Ian sighed and gently smoothed down the back of his best friend's hair. "Thank you for caring. But I promise I'll wake up. And not as one of them."

Anthony nodded again but didn't look convinced. As Ian's eyes were about to close again, he noticed that he was wearing one of Anthony's shirts and some clean plants. His shoes had been removed, as well as his own shirt that was currently lying near the door. His skin was free, clean and clear of any blood. Anthony seemed to notice his look of surprise.

"I didn't think you'd want to stay like that, all bloody and stuff." The brown eyed muttered. "Cleaned off what I could, but didn't want to move you around too much."

"Thank you," Ian whispered, as he looked up to meet Anthony's brown orbs. "For everything."

Anthony smiled slightly. "I'm just happy you're alive. That's all."

Ian smiled as well, but then winced as he tried to adjust his shoulders to a more comfortable position. His companion noticed instantly.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine, just a little sore I guess." Ian assured him. Being trapped in that little room for 3 days wasn't of any good for his back. The fact that it was so tight only left him with the option of leaning into the wall for support. It was most likely a closet used to keep cleaning products and some other stuff by former employees of the hospital, but Ian was never really sure. It was too dark to see anything.

Anthony sighed as if Ian being in pain was an inconvenience, causing the blue eyed to chuckle. His drooping ocean eyes shot back open when Anthony's warmth at his side disappeared, as the older of the two got up from the hospital bed. He was going to protest, but Anthony shushed him and fluffed up the dirty-looking pillow. He guided Ian to lie fully across the bed before putting a few tattered blankets on him.

"Ant, wait!" the blue eyed said when he saw Anthony walking towards the door. "Please don't leave."

Anthony gave Ian a questioning look. "You need sleep," he reminded him.

"And I want you to stay. Please." Ian knew begging wasn't very becoming, but he didn't want Anthony to leave him again. Not after spending that much time alone. Unsure if he'd live, unsure if anyone else in the group had survived. Unsure if Anthony was okay. God knows how he hoped his best friend was okay. And when he heard his voice pronouncing "That's Ian's inhaler." in the nearly lit corridor, he remembered forcing his dry lips to smile. As the memories flashed by his eyes, Ian felt himself shiver slightly. He looked up into Anthony's eyes, nearly losing himself in his companion's gaze.

And then, he said three words that made Anthony's heartbeat race almost instantly.

"I need you."

Anthony chewed on the inside of his bottom lip, unsure of what to do. His heart was pounding in his chest, his brain scrambled, too overwhelmed to think. After a few seconds of battling with himself, he decided to go for it, sighing in defeat. He kicked off his shoes and raked his hands into his hair, unsure how to proceed.

Ian pulled back the covers and moved over, clearly showing Anthony that he wanted him to lie down next to him. He shot Ian a worried look in response, but his companion's warm smile wiped away the concerns he had.

He lay down on the bed, making sure to stay as close to the edge as possible. He tensed when Ian pulled the blanket up and around him, his hand staying against his chest.

Ian realized he was probably pushing it, but he didn't really care at that point. Feeling even braver in his exhausted state, he reached across Anthony, grasped his arm that was furthest from him, and pulled on it until he turned his chocolate brown eyes to face him. Confusion was swimming through Anthony's features.

His eyebrows furrowed when Ian buried his face in the crook of his neck, but shock replaced his confusion when the blue eyed guided his arm to go around him. His entire body went rigid when Ian scooted even closer, so close he could feel his breath tickling his neck, turning his whole body in a confusing mess of goose bumps.

"Hold me."

Those two words broke down every wall Anthony had left up.


And chapter 3 has arrived!

To those wondering (I got some private messages asking me this) yes, this little fanfic is based on 'Season 3 - Episode 6' of "The Walking Dead", the one where Daryl finds Carol after she's been lost. I ship Caryl way too much, and re-watching that episode recently made me wanna write this story (:

Just one more thing, the next chapter will be the last one. So, be prepared (I told you this'd be short)!

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