Anthony snapped, finally allowing the reality of Ian being alive to wash over him. Without second-guessing himself, he slid one arm beneath the pillow and pulled the other man tighter against him.

His knees bent slightly so he could intertwine his legs against Ian's. His arm that Ian had a hold of went completely across his back, effectively pinning him against his body. His nose brushed against the top of Ian's head, as he tried to finish getting comfortable, causing a slightly shiver to race down his companion's spine.

"Okay?" Anthony asked timidly.

"Perfect," Ian breathed out. "Thank you."

"Don't… Just don't ever leave my sight again."

The emotion behind Anthony's voice kept Ian from saying anything playful in return. Instead, he nodded his head and patted his arm as if agree to what he had just said. The atmosphere inside the cold hospital room suddenly changed.

Ian had no idea what was going on between them or how it was all going to play out, but when Anthony hesitantly kissed his hair, he knew exactly what he wanted to happen eventually. If he was honest with himself, he'd known for a long time, but he never really had time to think about it. Especially since the dead were roaming endlessly through every corner and the main thing they should be worrying about was surviving.

"I can't lose you again," Anthony said in a barely audible whisper, his lips moving against Ian's hair slowly, softly, as if he hadn't actually meant to say it aloud.

"You won't," Ian assured him. His hand found his way to Anthony's face and his eyes widened when he felt moisture in the tip of his fingers. "Oh, Anthony… Don't cry."

"I'm not crying." he muttered in response. His sniffling and the wetness in Ian's hand gave him away, though. "I just care a lot about you, that's all. I'm happy you're alive."

"Me too," Ian said with a yawn.

"Sleep." Anthony commanded. "We can talk more later if you want to."

And Ian did want to talk. He wanted to get deeper inside Anthony's mind, wanted to know how he felt about this, about them. But for the moment he'd settle for cuddling and some much needed rest.

The last thing he felt before falling asleep was Anthony's steady breathing against his hair and his arm tightening around his back. Ian knew that no matter what happened in the future, Anthony wasn't going to let him go back on his unspoken agreement to never be out of his sight again.

He was okay with that,though.


And this is it! "Alive" has come to an end.

I'm really thankful for all the reads/comments/votes I got in this little fanfic. Every single one meant so much to me and I'm hoping to bring you a new story as soon as possible, since I still have another month of vacations.

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