I know I said in the last author's note I was not going to abandon this story. Well...I lied. Writing this story...It has proven not to be good for my mental health. I thought I was getting better but I ended up relapsing pretty badly and I just...I have realized that this story is not something I need to continue writing. Writing is supposed to be enjoyable for me. It is a coping mechanism and it is a comfort. This story takes one of my few comforts and turns it into a horror. I have had panic attacks thinking about what I'm going to do with this story, about all the people I'm going to disappoint by doing this. I don't know why this story does this to me. I don't. But I do know I need to do what's best for me, not what's best for everyone else. I still love this story. But maybe a sequel was a bad idea. If anyone wants to adopt this story message me and I'll tell you if you can have it or not. I may return to it someday but I highly doubt it.

Thank you for putting up with me. I'll still be updating my other stories. I'm planning sequels for them. I'm rewriting my Iron Siblings story. I am not abandoning this site or this profile. But I have to leave this story or I'm going to end up hurting myself focusing on it. Thank you, again, for reading it in the first place.

I am so sorry to my new readers, to you who just got here and thought I was going to continue. I am so sorry. I never wanted to do this.

(To my Australian friends who I have lost contact with, I am so sorry I stopped talking. I want you to know I love you guys and I miss talking and you are part of the reason I'm getting better. The things you've said to me have helped immensely. Thank you.)

(Cutie5lexis. Thank you for being with me from the start of my Gypsy story to the end. Thank you for the encouragement and everything else. I am so sorry I'm doing this to everyone but I am especially sorry I'm doing this to you. You've been so supportive and kind and I just...I'm so sorry.)