guys!

Untill I hit 5-10 reviews, see ya! And good luck at the game!^^ Stay safe in Ariel's light and Asphel's shadow.