Boxes lay scattered around the room, partly organized.

"Organised chaos" as Bella puts it.

The apartment was not very big but there was one heck of load of stuff than she thought.
They had a box for all of Sam's stuff and once they finished packing, they were planning on burning it.

While Bella was going through her closet and sorting out her clothes. Of course she didn't want to throw any of them away. So it made for a difficult choice.

Jacob was putting the already full boxes into the back of the truck. He couldn't help thinking about Sam. Not only had he trusted Sam with his life, but the fact that he would go after another imprint was beyond him.

The fact that he was one of his pack brothers made the betrayal even worse. What about Emily?

Though he quickly remembered what Bella had said about him cheating on her, maybe it was to do with her blood, which he now had the pleasure of smelling. He couldn't think of why Sam would do this to him. But it hurt the most because Embry had warned him about it and he had just blown him off.

He walked back into the apartment to get a drink.
Bella was done packing, was just bringing down the last boxes of her things. It was amazing how much stupid stuff was there. Most of it being Sam's. She'd even found glow in the dark condoms and tampons! Why does that guy go shopping?

Jacob looked up from where he was leaning on the kitchen counted and stalked towards Bella. Every step making her more exited. His strides were long and he made it to her within a few steps. He backed her into a corner, a pantie dropping smile gracing his features.

"Hey bells are you ready to go?" he asked, totally smizing. Tyra Banks would be proud. Or jealous. She knew that he knew that she knew they both enjoyed this kinda thing. He was very much in control and he was enjoying every bit of it. She was too.
She couldn't answer, being this close to him, let's just says it made her feel rather animalistic. Like she'd very much like to tackle him and claim him as hers.

He leaned in, licking his lips, staring at places only he would ever go. His hot breath fanned across her chest, making her shiver and bite her lip. He wrapped an arm around the small of her back drawing her ever closer. Her hand wandered up the line of his abs, she all but started sweating when she felt how improved they where since the last time. She clenched her jaw, gripping his shirt and wrapping herself around him.

"There's a bit of jam in the corner of your mouth." He whispered huskily. He licked it away, stepping back and passing her a box on his way out.

"Tease." she muttered heading grumpily towards the truck.

The ride there was nice and a comfortable silence filled the air around them. Half way through their journey, the tension started to build up in the car. So much that you could cut it with a knife if you tried. Or the tooth currently cutting down on Jacobs much abused lip.

Bella sensed that something was bothering Jacob and she wanted to know what had him so stressed.

"Jacob, what's wrong?" she asked touching his arm.

He briefly glanced at her before sighing. She could tell he was trying to find a way to phrase what he was going to say. He had that look, where his eyebrows scrunched together and he purse's his lips in concentration. In her opinion it was quite cute.

"Bells, did you ever-umm, did you and Sam ever..." He didn't need to finish the question. She knew exactly what he was talking about and she felt guilty.

"No, no. I couldn't. It felt wrong." I stuttered sheepishly.

"Did it not hurt you like it killed me? Being with him?" Jacob's gripp on the steering wheel tightened as the car swerved of the road.

"Jacob! Eyes. On. The. Road!"

"Well, did it?" He asked again.

"Yes." She frowned. "But it wasn't him that I was kissing. I was kissing you. I my mind, he became you, the only piece of you I had left." She answered, carefully checking his reaction.

His expression softened and he pulled her to him.

"Bella. HE IS NOT ME!" He raised his voice, as he started to shake.


"I'm sorry Bells. I should have never left." She smiled at him.

"You're right you shouldn't."

And just like that they carried on with their playful banter the rest of the journey.

Little did they know, there was soon to be a twist in their fairytale. Secrets would be revealed, people would come back from the dead and blood would run. Oh yes, this little tale would soon be shared around campfires, late at night. Whispered in slumber parties and known by all.