Chapter 1:

Bella's pov

Bang. Bang. Bang. She blinked my eyes slipping into consciousness. Bang. Silence. she looked around at her surroundings; her clothes were still draped over the end of her bed, all 70 pairs of her heels elegantly hanging over her all too familiar shoe rack, her books still sloped lazily over her book shelf at the far end of the room. Her perfect clear cream carpet glowed softly in the dim light of her phone screen which was now pointed in its direction, her mind was manically searching; something was different.

She ran her eyes over the room over and over again getting more crazed and frantic each time nothing showed up out of the ordinary. She sat up determined to find something wrong, she had a gut feeling that one, she wasn't alone and two, she wasn't safe; something was VERY wrong. She stood up unable to stay in the house any longer and silently slipped on the clothes at the end of her bed, blue skinny jeans and her rose water pink blouse. As she moved towards the door she could hear her muffled footsteps in the carpet her heart was in her mouth as she placed her hand on the door handle. She looked back over her shoulder and saw the same scene as every night and every day for the past 2 week, she bit her lip nervously and grabbed her patent clutch and matching nude heels and twisted the door knob.

For the first time in two weeks she felt his presence. It lingered behind her, she knew he would inevitably come for her; there was only one person who could be the cause of this mental mayhem. "Going somewhere?" his voice rang hard against her ears; she didn't dare turn to face him. She pushed the door open hoping he wouldn't notice; but that would be too much to ask of the super natural. The door slammed shut almost as soon as it was opened, the hinges screamed in protest at the force of his touch. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath inhaling his sent the opened her eyes and turned to face him; black fury burned in his eyes then it was his turn to breathe deeply. He held a restraining hand against the door; "Edward I..."Bella stuttered her heart racing "Betrayed you? Went behind your back Edward? Or do you just plain hate me?" Edward interrupted "No Edward I..." "No Edward what? Bella? No Edward I just wanted to crush your heart under my foot?" he spat at her.

He was millimetres away from her leaning over her; her hand was pressed to his chest as she looked at the floor. If it were possible she bet he would be crying, "I'm so sor..." "Do NOT tell me you're sorry, ugh it makes me sick!" "Okay Edward." She mumbled "Okay? It is not okay! Do you have any idea what you have put me through? So no this is NOT okay!" he retorted. She breathed in his sent once again; it was almost dizzying "I don't know what to say." "Damn right you don't" He screeched at her. Fear overwhelmed her and she buried her head in his chest guiltily, "I'm sorry Bella... It's just that you scared me; I didn't mean to be so... rude. Let's just go home" he muffled into her hair whilst holding her close. She let out a sigh knowing he'd get what he wanted whether she was of the same mind or not.

'What's wrong?' he murmured kissing her arms then her shoulder and her neck and then his lips met their final destination. Her lips.

Edwards's pov

Her lips moulded against the shape of mine, as she let out as sigh of relief that I had accepted her again. She didn't seem to be really into it like she normally was; I let my tongue trace the outline of her lips, and then swept her off her feet in my arms. I knew she wanted me, I knew she was desperate to have me all to herself... so I made my way to the bed. I heard her murmur my name in anticipation, that's when I started to move ten times faster.

Bella's pov

"Edward!" I screeched realising he was heading for the bed. He suddenly started moving faster "Edward no!" I tried to scream but his lips muffled the sound of my cries, he had me on the bed before I could blink, I struggled in his arms as his hands settled on my hips but then he pulled back and screamed "Damn it!" then pulled me over his shoulder.

Edward's pov

I felt her back arch as she struggled to get nearer to me after she had sighed my name saying "Edward, oh!" when I placed my hands over her hips. But then my brothers had to show up! Just as I was getting to like this house! I reached out further into their minds; it seemed Alice had told them I had broken into Bella's house and was trying to rape her! Bella wants me! She needs me! Rape? No way! Alice must be blind not to see Bella's love and lust for me! "Damn it!" I screamed. So I flung her over my shoulder grabbing a few of her clothes and shoes and jumped out of the window.

Bella's pov

He threw the clothes he had grabbed into the trunk of his car and shoved me into the passenger seat. Then drove like a mad man down the long winding (yet seemingly abandoned motor way) the speedometer reached 200 mph and that's when I saw them racing through the forest on either side of the road. I felt a glimmer of hope as I remembered the day I left.


"have a nice hunting trip" I chimed "Are you sure you don't want me to stay?" "No! Go have fun!"

Flash back end-