This is an Ianthony AU story, based on AMC's hit show "The Walking Dead".

A year after the dead conquered Earth, Ian and Anthony are living in an abandoned Hospital with their little group. They think it's a secure place, but they're proven wrong when it is suddenly evaded by a herd of walkers. Ian gets lost in the chaos and some other members of the group aren't able to escape the fierce bites of the dead.

4 days pass by and everyone thinks the blue eyed man is dead, even his long time best friend Anthony, though he's been having a hard time coping with that fact. But is Ian really dead?

"That's Ian's inhaler."

It was as if all the air had left Anthony's lungs and those were going to be his last words before he suffocated. The past few days he'd been holding in so much. He had held in the pain of assuming Ian was dead. He hadn't let anyone see the overwhelming feelings of loss and hatred towards himself for not protecting him. In that second after picking up the dusty inhaler from the floor, the brown eyed suddenly hated himself even more for not trying harder to find him. Sure, he'd gone through the hospital once or twice while everyone else was asleep, but he obviously hadn't searched enough.

Anthony clenched his jaw and slowly cleaned the inhaler as best as he could with his own shirt, kneeling only long enough to catch his breath. He heard someone say something to him, but he was already halfway down the corridor. He needed space. Needed to be alone. Needed time to think. He knew that if anyone tried to bother him, he would probably snap, and the group didn't need any non-walker casualty. The rage he felt kept the tears from falling down his face, but his brown eyes still stung and his nose started to run. He walked another few yards before falling to the ground, the weight of it all finally coming down on him.

He paid no attention to the dead zombie that was only a foot from him, just folded his legs and propped himself against a wall. Anthony clutched Ian's inhaler, his knuckles going white. He covered his face with his hand, a thousand thoughts racing through his mind. Ian might have not been dead, had he just looked for him a little longer. He carefully wrapped the inhaler in a red scarf and put it in his jeans' pocket. He just wanted to throw it against the wall in anger, but knew that that was probably the last thing he'd ever see that belonged to Ian. The horrendous pain of knowing he probably died scared and alone made Anthony nearly gasp. He grabbed his knife and stabbed it into the ground, with all his strength. The sound of the light blurred words coming from the door across the hall didn't even break his thoughts.

Anthony remembered Ian's laugh, Ian's smile, Ian's eyes. Another stab to the ground. All of his best friend's stupid innuendoes. He leaned back against the wall and sighed. With his hand no longer on his face, he looked around but he didn't really pay attention. The blurred words behind the door continued echoing in the nearly lit corridor, and Anthony assumed that it was probably just a walker moaning behind it. The door was being blocked by another dead walker, so he didn't really think it was necessary to kill the one that was trapped.

Instead, he found himself thinking of Ian's gentle touches. Stab. His ability to make him feel happy and alive, no matter how shitty the world was to them. Another stab. The door moved slightly, and the moans got worse. But Anthony didn't care. He was too focused to care. Another stab, followed by another of the walker's failed attempts to open the door.

He sighed in irritation at the door, but again, he paid it no mind when Ian's bright blue eyes swam in front of his face. He adjusted his grip on the knife and stabbed the floor once again. He bowed his head, regret at not telling him how special he truly was filling him to the brink. Anthony's anger bubbled over and he swung his arm backwards, the knife violently connecting with the wall. The door made another weak sound and he made a last stab at the wall before hauling himself to his feet. He didn't exactly know what he was going to do until he heard another moan, this time softer, coming from behind the door.

Anthony clenched the knife in his hand and kicked the door as hard as he could, pain radiating up his leg, but he didn't give a damn. He went to walk away, too frustrated to care about killing whatever was behind the door.

That's when he heard it.


That voice. He definitely recognized that voice.

He felt himself go stiff as the soft whisper echoed through the hospital's walls. He suddenly turned back, and paced for a moment, trying to collect himself. Then, he put the knife between his teeth and bent down to grab the dead walker. He all but threw the body out of the way. He swung the door open with force, giving him barely enough time to put the knife in his hand and swing his arm back as if to attack. Nothing was there.

He looked down and his heart stopped. There was Ian, sitting on the floor, covered in blood. His mind raced and he stood looking at him for a moment, so terrified that he might have been turned into a walker. His heart began beating again at a heavy pace as Ian turned his face towards him, looking utterly exhausted but otherwise still himself. His electric blue eyes were drooping when they met Anthony's and the taller of the two leaned down, unsure what to do next. He knew he'd need to carry the blue eyed, but he was so damn stunned that he needed to know if this was really happening or not. He reached out and touched Ian's face, his fingers gently stroking below his chin and jaw, feeling his beard on the tip of his fingers.

Within the length of a breath, he went to one knee and gingerly moved Ian's hand away from the wall. He slouched against Anthony as he slid one arm beneath his knees, the other going behind his shoulders. He took a deep breath and stood, waiting for his best friend to nod slightly and slink his tired arm around his neck before he started to walk back towards the space their group was occupying at the moment. Anthony couldn't stop looking at his face, though. He couldn't bring himself to fully accept the fact that Ian was still alive after all the emotions he'd gone through while thinking he was dead.


I hope you guys like this as much as I do, cause I'm really excited to add more to it. If you have any doubts, contact me and I'll answer them the best way I can.

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