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It seemed like it was going to be another ordinary day at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. All of a sudden, the unique and cheery voice of Shinigami-sama could be heard entering the E.A.T. classroom with someone else. After entering the classroom, Shinigami-sama says, "Class, there's a new student that will be joining your class starting today, so please make them feel welcome." Shinigami-sama urges the new student to come forward from behind him and introduce themselves to the class.

The other students in the classroom all look and see a petite girl their age with long blonde hair in messy, frizzy low pigtail braids, her bangs covering most of her forehead and a little bit of her eyebrows, and warm golden eyes. She's wearing a yellow and black conservative, yet casual outfit. She turns and faces the rest of the students at the front of the class at says shyly and nervously, "Ano…um...my name is Marie Mjolnir. I um… hope I can get along with everyone well." After that, Shinigami-sama assigns the new student, Marie Mjolnir, a seat in the classroom.

Just before the start of today's lunch period, the group of the most popular girls in the class soon dare the new girl Marie, to go up to the student they call "the class psycho freak", and introduce herself to that student. The leader of this group of girls lies and tells Marie that it's "the rite of passage every new kid has to go through." Marie, naïve, innocent, and not knowing any better, believes the leader of the popular girls group and decides to do the dare, not knowing she had a choice whether to do it or not, or that the leader of the popular girls was lying to her. After agreeing to do the dare, the popular girls point out the "class psycho freak" to Marie, since today is Marie's first day at the academy.

Marie walks up to that student, at the start of today's lunch period. She takes a deep, calming breath when she gets to that person, who is sitting under a big tree and reading and says shyly and quietly to the person, so only that person can hear her, "Um…hello there. My name is Marie Mjolnir and I'm new here at the school. Though I don't know your name, it's nice to meet you." The person she introduced herself to, says to her, "I'm Franken Stein. It's nice to meet you too Marie."

She starts to get a little bit comfortable talking to him and says, "Um…since today is my first day at this school and I don't really know anyone here, I haven't been able to make any new friends yet. So, um. I was wondering if maybe, you could be my friend and I could be your friend. I mean..you don't have to be friends with me if you don't want to..it's just that I don't have any friends at this school yet." She is about to walk away, blushing in embarrassment from her shyness, but Franken says, "You really want to be friends with me?" Marie nods and says, "You seemed to me like you were a nice person when I saw you after I walked in the classroom earlier this morning." Franken says, "Okay, then let's be friends." She nods in agreement, her molten gold eyes meeting his deep olive eyes as she gives him a shy, yet warm smile. He next asks her of she wants to have lunch with him and she accepts. And for the entire lunch period, she starts to feel weird sensations in her body, not knowing why. But all she knows is that she might keep feeling all these strange sensations around this boy for the rest of her life.

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