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So the students are now in high school and they somehow still have the same teachers. I don't know any other teacher than the old guys so… yeah. Deal with it.

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"Hey! Did you hear? The band SCARLET was booked by the school! Something about getting a record breaking mid-term average."

"Wait SCARLET?! As in the band with Miki, Akira, Haru, and Ryou? Their music is the best! Are we actually going to see them?"

"Yeah! We are so lucky we go to such a rich school. Since it's live, we'll actually get to see their faces. Even my daddy couldn't get me a ticket to their concert!"

"If their voices are so hot, I wonder what they look like. We'll finally know their appearance since they don't allow photos or videos during concerts. I've only heard the rumors, but the two leads are supposedly dating each other!"

Hotaru Imai sat on her desk, overhearing the conversation between the Natsume-Ruka fan club (it was weird to think that it still existed, even after all these years). Even with her stoic expression on, you could see the excitement in her eyes if you looked closely. 'I can't wait! Why can't tonight come sooner... Maybe I should invent on a time machine device...'

No one could deny the fact that this band was the best of the best. Once the classroom heard the skipping of the most cheery person in the world, they braced themselves. If they were this excited, she must be... Well no word could describe it. Maybe ecstatic times... A thousand? Before the class could think of a word, the door burst open, and in came the bubbly girl they knew so well.

"Morning everyone! Hey Hotaru! Um... Did you get the math homework last night? I tried doing it but I fell asleep! Please let me copy! Jinno is going to kill me if I don't hand it in today. You've got to help me! I'll do anyth-"

The class was bewildered until a voice shouted out.

"Don't you know the band SCARLET is coming to our school? As in SCARLET, the band that's practically impossible to book and never show their faces unless live?! Are you NOT excited at all?!" Even Hotaru had a bewildered expression on her face, which was not something you see every day.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I know. I'm excited. You?" Mikan asked with a smile. A SMILE. That was all. No crazy freaking out or fangirling like the rest were. Her classmates just stared at her like she had grown two heads.

"Aren't you going to like, scream or something?" Permy asked.

"No… Do you want me to?" Mikan replied, confused.

"Well… Obviously not, but… Why aren't you? Is it because you… don't like their music?!"

"No! I think their music absolutely fine, don't get me wron-"

"FINE?! How could you... Ugh! Never mind, I give up. A klutz like you most likely doesn't even understand their talent."

"Oh… Okay then… So Hotaru, about that math homework I didn't get number…"

Mikan kept going on and on, pretty much not getting the whole thing. Just when she was about done, Narumi came in with his… outfit (if you could even call it one). It was even crazier than usual, so you could see that the concert affected him as well.

"Hello my beautiful students! …And Natsume (who grunted at this). I have an announcement to make! The band SCARLET will be performing here live tonight at school, so go shopping for some new outfits! Well, have free period everyone while I go prepare my ensemble for tonight!" And with that, Narumi skipped (yes, skipped) out of the doors and into the hallways.

After free period was over (where the students talked even more about the concert), it was math with Jinno next. He walked in the classroom, looking as tidy and stern as ever. And extra annoyed for all the noise in the halls, where the cause was yet again, the concert. The classroom, with its ear piercing loudness was the last straw.

"Everyone be quiet, NOW! I want last night's assignments on your desks, pronto!"

Everyone took out their homework immediately, except Mikan. Instead, she raised her hand.

"Sensei, I didn't finish mine. I promise I'll bring it in by tomor-"

"Again, Sakura? This is the last straw! No concert for you. Instead, I'll be expecting you in detention in the office for the next week."

The class was shocked. Not at Mikan missing her homework (yet again) or that she would be getting detention (which has always happened multiple times), but because she wasn't allowed to go. This was one of the rarest chances you'd ever get in your entire life time. And she couldn't go. Even Hotaru started feeling guilty for not letting he copy the homework (which was mostly because Mikan didn't do it, but she was just being herself).

"Ehhh?! Detention for the whole week! You've got to be kidding, Sensei!"

"No complaints! Say another word and it'll be two!"


Now something was seriously wrong. Not a single world about the concert yet again. Only a crestfallen face, which was only because of the detention she got.

The period eventually ended, and the teens packed up. Everyone gathered around and started making their groups. Soon they started discussing afterschool plans to go look for new outfits in central town. The girls consisted of Anna, Nonoko, Hotaru, Sumire/Permy, and Misaki, who was one of their seniors. The boys had Natsume, Ruka, Yuu, Koko, Kitsuneme, Youichi (A/N: Let's just make him in high school too, kay?), and the two other seniors, Tsubasa and Tono. Natsume took a little... Intense 'persuading', but came peacefully-if you count glaring and a string of curses peaceful.

After they were done buying clothes in central town, everyone went to their respective dorms to go get changed. It was summertime, so most of the girls just wore a pair of short-shorts and tanks with lots of colorful patterns and designs. Some of the boys wore jeans while some wore shorts with tees not as flashy as the girls' (A/N: I know it sucks. I couldn't describe then individually. I don't know how to describe clothes. I have no fashion sense =.= Sorry.). They all met up afterwards outside of the dorm buildings. Anna and Nonoko thought of recording the concert to show Mikan, but Sumire reminded them that they weren't allowed to. The video camera would get confiscated the second you walked in.

Once they got back to the school, they thought they would visit Mikan first to check on her, but she wasn't in the office or the classroom. She was missing and they had to find her-after the concert. They did search for awhile but they had about five minutes to run to the outdoor stage.

After they went through the entrance and past the security (where they were out of breathe because they had ran there), they found their seats. Coincidently, they were all seated right next to each other. Suddenly, smoke burst onto the stage and a loud voice boomed over the speakers.

"Is everyone ready to par-ty!"

The voices dragged the last syllable for a long few seconds as the smoke cleared. Standing in the middle of the stage was three guys. One had red hair, another had blue, and the last had black. There was one more person on stage, though. It was a girl with long, flowing curled brunette hair and a radiant smile. The screams of the crowd were deafening, but the group seated together still heard someone from their group whisper.


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