"One Card."

"Two Cards." The two poker players looked at their cards, confident of their hands. "Showdown time." The two revealed their cards. "...You lose." The man angrily grabbed the bottle by the neck, and swung it.



Cards were scattered, and a man lied in his chair, not moving.



"...I seem to be in a bit of trouble." The person on the other line spoke. "Something like that." A question was raised. "...Dead. Someone hit him. Hard." Another question. "Me? Please. The cops should be here any minute." Silence filled the air. "I'm in your hands...Should it come to that." He hung up.

April 20, 9:37 AM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 3

I am nervous. Extremely nervous right now. The trial didn't even start yet, and I'm already sweating buckets that could fill the ocean if it dried up! I stare at the couch, and I am tempted to lie down and hope the trial resolves itself. "Ah, good morning." There goes that thought. I turn around to face my superior and mentor, Kristoph Gavin, arms crossed and looking confident as usual.

"G-Good morning, sir!" Did I mention that I was nervous?

"Justice, you look very tense. Wound up tight, if I say so," Kristoph tells me with a grin on his face.

"W-Wound up, sir? No! The opposite. I'm loose, s-sir! I'm fine!" I deny, my voice straining as I did. That grin is still present on Mr. Gavin's face. I guess I failed at defending myself.

...That statement just now made me less confident. "That screeching noise... Is it your voice again? Well, I wouldn't expect it to be any different..." So I was training my 'Chords of Steel,' sue me. Wait... "Your first trial, and it's a homicide. I guess 'Justice' doesn't start small, eh?"

Confidence level, dropping below fifty! Falling to forty! "I-I'm fine! I woke up early at 5' in the morning to do my 'Chords of Steel' voice workout! I'm fine!" My voice strained on that last part, and I was apparently noisy because Mr. Gavin held his hand to his ear. Crap! My throat hurts and now I made my mentor deaf. What else could go- wait! I shouldn't say that. Something will happen.

After Mr. Gavin's recovery, he nodded in amusement. "Ah, I was right. I did detect a certain rasping quality to your speech." My response? A cough. Darn it, I overdid it again! Mr. Gavin is still amused as he closed his eyes and shakes his head, his right hand raised doing so. I know that I am lower than in position, but that gesture made me feel even lower. He began to remind me, "Remember Justice, your client today is a good friend of mine. I wouldn't want to disappoint him. I hope that you get my drift, Mr. Justice."

I hastily respond, "Drift gotten, sir! I-I'm all over that drift!" I may have looked stupid to him, and the bailiff standing by the courtroom door. I hope my client didn't hear me just now.

"Also, as it so happens," Mr. Gavin continues after an awkward second of silence. "We dined together the night of the murder. We can't let this case fall through." That grin returned.

"Yes. Yes! I'm fine, sir!" I say excitedly with my fist raised. Mr. Gavin stares at me for a second.

"One more thing. Don't say you're fine quite so much. People might take you the wrong way," He advises. I deflated. But I really AM fine...I swallowed. Maybe he's right. "I'll take my leave. I must prepare our case. I'll leave you and your client to do introductions." Mr. Gavin then left.

My name is Apollo Justice. Strange name, but I like the ring to it. If it isn't clear enough for you, I am a defense attorney. A fresh one at that, and today is my very first trial. N-Not that I'm worried or anything! I may be nervous, and sweat may be crawling over my palms, but I am not worried! The defendant has been accused of... murder. Since he is friends with the client, Mr. Gavin, of course, wants to help him out. I have my own reasons of defending this guy as well. I mean, him? Committing murder? That is a myth I will never believe!

"Woah!" I let out as my client suddenly approached me.

"..." The silence allowed me to inspect him. He was wearing a dark grey-hooded sweatshirt, black pants, brown sandals with a single strap, and a baby blue beanie on his head, an odd pin attached to it. Such casual clothing compared to my red vest and pants, white undershirt, teal tie, and dark leather shoes. "..."

"Good uh, morning!" I stutter. Oh great, way to make a client feel relieved. He didn't respond, however, and sported a smile that says, "I don't care."

"Morning. Everything is up to you today." That response startles me. He can speak! Oh man. First trial, I can handle. A few sweats every now and then, but that's beside the point. Meeting the client: One-way ticket to he hospital due to cardiac arrest. "..." That silence again. Am I supposed to say something? ...Uh, help? No, can't do that. I wish this was a video game. It would sure make this trial easier. "So," my client starts. "you are..."

"Fine! I-I'm fine!" Mr. Gavin's advice flew the window.

"Ah," he muses. "Mr. Fine, is it?" Wait, eh? "I do recall you having an strange name." And with that, we became best friends. Same about your name, buddy.

I have one lingering question in the back of my mind, present even before I took this case. I have to ask, "Um... Are you sure you're OK, I mean, with me?" Silence was my answer. C'mon, help me out here! As least say that you're okay with me defending you! Wait, he may have taken the question the wrong way. My eyes widened. Must rephrase quickly! "Mr. Gavin's defense skills are better than mine. Aren't you friends with him too? So why-"

I was cut off. "You'll find out soon enough." I was confused, and a little suspicious. What is he up to? "I believe in you. Just be more confident." Why am I the one being reassured me? The roles are reversed, but my confidence level just rose. Now, with a proper response.

"Um, I...I'm really sorry this happened to you. I mean...I mean, uh, I-"

My client cut me off again (thanks, really), telling me, "The trial is starting. Let's go."

I obediently answer, "Y-Yes, sir!" Great, another superior. I cleared my head and breathed deeply. Okay. I need to be calm and focus.

First trial, here come's Justice!