Chapter 2 Time Mishap part 1 of 2

As Zane walked towards the highly technical city, Tech Square he realized that going to perform in dex's experiment would probably not turn out in his favor. Sure Dex was a genius but some of his experiments had gone wrong leaving Dexter with a dilemma on his head. Zane smiled as he remembered the time Dexter's hat experiment had caused all of the peoples heads in tech square to grow 3 times it's normal size, that failure was followed by Dexter's new shoe experiment that Dee Dee had sold resulting in everyone's feet growing as well. Dee Dee was Dexter's older sister but she acted like she was younger than him most of the time. She had been the cause of most of Dexter's experiments destructions. But Zane just shrugged it off, what did he have to loose by going through with Dex's experiment? As he headed inside DexLabs computress, Dexter's main computer that was now mobile greeted him and said, "Thank you for participating in Dexter's experiment please wait in the waiting room Dexter will be here shortly." With that being said computress turned around and wheeled (or walked, Zane wasn't paying attention) to the room across from the waiting room. Zane sighed and sat down waiting for Dex to arrive. He better be here soon or I'm bailing, Zane thought.

Downtown Townsville

"Okay Dexter the SCAMPER is all set to go", said a KND officer. Dexter stood up ready to finally head to his lab to meet the person who signed up for the time travel experiment. He had to admit he didn't think that anyone would actually sign up for it. "This person has ought to be really brave, really stupid, or both!", The officer said to Dexter. Dexter shrugged and hopped it was someone really brave and not stupid like that kid, Zane. His parents and Zane's parents had been rivals for years but mainly it was their two dads's that were rivals since they first met each other. While Dexter's dad focused on smarts Zane's dad made Zane focus more on sports than school. Zane had somehow manage to land in most of the CN heroes classes and while some of them thought he was a jerk, like Dexter, the others found him to be pretty likeable especially when he made the teachers so mad they wasted a school day and didn't get homework since the teachers were so angry they forgot. "Well it's not like today will be the worst day for me." Dex sighed as he climbed into the scamper as it headed towards Tech Square.


Zane is about to get up and leave when Dexter enters the waiting room. As soon as he spots his expression turns dark as he icily says, "Zane so you're the one who signed up."

Zane knows that Dexter would have preferred someone other than him so he returns Dexter's glare with his own, "Yeah I did Dorkster so you want me to leave or something?", Zane grins because he knows Dexter probably couldn't find anyone else to even sign-up for the experiment. Dexter shakes his head and simply says, "Follow me please so we can begin the experiment", Dexter leads Zane to the machine and Zane sits inside it. Dexter starts blabbing on about how Zane will be sent 1 week into the future and some other stuff.(by now you should guess he only pays attention to important things and usually has a short attention span) when Zane noticed Dee Dee sneaking into Dexter's lab. She puts a finger on her lips to signal for Zane to be quiet. Usually Zane would let her annoy Dexter but since he was the one getting tested on he didn't want to get an extra head or something. Dexter still oblivious to the fact that Dee Dee is there until she says, "oooooooh, what does this button do?" Dee Dee pressed the button and, the machine started to shake back and forth violently and in the process of the machine's catastrophic movement Zane was knocked out, when Dexter finally noticed what was going on he quickly tried to stop the machine, but by then it was too late as the Zane and the machine teleported to an unknown time period. Dexter turned around and yelled, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO DEE DEE!" Dee Dee who had never seen Dexter this angry weakly replied, "I'm sorr-" Dee Dee didn't get to finish because she started to cry hysterically and ran out of the lab. Dexter turned around and asked the one question that he couldn't answer, " Where is he?"

5 Years into the future

Tech square

"Hey dude wake up, are you dead or some thing?"

"Numbah 5 thinks he's dead"

Ben Tennyson and Numbah 5 were trying to wake up an unconscious Zane to no avail. After a couple of minutes Zane groggily stood up. But what he saw made him want to throw up and scream while running in circles, which is what most of the people in Townsville do when confronted by a giant rampaging monster or supervillan.

Where the hell am I ?