Chapter 12

"Eridan.." Sollux breaths his name out in soft moan, a smile gracing his lips. Turning around, he wraps his hands around the others waist. Noticing the expensive clothes that the prince wore. His mind relishes in the thought of pulling them off and wrinkling their perfectly pressed star in the process but decides not to voice his opinion. His uncovered eye meets the gorgeous violets of his lover. Whispering a small 'I missed you.' He leans in. Capturing the plump gorgeous lips with his own. Nibbling and licking them attempting to relearn their delicious taste.

Swallowing a moan from the others lips, he feels himself yanked away from the dresser and quickly pushed back. Deepening the kiss, Sollux allows Eridan to lead him backwards. Gasping when his knees his the edge of the bed and he falls backwards. Letting out pant filled breaths he gazes at his lover. Lust glazed eyes taking in the flushed features of the gorgeous man above him. Smirking, he props himself up. Giving a small chaste kiss before scooting back on the bed. Opening his thighs wide while rubbing his hardening length with one hand. His other clutching tightly onto the sheets.

Eridan smirks, scooting onto the bed and over to the other. His deft fingers working quickly to remove the eyepatch covering Solluxs red eye. Straddling his waist, his ring covered fingers curl into the others black hair. Yanking him up for another kiss. Pulling away, he lets sollux drop back down into the pillows. His hands roaming up and down his torso.

"tho, how did you get in here? I didn't hear the door open." Eridan rolls his eyes, muttering something about the castle containing secret passages before crashing his lips into the others. Using his hands to untucked his shirt. Letting out a moan at the feel of hot muscles flexing beneath his fingers as his lover arches his back. Feeling the distinct shape of his cock pressing into the cleft of his arse.

Moving his lips down the others jaw, he stops at the juncture between his neck and collar bone. Bitting done sharply, relishing in the pained moan escaping the others lips. Wincing at the feel of sharp nails digging into his back. Pulling one hand from his abdomen, he slides it down, gripping his thighs before lifting his leg up onto his shoulder.

"God I missed you Sol" His voice comes out in a sharp whine. Nose buried into Solluxs throat breathing in his warm scent. Despite getting scrubbed raw and then dosed with scented soaps and old, the smell of pine trees and soil still cling to his skin. Lifting his face up, he quickly notes the others flushed face and bruised lips. As well as the small random markings he's left on the heterochromics skin. Grinning, he leans down. Capturing the reddened lips with his won. Swallowing a shallow moan.

Digging his hands into the others shoulder blades, Sollux briefly bucks his hips up. Relishing in the slight friction granted to him. Opening his mouth, he feels the sweet taste of the others mouth on his tongue. A sudden scream rips through his brain and he rips away. Hand removing from the blondes shoulder to clutch at his temple. Scooting backwards until his head hits the backboard of the bed. Letting out a pain filled whimper he feels his hands shake and body tremble. The loud terrorized screams belonging to a girl continuing to haunt his mind. Breathing quickly he wills it away. It was fake. It wasn't him. Stop it goddammit stop it. Digging his nails into his temples to the point of small drops of blood leaking out he realizes that he can't. Unlike the usual short yells of pain or several sorrow filled words, this death he was hearing wasn't short. Some girl was going to be burned alive and he was cursed to experiencing the blistering pain along with her.

Cold hands and warm lips pressing to his cheeks finally bring him back into reality. Prying eyes open he wasn't aware he was squeezing shut he glances up. His breathing still fast, hands trembling, heart pounding loudly in his ears. Watching lips forming words he couldn't hear or understand over the slowly dying screams of the girl. The look of concern has him mumbling words of being fine. Even though he cannot hear his own voice, he can tell they are doubtful. The hands pull him own from his bleeding temples, a soft cloth gently dabbing at the thick liquid.

"I don't believe you." He shakes his head, clearing the last of the remaining echoes of the scream from his head. Taking a deep breath, he lifts his face up. Heterochromic eyes meeting soft violet. Opening his mouth, he realizes how soar his throat has got. His voice retaliating the screaming in his head without his consciousness. Clearing his throat, he lifts himself away from the backboard, gently taking ring covered fingers into his own. Kissing the cold digits gently in reassurance.

"Really love, I'm fine. Jutht an unekthpected vithion ith all." He curses inwardly at the horrid mixture of a cracking sore voice and his lisp. Pulling himself off the bed, he gets up onto jelly like legs. His head spinning slightly from the sudden movement. Frowning at the remaining shaking of his hands he puts them to use but straightening his hair and clothes. Quickly tucking his shirt in while boring holes into the floor. Dreading to look up into the face of the Prince, just to see scorn and concern marring his beautiful features. He hears the bead creak as weight is lifted from it. Feeling the soft press of lips against his forehead he relaxes slightly. Wrapping his arms around the others neck. Breathing in his warm calming scent.

"I'll see you at the feast then." A final kiss is pressed to his cheek before the arms wrapped around him disappear, and his own pulled off. the wind rushing from the swish of a cape signals the retreat of his love. Lifting his head up, he notices the other pull back a tapestry and disappear behind a nearly invisible door hidden into the wall. Sitting down on the bed as it shuts, tapestry swinging back into place, he sits down heavily onto the bed. Fingers curling into his short black hair in anger and agitation. Feeling the stickiness of drying blood matted into his bangs. Wishing for the thousandth time in his life that he could get rid of the soon to be dead screams that echoed constantly through his head.

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