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Welcome to Sector V

Sector V:

A once peaceful place Sector v is one of the only remaining suburbs on Earth. Home to Numbah's 1,2,3,4 and 5

"Okay here we are sector V!"

After the destruction of Tech Square, Zane and the remaining heroes took a S.C.A.M.P.E.R to sector v to regroup and figure out how to fix Dexter's broken time machine so that they could send Zane back by finding the key components to fix it. Zane also volunteered to help gather the stuff and also help them out with any other things they needed. So after a 1 hour of killing Fusion spawns, shocktanglers to get the items that Numbah 2 needed, Numbah 2 called Zane on his Nanocom. "Hey Zane could you head over to the sector v training area, my fusion has been spotted there and he attacked Numbah 108. She thinks that Fusion Numbah 2 is trying to find a way to destroy the barriers surrounding the infected zone. You might need to take out a few shocktanglers and Fusion spawns so he won't have any back-up." Numbah 2 hung up abruptly leaving Zane no choice to accept or decline the mission. Shrugging, Zane made trudged the rest of the way to the sector v infected zone.


Inside Fusion Numbah 2's lair

In the dimly lit cavern Fusion Numbah 2 appears to be talking to another fusion about the current situation. The 2nd fusion is clearly annoyed with Fusion Numbah 2.

"Fusion Numbah 2 is the tasked that I assigned you work?"

"We were about to but some kid ending up messing up our plans"

"Did you cause some damage at least?"

"No, how could when my dreaded counterpart got back the items so soon, but I did manage to hurt a regular KND officer."

"Pathetic fool! You can't even do one simple task that I gave you! This is why I'm higher ranking than you and the psychopath fusion in peach creek Estates!

"Speaking of fools did you know that Fusion Buttercup got taken down by some kid who rescued Dexter?"

"Yeah I know that idiot, but she deserved it she was WAY too overconfident that no one would beat her. Anyway there probably isn't a connection between that kid who took down Fusion Buttercup and the kid who recovered the orbs and 2x4's was probably just some random KND officer. But watch out for any intruders for all you know you might be next on that guy's hit list."

"All right, Fusion Numbah 2 out"

After he cut the conversation he still felt a little uneasy about the situation. Fusion Numbah 2 knew for a fact that the kid who had foiled his plot here was the same one who had taken down Fusion Buttercup. Fusion Numbah 2 wasn't worried that the kid would come after him, after all it was probably sheer dumb luck that the kid had managed to take down Fusion buttercup. Fusion Numbah 2 grinned to himself as he thought about how he would take down that new hotshot.


Sector V

It wasn't hard for Zane to find the infected zone; it was near the outskirts of Pokey Oaks and it would be pretty hard not to see a giant force field right in front of your house or something. As he got onto the teleporter he heard the Dexbot say, "Nice weather today, isn't." Zane rolled his eyes

Hey there's a giant planet consuming planet that's going to kill us all! But hey let's talk about the weather! , Zane thought before getting teleported into the infected zone.


KND training ground Infected zone

When Zane teleported into the infected zone he felt like he was going to puke. He still hadn't gotten used to teleporting and hated the nauseating feeling he got when he teleported. But he shook it off and focused on his task on killing Fusion Numbah 2. so after a few minutes of searching for the fusion portal while shooting enemies with his new cluster gun that he bought, Zane finally found the fusion portal leading to fusion Numbah 2's lair. Zane touched one of the slimy tentacles on the fusion portal and warped inside the lair. Once he was inside the lair he received a call from Numbah 108 "Okay now that you're in Fusion Numbah 2's lair take out the 14 Shocktanglers and 16 Fusion spawns. And once you've taken them out go after Fusion Numbah 2, I hate that creep!" That wouldn't be a problem to Zane since the narrow hall he was in had tons of Shocktanglers and Fusion spawns. Zane quietly managed to kill all of Numbah 2's support and back-ups and could see Fusion Numbah Two around the corner. He looked like he wasn't even paying attention to Zane so he took the opportunity to sneak up on him. But what Zane didn't know was that Fusion Numbah Two had placed an eruption trap on the ground and was waiting for Zane to step on it and get killed by the fusion matter. Just a little further pathetic human and your destruction will surely put me on the top again. Fusion Numbah 2 thought. Zane Stopped walking towards Fusion Numbah Two, something wasn't right. The fusion should have at least heard the screams and cries of the dying Fusion monsters. In fact it was like he could read the Fusion's thought's he could practically hear Fusion Numbah two think that Zane would be a dead man if he walked a little further. It was a good thing he stopped because at that moment all of the eruption traps went off leaving Fusion Numbah two wide open to attack. Fusion Numbah two cursed he couldn't believe that his trap hadn't worked he was so close to killing him. As Fusion Numbah Two tried to find out how Zane had evaded the trap, First Zane used his Buttercup Nano to stun Fusion Numbah Two. Then, Zane fired three swift shots that went through his head. As Fusion Numbah two started to dissolve into fusion matter he said only two words, "Fuck…You!" With that said Fusion Numbah Two collapsed into fusion matter leaving behind Numbah two's pilot's helmet which created a Numbah Two Nano which floated into Zane's Nanocom along with Nano Buttercup. Zane seeing no reason to hang around Numbah Two's lair exited through the Fusion portal.

Unknown location

"So what happened to Fusion Numbah two?"

"He got outwitted by that kid that took down Fusion Buttercup. I told him to be careful but did he listen? No, of course he didn't listen!"

"So should I go take care of him now Fusion Eddy?"

"Nah, let's play it smart, you stay where you are and I'll go to Genius Grove. I'll be in that Mandork's old lab and stay low for awhile" then we'll take care of him"

Sector V Tree House

Zane couldn't believe how lucky he was to survive if he had gone a little further he would have been killed. But what he didn't get was how he could read Fusion Numbah two's mind for a little while. To be honest it scared the shit out of him. But it was cool to actually be able to read minds. But he didn't know how not to read minds which sucked. But when he went to use the bathroom his eyes started to hurt and then he shot out black EYE beams. It bounced around for a while and he spent a full 10 minutes trying not to get fried as it bounced off the walls before it finally vaporized a lotion bottle.

How did I do that?


Supersilver 46: I'll explain how he got his powers in an arc I'll start working on this arc I've been working on after Zane gets back to the past. I won't spoil all of it but it does involve a certain chemical that was made by a company owned by certain people who were made by a certain author, whom that I will need to ask for permission to use the characters. Also I haven't come up with the name yet so if you have ideas don't hesitate to PM me (=