Gypsy drummed her fingers nervously on her knees, looking out the tinted windows of the limo for any sign of paparazzi. Tony noticed his daughter's nervousness and smiled at her. "Stop worrying Gypsy. You'll do great." He told her reassuringly. Gypsy nodded absently though she didn't look convinced. She grabbed her bracelet and started twisting it around her wrist, the disguised tracers shining somewhat in the light. Tony had insisted she wear it just in case and she didn't protest. Having it made her feel better. "Seriously, stop. Just act like yourself and they'll fall in love with you." Tony told her.

"Yeah because who wouldn't love annoying little Metallica?" Clint asked jokingly. Gypsy shot him an annoyed look but didn't say anything in retaliation. She was too nervous to think up anything good.

"I'd be nicer if I were you Clint." Natasha said, examining her fingernails with boredom. "Once all this is over Gypsy will be back in her regular mood and I'm sure she'll be extremely eager to get back at you." She said with terrifying casualness. Clint instantly shut up, shooting Gypsy a wary look that she just managed to smile at.

Steve looked out the window, spotting the huge building they were heading towards and the massive crowd of reporters standing on either side of the entrance. Being in the limelight didn't bother him, after doing so many shows back in the old days he was used to it, but he knew how entering the limelight felt. His first time on stage he'd felt like running and hiding so he knew exactly how Gypsy was feeling then. He wanted to take her hand and tell her that he'd been right there for her the entire time but he couldn't. Gypsy was still insisting that they keep their relationship a secret. He hated it but there was no way he was going to argue with Gypsy. At least not tonight.

The limo rolled to a stop in front of the building and, naturally, Tony was the first one out. He paid no attention to the dozens of reporters shouting for his attention as he helped Pepper out of the limo. She looked gorgeous in her magnificent purple dress, her baby bump just barely hidden. Tony didn't want her pregnancy announced until after the wedding. It was his little way of keeping her good reputation intact. Gypsy smiled a little as she watched them, happiness buzzing inside her. She couldn't wait till they got married and Gypsy could talk about how excited she was for a baby sibling in public.

Clint and Natasha were the next two out of the limo, both looking stoic and ready for a fight even in their fancy clothing. Natasha's eyes roamed over the paparazzi with disgust while Clint waved and shot winks at the pretty female reporters. Bruce got out next and the master assassins immediately moved so that they were subtly blocking him from view. Steve waved politely when he got out of the limo and smiled somewhat awkwardly when people took pictures of him. Still, even with all the Avengers out of the limo the paparazzi still noticed Gypsy slowly climbing out. Cameras flashed like crazy and Gypsy immediately threw on a mask of carefree confidence to keep herself from jumping right back into the limo. She smiled at the paparazzi in a completely at ease way and slowly joined her dad at his side, moving with a gracefulness she didn't know she possessed.

"Mister Stark!" A pretty blonde reporter called out, waving at him with a way too happy smile.

"Christine Everhart. The last fling your dad ever had." Pepper whispered to Gypsy as they walked over to the blonde woman. There was a distinct dislike in Pepper's tone and Gypsy nearly smiled at the ginger's jealousy.

"Mister Stark, do you care to introduce the young lady beside you?" Christine asked, shooting Gypsy a not so nice look.

Tony grinned despite his dislike for the woman and placed an arm around Gypsy's shoulders. "This young lady is my incredibly talented daughter, Gypsy Stark." He said proudly. Gypsy grinned like crazy at that, her heart soaring like it did every time he claimed her as his daughter.

"How old are you Gypsy?" Christine asked.

"I prefer being called Miss Stark by people outside the family." Gypsy told the reporter, giving her a pointed look. She didn't want to be on a first name basis with this particular woman. "And I'm eighteen." She added carelessly, as if it was no big deal that she was legally an adult.

"So you're eighteen and Mister Stark is only just now claiming you?" Christine asked.

Gypsy's smile turned angry and her eyes shined with warning. "My dad actually had no clue about me until I came to meet him. My mom never told him." She said with a surprisingly cheerful voice. She eyed the blonde in a cheerful yet somehow threatening way that Pepper grinned at. Gypsy was taking a few pages out of Pepper's book and it made the ginger proud. "There is no doubt in my mind that if my dad had known about me he would have raised me." Gypsy said, sounding completely confident. Tony nodded, glad his daughter understood that.

Christine smiled though there was a slightly rueful look in her eyes, like she had wanted to cast Tony in a bad light. "So how does your mother feel about you being here?" She asked.

Gypsy's smile slipped and a sad expression appeared on her face. Tony's hold on her became comforting and Pepper patted the young girl's arm sadly. "My mother's funeral was a day before I met my dad." She said quietly, upset.

Christine didn't seem to regret upsetting the poor girl and that made Tony mad. "If you'll excuse us we have a lot of other people we need to talk to." He said before whisking his daughter and fiancée towards more polite reporters.

For almost exactly a half hour Gypsy answered questions thrown at her by reporters. It became easy to talk to them and soon she was stunning them with random bits of genius and insanity. All doubt that she could be someone else's daughter left their heads as she proved just how much like her dad she was. Tony let the reporters catch glimpses of the engagement ring on Pepper's finger and both Starks ignored any questions about the ring, giving each other sly grins as they did. Gypsy was practically eating up the attention by the time her soon to be step mom told her it was time to go inside. Gypsy smiled and held up the classic rock hand sign in goodbye to the reporters before following her dad and Pepper into the lavish building.

"So. Much. Fun." Gypsy whispered with delight once they were inside.

Tony smiled at his daughter and nudged her arm. "See? I told you you'd do great." He said, earning a brilliant smile in return.

They were immediately spotted by politicians when they walked in. A whole group of them came at them and, once they quickly got through the pleasantries, started asking tons of questions. They asked Pepper about the ring on her finger though they didn't get a straightforward answer and they asked Tony about Washington D.C which he assured them he'd be talking about later in front of everyone. They asked a lot about Gypsy and she gave sly answers to the more personal questions. When they asked about her mom she admitted that she was dead. When asked about life with the Avengers she just said it was the best thing that could have ever happened to her, never giving away any actual details about it though. Gypsy answered them without really answering them and it made her feel awesome. She was such a good little trickster...

"Hey Tony!" Clint called out. The billionaire looked up to see Clint waving him over. The archer was standing with a small group of people that immediately gave off a military feel. Natasha was by him and Bruce was standing not far away looking incredibly nervous.

"Well I better go see what he wants." Tony said offhandedly, as if he wasn't worrying about Bruce. Maybe bringing his Science Bud wasn't a good idea. The military liked Bruce way too much and if they happened to recognize the doctor there would be problems. Lots and lots of problems.

Pepper waited a few minutes after Tony left to dismiss the group around them. "Well we have to go mingle a little, introduce Gypsy to a few more people. Feel free to come up to us after Tony's speech if you have anymore questions." Pepper said oh so politely. The group didn't look very happy about being dismissed but they let Pepper and Gypsy leave anyways. Gypsy smiled at Pepper as they made their way deeper into the party. "I am amazing at these things." Pepper said smugly, looking around at the party guests.

Gypsy nodded in agreement, looking curiously at the people around her. "Definitely. All those years with my dad has certainly perfected your skills." She said, smiling a little. Pepper smiled at that and nodded, memories in her eyes. Gypsy wondered how many of these parties the ginger had planned but the number was so big in her head that she put the thought out of her head. Gypsy caught sight of the bar then and bit her lip. "I'm going to go get a soda. See you in a few minutes." She said.

Just before she could take a step away though Pepper grabbed her arm. "Will you be okay by yourself? It'll be pretty hard to find me later." Pepper asked with concern.

"Of course I'll be okay. I'm a Stark, remember?" Gypsy said arrogantly. Pepper gave her a look though and her Stark smirk was quickly replaced with a slightly sheepish smile. "I'll be fine Pep. If I can't find you it's not that hard to find the Avengers." Gypsy assured the ginger. Pepper still didn't look all that certain about letting Gypsy wander off by herself but finally she nodded, letting go of Gypsy's arm. The young girl grinned reassuringly at the ginger before taking off towards the bar, moving gracefully despite her quickness. Gypsy reached the bar in record time and she leaned against it, smiling flirtatiously at the bartender. He smiled back at her, seeming glad that there was someone at his bar who wasn't a stuffy politician. "Hey, can I have a Coke? Please?" Gypsy asked sweetly.

"Not old enough for anything stronger?" The bartender asked, walking over to the small fridge beneath the counter that held the sodas. Gypsy was actually surprised there was soda. Didn't fancy benefit parties only have those fruity cocktail things?

"I've got a couple of years to go." Gypsy said, grinning at the bartender who placed a can of Coke on the counter. He reached for a glass but Gypsy shook her head, taking the can. Natasha had had a talk to her about people poisoning drinks and she wasn't exactly eager to give anybody the chance to poison hers. "Besides, I don't think it would shine a very good light on the leaders of America if I was seen with them drinking alcohol." She said, opening the can with ease.

The bartender laughed a little. "Yeah, I imagine it would start a scandal or two." He said. Gypsy smiled a bit at that and took an appreciative sip from her soda. "So what is a pretty thing like you doing at a boring political party like this?" The bartender asked flirtatiously.

Gypsy very nearly rolled her eyes. She was still a major flirt but getting flirted with annoyed the crap out of her now. Steve wasn't good at flirting which Gypsy actually liked, surprisingly. It meant there were no games between them. Besides, after flirting with Loki she found a regular guy's flirting pathetic. Gypsy hated herself for thinking that but it was true. Loki was the master of flirting and games and no regular guy could ever match him. "My dad's Tony Stark." Gypsy answered simply, enjoying the look of shock that appeared on his face.

Before the bartender could say anything more Gypsy left. She wandered over to an empty little section of the room and leaned against the wall, taking a drink from her soda as she did. She looked around, taking in the sight of all the high end people walking around and exchanging pleasantries. Gypsy spotted her dad and Bruce talking a little bit away and she worried for her pretend uncle, he looked so stressed. She quickly moved her eyes away from them, just in case someone followed her gaze and it drew attention to Bruce. Almost immediately her eyes landed on the stoic assassins looking around the room coolly for any signs of threats. Clint caught Gypsy's eye and gave her a concerned look, silently asking if she was okay. Gypsy nodded and raised her soda to him, silently saying yeah she was fine and just enjoying a quick soda. Clint nodded and turned back to Natasha, whispering something to her. Gypsy smiled at them before desperately searching for Steve. She wanted him with her right then even if it meant her dad found out about them. She wanted the thoughts of Loki pushing at her mind to disappear. She couldn't spot him though. No matter how much she looked for the tall muscular man in an Italian suit she couldn't see him. Gypsy was starting to get concerned. But just as she was about to go looking for him something caught her attention. A movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned, her eyes drifting towards the bar she had just left. What she saw made her freeze.